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Screwing this meeting up wasn't an option. It wasn't the first time Paty was sent to meet with this business man but it was the first time that she had this much responsibility. As she was let into his office, she smiled at him "Good morning ir," (Za)

Sitting at the meeting table, Za looked over the employees that had been working with him for years. Three of them longer than the others. Then there was one of the more recent, yet not entirely fresh out of the water employees. Of course, he had taken little notice of her, as she worked at perhaps the lowest level in his company. What sort of example would he be setting if he were caught talking with someone, like her But it seemed she was handed an opportunity, one where she was to take on more of a responsibility. As she entered the room his cold, piercing, blue eyes watched her walk toward him. Looking away from her when she spoke he nodded, then waved his hand  “Yes. I’m sure that it is. But I believe that the morning being good is the least of your problems. Now if you could do what you have been hired for.”

And bump makes three | Chiles & Paty

The time in which this whole idea had come together seemed to have flown by and Chiles had been getting all the symptoms of being pregnant for a few days now. Standing in the bathroom as she waited the three minutes for the test to be done was nerve wracking. When her timer beeped she opened the door and looked at Paty. “Shall we find out together?” Her voice shook as she spoke and her hand did the same as she clutched the small stick tightly.

Growing Trust


When Paty heard the story of a girl that could shift between mermaid and human, she was immediately fascinated. She knew how humans could be cruel so she paid more than double to own the girl and make sure she was well treated, instead of exploited.

Seeing her for the first time, Paty smiled at her and moved a blanket inside the cage. “Get warm in that, we’re going to a very cold place.” She said before the door was closed and they went on their way, Paty driving them.

Ariel accepted the blanket, nodding slightly to the woman who gave it to her. She found her confusing, wondering what she planned to do with her and where they were going that was so cold. But, she welcomed the change to cover up so completely and get warm with a blanket. “Wh-where are we going?” Ariel preferred to stay quiet, but she wasn’t sure what was happening. She was curious about this strange new human.