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Plaid Always Wins

Prompt: “What can I say: I’m a sucker for dudes in Plaid”

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: A bit of fluff, SMUT (all the smutty goodness), Oral sex (male and female receiving), Sam being himself (yes, I think this is a warning) ;)

Word Count: 1,100

A/N: This was written for @oneshoeshort Sam Winchester One Prompt One Shot Challenge. I had a lot of fun with this, and I hope that you like it as well.  The prompt will be bolded in the fic as well.  Italics are reader’s thoughts. Please give me feedback so that I can keep doing what I love: writing about Supernatural!

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When you decided to go to the bar, you never expected to end up in the bed of a tall and gorgeous hunter with the floofiest hair to run your hands in, eyes the color of a sunset to get lost in, and the build of a person that has been in too many fights and can take care of himself. When you first laid eyes on Sam Winchester, you never thought that he would be interested in you or that you would feel so safe in his arms.

           You came to this bar in hopes to wash away the guilt that you felt from not having your hunt yet; you were hoping to be tracking a rugaru, but you were not having any luck catching it. You just wanted to take the night to get lost in your thoughts and maybe find a guy to have a good time with. You had had plenty of guys eyeing you all night and trying to buy you drinks. You just kept turning them down.

So when Sam appeared next to your stool, you were shocked to say the least that he was in the same town as you. You knew all about the Winchesters: what hunter didn’t. You were not sure if he knew you were a hunter, but you were going to take a chance that he wanted some fun as well.

           “Well if it isn’t Sam Winchester himself. What brings you here?” “I am sorry. Do I know you, and how do you know me?” “My name is Y/N. I am a hunter; my mom knew your dad. Plus all hunters have heard of you and your brother.” Sam just gives you this amused smirk. “You’re a hunter, huh? Does this mean you are in town for the rugaru as well?” “Yeah. Only thing is….. I can’t seem to figure out who it is or where they are.” “My brother and I have an idea, but we are waiting to look at the place tomorrow. Would you like to come along?” Did Sam freaking Winchester just as YOU to go hunting with him and Dean?! How could you possibly turn that down.

           “I would love to come along, if it is alright with Dean, of course.” “I will ask him about it, but I am sure he will say yes given you are a hunter. And not to mention beautiful.” You began to blush. Did Sam, the hottest hunter and man I have ever seen, just call me beautiful? You just gave him a smile and tilted your head to the side. The two of you began flirting and hit it off right away. Two hours of conversation, and a bunch of drinks later, you ended up in your motel room with Sam for the best night of passion that you have ever experienced.

           Sam was so gentle with you; he never did anything that would hurt you unless you told him otherwise. You couldn’t believe what was happening right now. Sam had you pinned to the bed with his knee spreading your legs open. He was kissing your neck and making his way down. One hand took your breast and fondled the nipple. It began to peak as he placed his mouth on it and played with the other one. You placed your hands in his hair as a way to guide him to where you wanted him to be. “Sam…. Please. I need you.” He traveled down your stomach towards your legs and thighs. “Damn, Y/N. You are so wet. Is this all for me?” “Y.Yes, God, yes Sam. Please.” You were crying out at this point from his touch. You were so wound up that just the mere thought of his lips and tongue on you were about ready to make you come.

           “Y/N, you want this? You want me to make you come on my tongue?” Before you could react or say anything, Sam’s breath was on your aching soaked pussy followed by with mouth. He licked a strip up your folds, paying special attention to your sensitive clit. He knew exactly what he was doing; he had a way to make you want to scream his name. “S..Sam. Yes, right there. Gah…..” Sam was sucking at your clit and swirling your clit with his tongue as he placed not one but two fingers into your entrance.

           “That’s it, Y/N. Making you ready to take my cock. I want you to come on my fingers.” You could feel the coil tightening in the pit of your stomach. He continued fingering you and sucking on your clit as your orgasm hit. You did not realize that you could squirt until it happened. Sam didn’t seem bothered by this at all; he kissed you as you began to palm him through his jeans. “What do you say we get you out of these pants?”

           Sam grinned at you with lust blown eyes as he removed his pants. You took his cock in your hands and began pumping him. You licked the precum from his tip; you began to lick the shaft and take him in your mouth. Sam threw his head back and groaned. “Y/N….. if you don’t stop, I am going to come right now.” Sam lifted you up so that you were straddling him. He entered you slowly and waited for you to adjust to his size. Once you were ready, you gave him the ok to move. He thrusted up into you as you met his actions with your own movements.

           Pretty soon the both you were on the edge. “I am close, Sam.” “Come on my cock like a good girl, Y/N.” Sam changed the angle and hit your g-spot just right. The both of you hit your orgasms. You rode him through his and laid next to him. “That was….wow. I have never experienced sex this great before.” “Never?” “Nope. You were the first one to ever make me squirt like that, Sam Winchester.” He had a look of pride on his face like he just won a great prize. “So, at the bar. I noticed all those guys making moves, and you turned them down. What made me any different?” “What can I say: I’m a sucker for dudes in plaid.” Sam and you laughed and kissed.

           You were definitely glad that Sam came into that bar, and you ended up in your motel with him. You were not sure how or why, but you were already falling for the hunter and didn’t want to ever let him go or leave his side.

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heartbreak bleeds red like fireworks

Your name is Liz Thompson, and you respect and appreciate your roommate for being a strong, independent woman who don’t need no man, but Maka Albarn cannot resist the helpless, and Maka Albarn does not know her own limits.

Your name is Liz Thompson, and you do not remember the first time you met Soul Evans, but you sure as hell remember when your roommate brings him home.

Your name is Liz Thompson, and you know how heartbreak bleeds before it bursts, but you are a bystander, and you couldn’t save either of them.

Warnings: language, insecurity, poor communication, angry-worry arguments, “guess i’ll just die”

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Happy reverb, everyone! My artist for this shebang has been @nori-wings for her Cherry Bomb art ♥

Much love and gratitude to @l0chn3ss for supporting me from behind the scenes, and to @professor-maka for the excellent beta eyes ovo)b

Additionally, please check out @khaleesimaka’s fic as well! She was nori’s first author, and I love how differently she interpreted nori’s art ♥

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