patty slapped

seventeen 101
  • s.coups: can't keep up with the young'ins physically and mentally- you could say he has "hip" problems
  • jeonghan: knows victoria's secret
  • joshua: reads/watches sci-fi and thinks it's real
  • jun: regina george's mom
  • hoshi: time travels to 10:10 everyday
  • wonwoo: nerdy friend who ruins your jokes because it's factually incorrect
  • woozi: squidward when he tried to hide his love for krabby patties (replace "krabby patties" with "butt slaps")
  • dk: invented the sun and life on earth
  • mingyu: science hasn't advanced far enough to detect anything wrong with him
  • the8: your inner voice that reminds you of all your embarrassing moments before you sleep at night
  • seungkwan: likable anime protagonist, unlocks hidden talent every story arc
  • vernon: you're doing amazing sweetie
  • dino: an epitome of pent-up aggression from your emo days

Patty Tolan introducing herself by telling everyone a weird fact about history. Patty Tolan supplying a car because it makes more sense than lugging all the heavy equipment around by hand. Patty Tolan being the one who makes first contact with the antagonist. Patty Tolan yelling at them about the fast-approaching train and hauling them all out of danger. Patty Tolan joining the Ghostbusters because she thought it would be more like a book club where they could talk about history. Patty Tolan making sure everyone eats a sandwich because “low blood sugar is serious.” Patty Tolan supplying the uniforms to make sure they don’t get slimed again. Patty Tolan saying “Uh-huh. Room full of nightmares. Not going in there.” Patty Tolan keeping Holtzmann in line so she doesn’t kill everyone in a 20 foot radius with her experiments. Patty Tolan being emotionally supportive and understanding of Erin when she tells the “ghost girl” story. Patty Tolan knowing instantly the history of the Mercado hotel, confirming their suspicions about lay lines and identifying Rowan as the culprit. Patty Tolan catching Holtzmann before she falls out the window and then fighting possessed Abby one-handed. Patty Tolan slapping Rowan out of Abby. Patty Tolan constantly saving Holtzmann’s life in the Times Square battle and yelling “I got you baby!” and “Holtzy, get down!” at different points. Patty Tolan screaming “nobody hurts Kevin! Nobody!”. Patty Tolan having the idea to use the car to close the portal. Patty Tolan hauling Erin and Abby out of that portal before it closes. Patty Tolan being a nerdy, mild-mannered, easily frightened MTA worker whose practicality, encyclopaedic knowledge of history and instinctive protectiveness of her friends ends up saving New York and stopping the apocalypse. Patty. Tolan.

Melissa and Chris Acting Appreciation 👏

I’m always so impressed when actors play a possessed character as they have to convey the person possessing them solely through facial expression/ body language/ speech all while externally looking like another character. I was so amazed how you could immediately see
a difference in them as soon as Rowan possessed them, also how Melissa was able to switch back as soon as Patty slapped her. Jumping between characters like that can’t be easy.

Sock Thievery: SoMa Week Day 5- Red String of Destiny

I said I’d do it, and there you go @wingsof-flame​, I did itI even managed to write crack for late soma week

Thank you to @makapedia​, @sandmancircus​, and @spainambriz​ for your eyes and for keeping me going~

It started with a sock.

It was smelly. Used. Dirty. Nasty. It tainted the air whenever it moved and Maka swore it tarnished the wooden plank where she found it. The thing was rancid and most certainly not hers or BlackStar’s—Star was strangely always careful with his clothes; they were hand-me-downs that he sewed together with patches useable materials that moths hadn’t gotten into. That sock was just straight up gross.

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Instead of another Ghostbusters movie

Give us a 12 episode TV Show as a sequel

With no promise of a second season, just a 12 episode series to answer all the questions

Give us backstories

Give us real conversations between the characters

More Holtzmann blowing up stuff and more Erin being awkward

More Abby being the mom friend and more Patty slapping ghosts outta people 

Give us wAY better CGI than OUAT because like it’s hard

And because it’s on TV


……… we have a deal



ok but patty literally slapped the ghost out of abby, like is that normal??? can they all do that or is it just her?? Headcanon that the crew starts to notice that something’s weird after the 3rd time patty literally exorcises someone (abby, it’s almost always abby) with her fists.

abby theorizes that she’s got some weird lowkey physic abilities, and holtz gleefully builds an amplifier glove to harness the Power of Patty (which is obvs bedazzled on the side). tbh all I want is Patty taking on ghosts in hand to hand combat.

The Ghosbusters had just finished their latest assignment, something which usually ended in a victory dinner, but the team were so wiped they put their packs away and then proceeded to lay on the cool ground.

It was a hot day in New York, and the jumpsuits of the city’s heroes were drenched in their own sweat and sticky ghost goo.

“Can your insides liquidize?” Abby mused, rolling on to her front.

“Scientificially we know otherwise, but in this instance I am going to have to say yes” Holtzmann replied, unzipping her suit and pulling it off her shoulders.

“Man, I feel like I’m sweating in places I never knew existed” Patty emphasised her statement by waving her legs around in the air.

“I want to lay in a freezer” Erin moaned, bangs plastered to her forehead.

“Keviiiiiiiin” Holtz hollered. “Kev, my man, please turn up the AC and get us some water before my best friends and I become delirious”

“I love you, Holtzy”

“Right back ‘atcha, Tolan”

“I’d hug you but I’d stick to you like a velcro wall”

“Erin, I want to flirt but my brain is fried”

“It’s okay, Holtz, I know you’ll make up for it”

“I don’t disappoint, at least I’ve never been told”

“See, already done it”

“When you two are less sweaty might I suggest taking up some activities where you sweat together” Abby murmured, unwilling to take her face off the tile.

“Not tennis, too many balls flying at your face” Erin scrunched up her nose, and Patty snorted and slapped the floor.

“Hear hear” Holtzmann agreed, though she knew exactly what Abby meant. “You like Badminton, Gilbert?”

“Not really good at sports, Holtz. We could go ice-skating though”

They all relished the thought of the cold.

“Will you hold my hand?”

“Sure, and Abby can hold Patty’s”

“Uh uh, nope. I like staying upright and off my ass”

“And I like going home after work to do nothing but sit on mine”

“Guess it’s just us then, Er”

“It’s a date”

“Is it really?” Holtz asked softly, Erin’s cheeks grew warmer but she reached out for the blonde’s hand, entwining their pinkies.

“How could it not be?”

“FINALLY!” Abby yelled as Patty whooped.

“I’m happy for y’all I really am, but where the fuck is Kevin?!”

“We sent a clueless pup on too big a mission”

“Well, I’m glad these two agreed to go out before we all die”

“Uh, guys” Holtz pulled herself upright, now holding Erin’s hand. “Didn’t Kev finish about an hour ago?”

“Shit, that’s right!”

“We’re geniuses, how could we be so stupid?”

“I’m napping before death sets in, peace, love you”

“I’ll go get us some water, but if I shall die on my treacherous journey, Erin I had a great time” Holtz saluted her before slowly wobbling to her feet, making her way across the room to the fridge.

“My journey was much less strenuous than first realized” Holtz called, grabbing four bottles of water.

The other three women pushed themselves up to see her, noticing what a short distance she’d travelled, they couldn’t stop giggling.

“Saved your sweet asses, you owe me beer”

“I could think of something better than beer”

All eyes turned to Erin, Holtzmann pulled down her goggles, while the object of her affection turned a whole new shade of pink.

“I said that out loud didn’t I?”

“Yes, honey”

“So, Erin” Holtz drawled, leaning back with a smirk on her face. “What’s better than beer?”

“..Maybe I’ll show you on our date”


“Lord, give me the strength to get off this damn floor”

anonymous asked:

I'm curious about what was happening with Patty and Holtz while they were pulling the rope to get Erin and Abby out of the ghost void, like, were they just having casual conversation, like was Holtz rambling about an invention she was gonna make so this never happens again??? Panicking?? Did Patty have to slap Holtz out of some sort of, "we're doomed!!!" rant? I need to know

“Should I tell them our president’s a cat, or a plant?”