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Pokemon High school

The cheerleader

The person everybody likes

That one kid that needs to grow

The nerd know it all that won’t shut up

The overly attractive teacher

that pedophile teacher( and everyone already knows too)

that one couple that needs to get a room( can we say gross)

That one pretty girl that gets hit on all the time but they act like they hate it

The popular smooth talkin’ Jock that gets all the bitches and the most popular guy in school

The girl crazy guy that can never get one

The girl who falls in and out of love easily and has a new boyfriend every  week

The Asshole who has friends

The bitch

the gay best friend

The overly excited freshman

The weirdo that sits in the back of the classroom

  the funny guy that everyone has had a crush on them at some point

The guy that’s forever stuck on one girl

The horrible school nurse that doesn’t help


That one kid with the overly attractive parent



and that guy who knows everybody


An Ikarishipping Doujin by Ryuui. Read left to right, like an English book!

I wanted to get this in for Ikarishipping day! The doujin was written in Japanese, but the author herself is not a native speaker. So  it’s gone through two layers of translation! I’m still a beginner, so the transaltion is far from perfect. Please take it with a grain of salt!


so remember when i said i was making gijinkas out of them because i have a team with their names? yeah i wasn’t joking, this was also a drawing that ended up being a speedpaint and you will be able to check later.

Also!: Pat is a  Mienshao, Paul is a Stoutland, Tord is a shiny Skuntank, Matt is a bewear, Tom is a chandelure and Edd is a decidueye

Dear Younger Me...

You will learn how to draw feet-

You will learn how to draw hands-

You will get pretty good at drawing hair-

You will get better at drawing eyes-

You will get better at drawing mouths-

You will be able to draw characters from the side, with different looking noses-

You will finally be able to draw muscles and fat-

You will be able to draw bones and skeletons that look like actual bones and skeletons-

You will be able to draw animals, monsters, and fantasy creatures-

You will be able to draw kissing-

You will be able to draw and design the characters you imagine in your head-

You’ll stop making all the characters you draw white and you’ll stop imagining most characters as white-

You’ll figure out how to create illustrations, and use different styles-

You will be able to draw real people-

You’ll get better at drawing than you used to be-