patty owens

Alright, I must give a disclaimer that I don’t watch bootlegs, but I’ve done some searching around and found a few for you!

1. Hugh Panaro and Lisa Vroman

2. Ramin Karimloo and Gina Beck

3. Marcus Lovett and Anna O'Byrne 

4. Colm Wilkinson and Patti Cohenour

5. Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford

6. Geronomo Rauch and Harriet Jones

7. Norm Lewis and Sierra Boggess

8. Peter Karrie and Elizabeth de Grazia

9. John Owen-Jones and Celia Graham

10. John Owen Jones and Rachel Barrell



Star Princess puffed sleeves attached to the bodice: 

1. Claire Lyon, World Tour. 
2. Lana English, Pretoria/Cape Town. 
3. Sarah Bakker, World Tour. 
4. Sarah Bakker, Broadway. 
5. Kristen Hertzenberg (’s dress), Las Vegas. 
6. Dodie Pettit, US tour. 
7. Patti Cohenour, Broadway. 
8. Marni Raab, Broadway. 
9. Susan Owen, US tour or Broadway. 
10. Olivia Brereton, West End. 

The latter was added to show that where the West End production in the past used elastic puffed sleeves which was not attached to the bodice, they currently make “half moons” attached to the bodice with elastics. Same look, more practical. 

Also amazing to see the large range of styles the US has had, from the smaller and “plain” blue original ones (7), through the funky, silvery and big early ones (6, 10) to the large and colourful Vegas ones (5). And everything in between. 


Can we take a moment to appreciate how different the decorations of the US Star Princess bust can be? 

Photo 1 shows the earliest dresses. They had shorter bodices and smaller ruffle, but a lot of bead fringes. Here as worn by Patti Cohenour (Broadway 1988). 

Photo 2 shows how the bodices has typically looked these last 15 years. More ruffles, often with another colour mixed into it, three horizontal stars, and only a hint of bead fringes. Here as worn by Sarah Bakker (Broadway 2013). 

Photo 3 shows a “more is more” version appearing in the mid 90s. A lot of ruffles, often a lot of puffed sleeves, a lot of stars, and a lot of bead fringe. Needless to say, I adore this version. Here as worn by Susan Owen (US tour 1997). 

Fourth photo shows a rarer version with a lot of bead fringe, a dash of ruffle, and only one big star, placed higher up. This is actually very in sync with the costume design. Here as worn by Mary Michael Patterson (Broadway 2014, but judging from the beading it’s older).