paul beatles

John Lennon’s former girlfriend May Pang recently posted a photo showing the Happy Days gang posing in 1974 with John and his (then) young son, Julian. She writes, “This was taken when John and I took Julian to Paramount Studios for a tour on his first trip to LA. We happened to stumble upon the set of HAPPY DAYS. It was their first season of the show and the actors were surprised by our onstage walk on.”


After a week off to go to a conference, Vinyl Appreciation Club is back! Great turnout this week, even though no one brought me any records so we all had to pick out of what I brought.

Arrival music: Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, 1st Movement, Bruno Walter and the Columbia Orchestra; Andrew Hill, Point of Departure

The Playlist: (listen on Spotify)
Al Green, The Letter*
Joni Mitchell, In France They Kiss on Main Street*
Alabama Shakes, Don’t Wanna Fight (such nice clear vinyl)
Pink Floyd, Another Brick in the Wall Pt. I (on 45!)
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, The Good Son*
Pixies, Caribou
Queen, You’re My Best Friend (50 cents at Half Price Books with the skips to prove it)
The Beatles, Happiness is a Warm Gun
Paul Simon, You Can Call Me Al*
  *Teacher picks–or, rather, exclusively teacher picks, since all the records this week were mine.

Graceland is a damned miracle, I swear it gets better every single time I listen to it.

And look, I made our playlist into a Spotify playlist! Let me know if you like that and I’ll keep doing it maybe.

“I was hip in kindergarten. I was different all my life. The second verse [of "Strawberry Fields”] goes, ‘No one I think is in my tree.’ Well, I was too shy and self-doubting. Nobody seems to be as hip as me is what I was saying. Therefore, I must be crazy or a genius- 'I mean it must be high or low,’ the next line. There was something wrong with me, I thought, because I seemed to see things other people couldn’t see.“–John Lennon in 1980, quoted in "The Beatles: 100 Greatest Songs,” Rolling Stone (Special Collectors’ Edition)