[ENG] 170213 BTS’ Greeting for the Release of YOU NEVER WALK ALONE


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Applying for a position in Target....What even is their questionnaire. I'm so confused :(

Oh boy. Oh buddy. Boy buddy pal. I don’t think even the people who wrote it understand it.

me this morning when i saw i had 1k followers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (WHAT)

ty guys so much im IN TEARS im honestly just a humble farmer tending to my crops making an HONEST living in my little cottage and u guys LIKE MY POSTS and it makes me feel so happy!!!!!!!!!!!! tysm to everyone that replies to my posts and interacts with me!!!!!!!! (& even if u dont ty for choosing to follow me thats such a cute thing 2 do) ur all cuties and i appreciate u all so much!! thank u ;_; i CANT BELIEVE THIS!!!!!!! im crying

Imagine you were in a relationship with an incubus before you met Loki and you somehow managed to escape him. You and Loki steadily date for a while before he invites you to a ball where in a big grand performance, the incubus shows up saying “Miss me, cuz I missed you.” He kidnaps you and Loki vows to get you back.

Loki eventually does find you but you are back under the control of the incubus. Can he break you free?

ok so let me get into all the youtube drama, I talk about drama in this blog all the time and it’s time to talk about more because this “controversy” is actually affecting me. 

we all know about the huge controversy Felix (not pewdiepie, felix) got himself into. I am not going to defend his “joke” because well, it’s a stupid joke. I am here because I want to talk about Media Bias. I remember watching one of Matpat’s videos back in 2015 about Media Bias and how mainstream media are actively attacking internet personalities because it actually brings them “clicks”. please go watch that video, it’s called “Leave Pewdiepie Alone” (very relevant huh).in this whole frenzy, we can actually see how the media  twists pewdiepie’s words and videos to fit into their label for him,”an anti-semite” or a “Nazi”. He’s not though, He was joking. again, the joke itself wasn’t good but this whole situation was handled poorly. felix did wrong things but was it fair that the media started attacking him? maybe but what’s not fair was how wsj only gave him the chance to “defend himself” after the whole thing has blown up. there’s so many things i wanna say but i’m dumb and idk how to form it into words.

(also it’s totes ok to disagree with me)

20 Questions

Name: baraque
Nicknames: 干干
Zodiac sign: Pisces
Height: 190cm
Orientation: Pan
Ethnicity: Asian - China
Favorite fruit: Grapefruit
Favorite season: Spring 
Favorite book series: El Amor En Los Tiempos Del Colera
Favorite flower: Rosmarinus officinalis  
Favorite scent: minty 
Favorite color: black and grey
Favorite animal: black panther
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: coffee
Average sleep hours:12 p.m.
Cat or dog person? cat
Favorite fictional characters:  V from V for Vendetta
Number of blankets you sleep with: 1
Dream trip:  Italy
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@the77sim3​ thanks for marking me I love you😘😘😘