paul bunion

gardenghosts  asked:

Im 5'0 now but my doctor said I'm going to be 5'10 (I'm a late bloomer lol) Do you like your height?

I mean, its chill. I grab stuff for strangers at the store, I don’t ever feel particularly tall. UNLESS IN HEELS OR ROLLER SKATES IN FUCKING PAUL BUNION

jophadora-deactivated20160816  asked:

How do you know if a person is definitely not an ENFP?

Ugh. I’ll answer this and then get 15 more asks just like it for all the others. =P

They are totally jazzed about discussing the minute details of your day, from the color of the mailman’s nose hair to how you stood for ten minutes in an aisle at the store trying to choose between bread brands. Because everyone knows the most important thing in life is bread, right? They excitedly ask you questions about what you did every second of that day, because the thought of missing out on a single thing devastates them!

They then are overjoyed to talk about fashion for the next four hours, while trying on different lipsticks, and choosing just the right pair of shoes. Better yet, they can’t wait to look at 15000 pictures from your Israeli trip in which you discuss the different kinds of sand that went into the floor mosaics. While all of this is going on, you get to hear them talk about things they did, what they wore, their favorite celebrities, or who said what, down to the smallest possible detail, because they also know that you want to relive the entire experience with them and all of it is emblazoned on their mind in living color.

They are the same… for years at a time. You always know what to expect when you greet them, because they have all the same hobbies, interests, jobs, reading habits, belief systems, ideas, and behaviors as last time. They have not moved on from their breakup. They are reading the same book – again. You can count on them to introduce nothing new to you, ever. They totally DO NOT have a reputation for being on the cusp of “new ideas.” They never have new toys. They love routine. They remember where their keys are. They talk to you and stay on the same topic without wavering, going from A to B instead of from Pink Ponies to Istanbul to Paul Bunion.

None of their beliefs conflict with themselves. It’s all linear. They never argue with you just for fun, or to play the devil’s advocate, or to get your goat. Even if they hate your guts, you’d never know it because they smile at you a lot.

Seriously, though. They really want to hear all the details of your day, and totally do not want to discuss what might happen if Uranus happened to be taken over by colorblind pink space bunnies with little-man complexes…