paul barr

Detective Comics #570 (January 1987)
Written by Mike Barr, art by Alan Davis and Paul Neary

The Bat-books were on the cusp of a major reboot as 1987 began. Batman: Year One was on the horizon, and it revised and revamped huge swaths of continuity, especially for Catwoman. This was her final appearance before the reboot began, and after a decade in which Catwoman went straight and romanced Batman, the issue fittingly returned the character to her villainous roots. The methodology was sketchy; the Joker messed with her mind using a machine of his own maniacal devising. But she was happy to be back on the wrong side of law, and rejected Batman’s attempt to turn her back.

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Election Day is in one week.

I’m literally begging you, if I know you: Please, PLEASE get out and vote for Hillary.

I don’t like her. Anyone who follows me probably knows I’m exceptionally critical of Hillary, and I remain so. I don’t want her to be President. But PLEASE vote for Hillary.

You have to understand there are no other choices. I don’t care what color Jill Stein makes her Facebook portrait, she’s a bad candidate and she isn’t going to win. Neither is Gary Johnson. Both of them are jokes, and you can’t vote for them just because you don’t like Hillary or Trump, because that will mean Trump wins.

This election is critically important. Trump winning won’t just saddle us with 4-8 years of an awful President; it will validate all the terrible people who support him, who think like him. They’ll feel like winners. Things are already awful; if you don’t know how awful, then that puts you in the category of the only people who are going to safely weather a Trump Presidency…assuming there’s anything left, after that.

People who are going to vote Trump are going to do that no matter what. Their minds are made up and nothing is going to change them. Votes for 3rd party candidates are only going to come from Hillary’s pool, so in the realest possible sense, staying home or voting for Stein or Johnson is voting for Trump. I’m telling you this as a sociologist, as a scientist with experience in this field, and as someone who lived through the Gore/Bush fiasco, when those who voted for Ralph Nader cost Gore the election and stuck us with Dubya. And you can’t write Bernie in; he didn’t register as a candidate, so your write-in vote will be invalid. He doesn’t want you to vote for him; he understands that, now he’s been cheated out of candidacy, Hillary is the only choice. She’s the only road forward, from here. Electing her means we have a window to change things down-ballot and to implement progressive agendas before leadership moves on to somebody else.

There’s so much at stake: A Supreme Court position, education, reproductive rights, the economy, police reform, civil rights reform, and so much more. Jill Stein will not be President. Gary Johnson will not be President. Hillary or Trump will be President. Only with Hillary can we address these issues for the better. We all need to vote Hillary and we need to vote progressives in down-ballot, too, like Jim Gray and Nancy Jo Kemper. We need to get people like Rand Paul and Andy Barr and Mitch McConnell and these other self-serving conservative clowns out of office before things get worse.

Please, PLEASE, if you actually care about literally any aspect of life in America, put your feelings aside in exchange for sense and vote for Hillary. There’s only a week left; the fight isn’t about Bernie and Hillary, any more; there will be other chances for that, or for other progressives like Bernie. It’s about literal life and death, now. If Trump gets elected, things are going to get a lot worse for real people like me; having him as President might just be the catalyst folks like our confederate-flag-waving, homophobic neighbor need to finally build up enough courage that they come visit us in the middle of the night with a gun or try to set our house on fire. These are real stakes.

Your Black and Latinx and Asian and Native friends and family, your gay and lesbian and bi and trans friends and family, your female friends and family, your poverty-stricken and your veteran and your young friends and family, are all begging you, and you need to listen:

On November 8th, get out and vote. Vote for Hillary. Vote for progressives down-ballot. Vote AGAINST Trump in a way that matters. If not for you, then for us.