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Anger - Ethan Dolan

Request: OMG! Welcome back! Can I please have an ethan dolan imagine were he’s super jealous and it causes a heated arugment making u storm out and just gray having to calm him down pls xxxxxxxx

Word count: 461

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“Ugh, you are so infuriating Dolan!” I shout, turning away from him. He takes quicks steps towards me and grabs my arm, turning me around to face him.

“He was practically undressing you with his eyes!” he yells back, the veins in his neck popping out.

“That doesn’t mean you can hit him! You punched him, you could have seriously hurt him!”

“I told him to back off, I was just protecting what’s mine!” Ethan yells, backing me up into a wall.

“I’m not a piece of property, you don’t own me.” I growl, as he closes the space between us. Ethan’s breathing is heavy, he’s face is red with anger and his hair is messy from the amount of times he’s pulled it. Now, this would be a beautiful sight if I wasn’t so mad with the kid.

“I’m not dealing with your jealousy right now.” I say, climbing out of his grip and making my way towards the kitchen.

“And I’m not dealing with you wanting to fuck other guys!” he shouts loudly, causing Grayson to walk out to make sure everything’s okay.

“You okay y/n?” He questions, worry lacing his tone.

“Fuck off Grayson,” Ethan growls, “this doesn’t involve you.”

“I’m fine, thank you Grayson, I was just going.” I say, greasing Ethan off.

“Hell fucking no you aren’t.” Ethan protests causing me to let out a laugh.

“Like I said Dolan.” I pick up my bag from the floor. “You don’t own me, you can’t tell me what to do.” I make my way towards the front door, Ethan hot on my heels.

“y/n!” He shouts, “don’t just leave! We’ll take about it.” Grayson pulls Ethan back before he can grab my arm which doesn’t please Ethan at all.

“Get the fuck off me Grayson!” he yells, turning around and getting in his twins face.

“Just let her go, let her cool off.” I smile at Grayson and slam the door before Ethan could turn around.

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Graysons POV:

Before Ethan can try and convince y/n to stay, she leaves. He lets out an inhuman growl and throws a punch at the wall.

“Ethan!” I scold him. But it doesn’t stop him, he continues to throw punch after punch. I pull him away and notice the blood trickling down his knuckles.

“I can’t help but get jealous because I get so worried about losing her to someone else.” He says, breathing heavily. “You need to cool down, let her relax too.” Ethan starts pacing back and forth in the room. “She’ll come back, and if she isn’t back within the hour we’ll go looking for her and your dumbass can apologise for being a dick.” Ethan lets out a small laugh.

“Anything to get her beautiful ass back.”

Soooo first imagine back and sorry if it’s not how you wanted it or not very good I haven’t written in over a year ahahah x


Carpenter’s by Paul Malon

Los Angeles, California.


Jean Harlow at home with her second husband Paul Bern, July 1932.

Jean Harlow (1911-1937) and Paul Bern (1889-1932) married on July 1932. Paul was 22 years older than Jean. He was an agent, writer, director and producer, and was a prominent member of the MGM studios where Jean worked. He committed suicide 2 months after they married in 1932. There is speculation that he was murdered. According to several sources, Paul had lived with a woman for several years prior to his marriage. However, having mental health problems, she was put into care. She was enraged when she heard of his marriage to Jean, and so went to his home and visited him while Jean was away. Paul always carried a revolver to protect Jean. It is rumored that she used this gun to shoot Paul, then left the house and boarded a steamer. Her body was found later in a river. It was thought that she may have been Paul’s wife, and, if that was the case, Jean had participated in a bigamous marriage. However, the scandal was quickly hushed up by MGM, and suicide was the official verdict.

so now this one just sort of reached into my body and pulled out my heart

Bet (Grayson) - Requested

Euphoria wasn’t even close to the feeling that erupted from the depths of your body when you thought about your boyfriend. You never knew this type of happiness could exist and rely all within one person. Your heart yearned for him when he wasn’t there just as a virus does for a host.

Happiness captivated your mind while you rested your back against the pillows with his toned arm molding the nape of your neck. Your fingers twisting amongst his other hand that rested on your abdomen. He had a strict focus on the movie playing in front of you, one you had never really cared for but sat there for the sake of his happiness. His chest rumbled while the cotton shirt rubbed against your arms. You shut your eyes memorizing the blissful sound of his laugh until his phone vibrated against the nightstand. His fingers seeped through the spaces between yours and his bicep pushed on the nape of your neck as he reached for his phone.

You saw that it was a text from one of his best friends Ryan. Grayson introduced you two and invited both of you to hang out with him; however, it never went well. No matter what you did, Ryan was never fond of you and seemed to laugh at you along with his other friends leaving you clueless about how to fix this. Grayson’s thumbs raced across the glass screen quickly sending messages with an uncomfortable smirk sitting on his face. Your eyes drew their way back to the TV screen while his conversation continued.

“Hey, babe, I’m just gonna go to the bathroom,” Grayson grunted as he got up and made his way across the floor. You nodded and yawned reaching over his side to grab the remote when his phone vibrated again with a message that caught your attention:

Ryan Karoly

When are you gonna do it or do I get the honors of telling her?

Your eyebrows knitted together before you peered over to the bathroom door knowing you had a bit of time. Your trembling thumb slowly slid across the screen unlocking it to see what Ryan was talking about.  Scrolling up to the beginning of the discussion, your eyes darted from message to message soon learning why Grayson was really with you. Ryan bet him.

Pain stretched from your heart to every other part of your body. How could he do this to you? He always seemed so genuine. He seemed like he cared. Your pain changed to rage realizing how stupid you were to believe him. Everyone knew that Grayson liking you was too good to be true.

The hinges on the door squeaked revealing the bastard that you spent all your time with.

“A bet,” you whispered looking down at your lap.

“What?” Grayson asked not hearing you.

“A BET,” you now screamed knowing well that he could her you.

His eyes widened suddenly understanding what you were talking about. His lips parted about to say something until you interrupted him.

“How could you? I thought what we had was real. I know that I was stupid for believing you, but that doesn’t change how much of an asshole you are to think that it’s okay to do that to someone especially since I told you that jokes like this are the sickest kind. My friends told me that I shouldn’t go out with you because all you would end up doing is hurting me, but I didn’t listen to them. I chose you and dropped them. I defended you because I saw a side of you that they didn’t, but now I know that side was all a mask to make a joke of me. I left the people that really loved me and would never hurt me to be the punch line of a joke. Grayson, you are just a cruel bastard with no sympathy or morals. You just listen to what your friends tell you to do, so you can feel accepted. I can’t believe I ever sympathized for you and wanted to help you,” you ranted.

“Oh, and here you go,” you said tossing his phone back to him. “Now you don’t have to worry about breaking up with me because Ryan did it for you.”

Your arm outstretched for the doorknob opening it and making your way out. Grayson grabbed your arm trying to get you to stay but you ripped yourself from his grasp. Quickly you ran passed the family room where Cameron saw you and asked what was wrong. You looked behind you making sure that Grayson wasn’t following you. You knew he wouldn’t because to him you were just a bet.

“It’s nothing, Cam, but can you take me home?” you quietly pleaded.

 “Yeah, sure, do you want me to go get Grayson to come with us?” she asked.

“No, I can’t really deal with seeing him right now,” you struggled to say leaving his house and getting into her car.

When you got home, you went straight to your bed and the texts and calls flooded your phone and seemed to have no end. You finally turned off your phone needing a break from the world just to be with your mind. You eventually fell asleep and woke up to see that it was only 7 pm. Remembering what happened you went to grab your phone to see if there was anyone you could call at a time like this. Normally, you would be able to call Grayson about this, but he was no longer an option. The apple logo appeared before switching to your lock screen seeing:

Grayson Dolan iMessage (27)

Grayson Dolan Missed Call (19)

Rolling your eyes, you put in your passcode and opened up the texts. You saw a plethora of apologies and him claiming to like you and admitting that it was a bet, but he really did fall for you. Part of you still hated him, but another part wanted to believe him. You were flicking through the conversation and found yourself calling him and bringing the phone up to your ear. After a few rings, he picked up and whispered your name. You remained silent for a few seconds before asking him the one question you had.

“Is it true? Do you really feel that way or is this some other part of the bet?” you lightly spat at him.

“I promise you, (Y/N). This is not a part of the bet. I’m going crazy knowing how much I hurt you and can’t be there to comfort you. Please forgive me and I’ll tell the guys that we actually are dating and that I genuinely like you. Please just let me comfort you and make it up to you” he begged.

You let out a long sigh taking your time to think about what he had just said.

“Please, (Y/N)”

This time you heard his voice crack. You knew he was telling the truth and couldn’t deal with himself anymore.

“Fine, but only if you come over here right now,” you giggled.

He struggled letting out a tiny laugh before thanking you for taking him back before he rushed over to your house for a long night of cuddles, Netflix, and takeout.

Please//Grayson Dolan Imagine

He was the boy that every girl in school wanted to be with.

Everyone wanted to be his friend.

“Just one date!” He begged.

“Grayson I’m sorry but the answer is no” I told him with a sigh.

Grayson had been trying to get me to go on a date with me but I always denied, girls was starting to think I was crazy.

Grayson had even had his twin brother asking me out for him.

It’s not like I don’t like Grayson, I really do its just he’s popular, hot and famous…I’m just me.

I’m afraid that he will break my heart…I’ve had that happen way too many times, I won’t let it happen again.

“Why won’t you go on a date with me?” Grayson asked desperately.

I turned around and sighed.

“Because you will break my heart Grayson, I have been through that hurt way too many times” I told him.

“Please” he pleaded.

I stared at him, my walls was slowly caving in…I can’t!

“No…I’m sorry” with that I walked away from him.

He will break my heart…like everyone else.

“Okay, One date and if you don’t like it I will never bother you again” I rolled my eyes.

“Grayson the answer is no! Besides I have a boyfriend” I lied.

“That’s a lie” He accused.

“No it’s not! I have got a boyfriend, I agreed to go out with someone else at lunch I’m sorry” I shrugged.

“So you won’t go out with me because you are afraid of getting hurt but then you go out and get yourself a boyfriend?”

“Okay I lied, but Grayson I can’t risk that pain again!” I was about to walk away but Grayson pulled me back and smashed his lips onto mine.

I couldn’t help but kiss back.

“Please don’t tell me that you didn’t feel anything” I looked down.

“I did” I whispered.

“Go out with me” I didn’t answer.

“Please” His voice was low but I could still hear it clearly.

“Fine” I gave in.

Grayson jumped up and down in excitement.

I giggled as he picked me up and twirled me around.

“Grayson put me down!” I laughed.

“Thank you” I smiled and kissed his cheek.

“No problem, pick me up at 7 on Friday” I then walked away feeling pretty happy.