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Dating Paul would include?

(Okay just a warning. I completely love writing about the wolves)

  • Him Being extremely protective
  • Him always being super handsy
  • Loving every minute of it
  • Bein super clingy
  • Play fighting with you
  • You accidentally getting hurt
  • You pouting about it
  • Him kissing you to try and make it better
  • Going to the movies and just making out instead of watching

-Admin M

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The jokes in the army probably are hilariously physical. Like, "the guy took the last fuckin cookie so I stabbed his hand and made him drop it." "Did you get the cookie tho" "Of course I got the cookie are you mad"

Patryk: Alright, well…I was upstairs…

Paul: Okay…

Patryk: I was uh…I was sitting in my room…

Paul: Yes?

Patryk: Playing video games…

Paul: Go on…

Patryk: And, uh, well this guy walked in…

Paul: Okay…

Patryk: So, I went up to him…

Paul: Yes…

Patryk: And I…I shot him 37 times in the chest.

Paul: … niiiiice.

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Chores are technically spread to most everyone but honestly no one except for like 5 people do them

Tord: Patryk, I could have sworn i put you on hangar sweeping duty today. What are you doing at the arcade?

Patryk: Who? Me? Naaah, you got Paul to do that!

Tord: No, he’s on weapons inspection. You’re on hangar sweeping.

Paul: *pops up from over the ski-ball machine* I heard my name?


Paul and Patryk in unison: EEP!

Paul: Your boy’s getting boned day after day after day. Let’s paint Paul’s picture so far in the house. Have-Nots two weeks off the bat, boom! Block– three weeks, done! Nose infection, immediately– pissed. HOH 2nd place, lost. POV, 2nd place. Lost to the same person. Red tie– pissed, gone right off the bat. 

Day: Muffins, extra flour 

Paul: Muffins, extra flour– PISSED. Your boy can’t catch a break… teammate, insane. The 2nd Coming, Messiah–pissed. 

I hope you get America’s Favorite

Paul: I’m gonna get America’s Worst. They’re gonna take $25,000 out of my bank account