mamakage-deactivated20151119  asked:

You've been tagged! Answer all q's about your followers/followees. 1) Most changed? 2) Most artistic? 3) Cracks the best jokes? 4) Potential date/interest? 5) Reblogs the most? 6) Posts text the most? 7) Closest homebros? 8) Who you'd be in a band with? 9) Online the most? 10) Good tastes in music? 11) Been following you the longest? 12) You've been following the longest? 13) New friends? Then send to 10 other people!


1. Most changed? WOW I REALLY DON’T KNOW

2. Most artistic? THIS ONE’S HARD PattyMcPancakes, allinyourimagination, RoyalJelliefish and eoamoa, I think.

3. Cracks the best jokes? Honestly-Awkward!

4. Potential date/interest? LAUGHS I’m gonna leave this one blank

5. Reblogs the most? Chikyourisenka and iScone

6. Posts text the most? Kaoru-Kozue!

7. Closest homebros? Facinator, IndigoSepiaCarmineHonestly-Awkward, SunnyMcShovel, eoamoa, allinyourimagination, Gollyzilla and Jalambert

8. Who you’d be in a band with? Honestly-Awkward and eoamoa. Alternatley, Facinator and IndigoSepiaCarmine and me could form a rockin’ queer lady music posse. 

9. Online the most? UH i think iScone, YesThisIsCutie and eoamoa

10. Good taste in music? SunnyMcShovel, hands down.

11. Been following you the longest? SunnyMcShovel, UnderThePigsty and DisgruntledApe

12. You’ve been following the longest? SunnyMcShovelPattyMcPancakes and allinyourimagination.

13. New friends? Medallch and Briisspiffy!