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Something else about Patty Tolan that I really love is even though she’s the tallest and looks the strongest, she’s really polite and mild-mannered and doesn’t like fighting at all. She didn’t sign up to this club to fight ghosts, she wanted to join a book club and talk about history. She’s introduced as the most cowardly of the group, and unlike the others who approach the first ghost they see, her instinct when she sees a ghost is to (rather sensibly) run the fuck away. 

BUT - even though she’s terrified 99% of the time and would prefer to run than fight, the instant someone else is in danger she will hurl herself into harm’s way to protect them. When Abby attacks her she cowers behind a table, but then Abby gets Holtzmann by the throat and she screams and fucking sprints across the room to save her. She fights possessed, ghost-powered Abby one-handed while holding onto Holtzmann out the window with the other. She’s utterly freaked-out the whole time, but god damn it her friend is in danger so not only does she save Holtzy, she still has time to slap the ghost out of Abby too.

And then when they’re fighting in Times Square to get to Kevin? Again, she is all about protecting people. She saves Holtzmann’s life twice, and when they come up against Rowan and he drops Kevin, she screams “Nobody hurts Kevin! Nobody!” before unleashing a barrage on him.

Patty Tolan is gentle, non-violent and easily frightened. But the instant someone threatens one of her friends, she becomes the bravest, strongest and most terrifying buster of them all. 

Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe by Kate Simon, 1979


I am SO READY for Patti Smith to be the one leading this revolution in America.

From her rallying cry last night in Los Angeles:

‘Are you ready? A hard rain IS going to fall. And what do we do? We walk through it! With our hands empty! We are going to walk across fucking America! We are going to fill the fucking streets! We will not give up! We will NOT behave! We will not do anything but be a thorn in their fucking side until they fucking bleed! Be strong. Be happy. Be healthy. Take to the streets, with your hands empty, with your hands up. We are surrendering to the greater good.’

(Starts at around 5:20, prior to ripping all her strings off her guitar)

Masterlist: iconic rock songs (by men) covered by cool(er) women

Nouvelle Vague - Blister In The Sun (The Violent Femmes) (All their songs are 80s covers but this is my favorite. But look up the rest. Seriously.) 

The Donnas - Dancing With Myself (Billy Idol) 

Cat Power - Paths Of Victory (Bob Dylan) 

Stevie Nicks - Free Fallin (Tom Petty)

 Patti Smith - My Generation (The Who) 

Sleater Kinney - Fortunate Son (Creedence Clearwater) 

Siouxie and the Banshees - Dear Prudence (The Beatles)

The Breeders - Happiness is A Warm Gun (The Beatles)

Fiona Apple - Across The Universe (The Beatles)

Mika Miko - Attitude (The Missfits) 

The Butchies - Your Love (The Outfield) 

Rasputina - Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd) 

Tribe 8 - Rise Above (Black Flag) (Not totally sure how the lead singer of Tribe 8 identifies now, lmk if u think i should remove this.) 

Corinne Bailey Rae - Since I’ve Been Loving You (Led Zeppelin) 

Karen O - Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin) 

Shonen Knife - I Wanna Be Sedated (The Ramones) 

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Sheena Is A Punk Rocker (The Ramones) 

L7 - Suzy Is A Headbanger (The Ramones) 

Babes In Toyland - All By Myself (Eric Carmen) 

Dresden Dolls - War Pigs (Black Sabbath) 

The Raincoats - Lola (The Kinks)

Holly Golightly - Tell Me Now So I Know (The Kinks) 

Tori Amos - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana) 

Cibo Matto - About A Girl (Nirvana) 

Janelle Monae - Heroes (David Bowie)

Warpaint - Ashes to Ashes (David Bowie) 

The Lunachicks - The Passenger (Iggy Pop) 

Tegan and Sara - Fool To Cry (The Rolling Stones) 

Bjork & PJ Harvey - Satisfaction (The Rolling Stones) 

St. Vincent - Emotional Rescue (The Rolling Stones) 

Frente! - Bizarre Love Triangle (New Order) 

The Raveonettes - I Wanna be Adored (The Stone Roses) 

Kristin Hersch - Wave Of Mutilation (The Pixies) 

The Runaways - Wild Thing (The Troggs)

Joan Jett - Roadrunner  (Jonathan Richman) (she obviously has billions of covers & hers are all more iconic than the originals but i had to include one) 

Dessa - I’m Going Down (Bruce Springsteen)

Downtown Boys - Dancing In The Dark (Bruce Springsteen)


~I fixed it~

I watched Ghostbusters over the weekend and LOVED IT! Such a fun, entertaining movie! And then when I saw everything happen on Leslie Jones’s twitter, I wanted to show support and did it by doing some fanart! I had an affinity for Patty especially in the movie, in high school, I was the girl more interested in arts and humanities hanging out with science and math gals. I could definitely relate to Patty as all of the science jargon flew over her head, but she brought something different to the team that the team needed. Patty had knowledge of New York history, she was intelligent in her own right, not to mention incredibly brave and hilarious! 

Anyway, I’m definitely rusty when it comes to finished illustrations because I’ve been so focused on drawing boards but this was really fun to do <3

If you can, please go watch Ghostbusters!! It’s a great, hilarious movie!!

Here’s how you fix Ghostbusters

“Make ‘em all dudes again!” some of you will say. You’re reading the wrong post.

“Nothing, it is perfect!” some of you will say. And indeed, it is very good. Holtzman’s slo-mo fight sequence is everything I didn’t know I was waiting for, their outfits were great, their banter was sharp, and there were at least half a dozen honest-to-goodness feminist moments that had me rooting for them. But I’m not here for a feminism that doesn’t value black women and working class work, and Patty was hella undervalued.

Which didn’t need to be the case! Like, not at all!

The easy answer is to make Patty a scientist, but Leslie Jones has been pretty on point about why that’s not necessarily a good solution (read her argument here).  Which doesn’t mean that they couldn’t have had the one non-scientist be a white person, but okay. She’s right that suggesting that only women with doctorates can be superheros is pretty damn elitist and does a lot to equate privilege with power. It’s also unnecessary.

Real talk: Patty as an MTA worker has the potential to be completely brilliant and essential.

If only she’d been written that way.

Here’s how you do it.

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~The hat is too much right?~

some days
i am paralyzed
by knowledge
that i will never be
sylvia plath, or patti smith - 
i don’t have the initials,
nor the potential,
the arrogance,
or the hunger;
some days
my inability to be my heroes
is what defines me.
other days,
i wake up feeling hope,
power - 
i can kick down walls
they never made it to.
there is still work to do.
there is still the world.
—  marina v., like those before me.