The velvet worm with legs, Paucipodia (1995)

Phylum : Lobopodia
Class : Xenusia
Order : Archonychophora
Family : Paucipodiidae
Genus : Paucipodia
Species : P. inermis

  • Early Cambrian (525 Ma)
  • 2,7 cm long (size)
  • China (map)

Paucipodia inermis is a lobopod known from the Lower Cambrian Chengjiang lagerstätte. Its gut is puzzling; in some places, it is preserved in three dimensions, infilled with sediment; whereas in others it may be flat. These cannot result from phosphatisation, which is usually responsible for three-dimensional gut preservation, for the phosphate content of the guts is under 1% – the contents comprise quartz and muscovite. It is reconstructed with no sclerites.