Finally got around to updating this to a less clashing colour scheme! 
I absolutely adore what the wavecrest saturnalia is spitting out so far though oh man. It’s such a hugely variable theme compared to other months, I love seeing different interpretations even if their skill level in skins isn’t very high yet! Points for enthusiasm
This is Taonga Moana! Ocean Treasure, based on paua/abalone shells. 

 The thickness of each successive layer of mother of pearl is equivalent to the wavelength of visible light, so the staggered layering of the nacre allows different wavelengths of light to penetrate and reflect off of it from different angles. This is what causes that almost supernatural change of colors as a piece is tilted and viewed from different angles.


Paua Shell Chain Headband

This headband is made with a light silver chain and consist of a horizontal element and a vertical element that attaches to the back of the piece with a clasp. The pendant is a paua shell which is a type of abalone specific to the South Pacific Ocean. Abalone is reported to stimulate psychic development and intuition as well as promotes imagination in a healthy way.