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I tried to do a roundup of as many Jotaro character blogs as I could find, and then tried to draw each Jotaro in the style of the blogger.

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Yare yare daze… have you ever seen so much nautical nonsense in your life?

I don’t know why tumblr is pixelating it. X( If you open the picture in a new window you can see the whole thing clearly.

anonymous asked:

So my mom loves your target tales, and because she doesn't have a Tumblr she relies on me to tell them to her and asks daily if you have any new ones. Just thought you'd like to know you have a #1 mom fan

Glad to hear it!

Schedule Mini-Update

So I’m going to be trying something new here. So far I’ve always posted my stories the night they happen, and while I like doing that as I want to share with you guys as soon as I can and it’s easier to remember the night of, I’ve noticed that I really don’t reach as many people that way and I feel like a lot of people are missing out and don’t find out that I posted for a while, sometimes even a week. So what I’ll be doing now is I’ll post to Tumblr the night of, but also queue it to reblog in the early afternoon the following day. I’ll tag it with “reblog” if you really want to avoid it, but it will only be reblogged the one time. I will also be queueing my Facebook posts and my tweets to post for the first time in the afternoon the day after. It just seems like a bit of a waste to be posting everywhere at three in the morning when anyone with a reasonable sleep schedule (read: not me) won’t be able to see it. Hope this is cool with you guys and I hope I’m able to keep entertaining you all.

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I'm so incredibly inspired by this blog :D I'm half tempted to start up a similar posting thing in which I relay the things that delight me in my everyday life. (I don't have a job as of yet, but I have dyspraxia so for me, life is often a lot more brightly coloured than it is in reality, so to speak.)

Do it, I’d love to see that!!! Let me know if you do!