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Genji is traveling with Zenyatta when an anti-Omnic advocate throws garbage at Zen. How does Genji react to this?

Genji either deflects it back at them or catches it and stares them down if they’re alone. He can be scary when he wants to be. Zenyatta doesn’t like Genji scaring them, but he’s a little honored that Genji cares that much about him.

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HC time: Since zen's mala's were confirmed to be hand-carved in monastery, I think Genji had influence in designing them. He'd be worried about zen being able to defend himself on their travels and zen agreed, so he helped craft & design them (more nimble fingers) & sparred with zen to teach him self-defence with his orbs and getting used to omnic energy usage. Added with Zen's taekwondo skills he's a force to reckon with and Genji could not be more proud of his master's progress.

That’s adorable and I love it!

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Tag Thing

Thank you @miss-charisma-rapper for tagging me! I love your blog! (✿◠‿◠)

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1. Nicknames: Val, Riri, Aisha, Ashy, Ashu…. Frog (because I have huge eyes lmao)

2. Gender: Girl but I identify as a ultra sexual gucci belt (just kidding I identify as a dead corpse I can’t wait to become one too)

3. Star sign: Cancer

4. Height: 166 - 168cm or 5′5

5. Time: 9:20 pm

6. Birthday: July 7th

7. Favorite bands: Teen Top, B.A.P, SF9, MYTEEN, Wanna One

8. Favorite solo artists: Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Hyuna, IU, Ailee

9. Song stuck in my head: O Sole Mio by SF9

10. Last movie I watched: It was a bollywood movie called ‘Action Replayy’

11. Last show I watched: Modern Family

12. When did I create my blog: In 2015

13. What do I post: Only Teen Top

14. Last thing I googled: The spelling of testosterone (I’m the only girl in my class…)

15. Do I have any other blogs: Yes, it’s @rickimu! :)

16. Do I get asks: Sometimes…?

17. Why I chose my URL: I wanted to have Minsoo in it, and the only way I could was to mash Monsoon and Minsoo together and add an S at the end :’)

18. Following: My father’s footsteps and becoming a serial killer (just kidding) (he kidnaps for ransom) (JUST KIDDING)

19. Followers: I recently reached a number I did NOT expect to reach ever, so thank you everyone for following me! ♥ 

21. Average hours of sleep: Ever since I moved I don’t think I’ve slept more than 6 hours…

22. Lucky number: 7

23. Instruments: Mayonnaise (get it hahahaha! I’m so funny gosh) 

24. What am I wearing: GAP hoodie and Micky Mouse sweatpants

26. Dream job: Either a professional fancam or maybe an ethical hacker

27. Dream trip: Minsoo’s dick (I like Egypt too)

28. Favorite food: I loooooove anything chicken, and loads of cheese… But lately I’ve fallen in love with caramelized popcorns *-*

29. Nationality: Arab

30. Favorite song right now: Stop Girl by Teen Top (This song is such a bop why doesn’t anyone talk about it??)

I tag: @kittybear-jellycat (My latino wife recover well beautiful), @chunheepy, @changjogie, @jeongmins-dear, @geunyeo11, @rapidashbearr, @lockeytten, @byzantiumcat! You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, it’s alright! ^^

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For questioning lesbian anon there are lots of supportive servers and chats on tumblr that you can join to help you figure things out. I don't have any specific lesbian ones since I'm bi but if you look at hate2breakittoya they have lots of resources tagged and a #am I gay? Tag that you can look through. Hope this was helpful and best of luck.

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