Justus: Paul, what do you think of moving in with me?

Paul: What? Are you serious?

Justus: I am, I mean, once the baby is born, I’ll be home a lot. I wouldn’t have time to go out and see you. I’d love it if you could stay home with me.

Paul: Juju, this is probably not the romantic way of asking someone to move in with you…but I accept. I really really accept.

Justus: Oh, I’m so relieved. I’m sorry honey, I’m not that great with romantic stuff. But you know I love you, right?

Paul: I know, my love. And I can’t wait to begin our life together.

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Poses are also by @inviserity

I’ve tried drawing “actors who are friends and appear in a lot of movies together” before, but this was by far the most fun because Simon Pegg and Nick Frost change their appearances so much for different roles.

I didn’t add all the animated movies they’ve both voiced and Doctor WHO feels like cheating because every single British actor ever has been on that. I will probably update it when I find out what their characters in Slaughterhouse Rulez look like (Sounds like cheesy gory silliness with posh British teenagers murdering each other. Think a mix between Battle Royale and Harry Potter)

Paul learned to be content with what he had. Which is remarkable since he had so little. He had a jail cell instead of a house. He had four walls instead of the mission field. He had chains instead of jewelry, a guard instead of a wife. How could he be so content? Simple. He focused on a different list. He had eternal life. He had the love of God. He had forgiveness of sins. He had the surety of salvation. He had Christ, & Christ was enough. What he had in Christ was far greater than what he didn’t have in life.

Anxious for Nothing, Max Lucado


(Requested by Anon)

Another day, another patrol session.

You were at home, cooking up a large meal for your boyfriend so he could eat when he got home.

Jacob was always grumpy when he came home after patrol, but usually a greeting from you and some food made his foul mood vanish.

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