Word Association

Spontaneous Word Association Games happen all the time, usually when they’re bored or doing nothing important.

Usually Patton starts off by randomly shouting something like, “Silver!” then points to the nearest person with his sunshiny grin, “Now you!”

And then Roman’s grinning triumphantly, proudly yelling out, “Gold!”

And Virgil joins in with a slight sigh and the bare hint of a smile, “Iron?”

And Logan adjusts his glasses slightly and says, “Oganesson.”

And the others just turn to stare bewilderedly, “What?”

And Logan tilts his head quizzically, “We were naming Elements of the Periodic Table, correct?”

A bit of a confused silence, but it breaks when Patton just laughs and nods happily and agreeably, and gives them all cheerful thumbs up. They share a bit of a moment of contentment and camaraderie, before they each go back to what they were doing before.

Another time, they’re just sitting on the sofa, doing their own thing. Logan’s reading something, Roman’s neatly swiveling a rose between his fingers, Virgil’s with his headphones, and they’re all sitting together. And Patton walks in, and calls out cheerfully, “Roman!”

Roman raises a questioning brow, until Patton finger guns at him rapidly, with a joking wink and his grin, “Now you!!”

“Oh!” He realizes, then jokingly elbows at the aspect next to him, sing-songing, “Virgil!”

Virgil jerks his head slightly in the direction of logic, tiniest quirked grin while he rolls his eyes, as he responds, “Logan.”

Logan nods understandingly, and looks to the last side with a slight smile, “And then Patton.”

Patton nods back vigorously, plopping down in the middle of everyone on the couch. There’s silence, and everyone’s starting to go back to what they were doing, but then Patton gives one last one to finish, hugging them all tightly, “Family.”

Remember how Patton was like “I know big words! Sax-a-phoooone!” But later we found out he actually knew what infinitesimal meant but logic didn’t.

You remember how Patton also said “Biblioteca! I know Spanish too!”.

I feel like Logan learns words from reading. He uses context clues to pick up the meanings. He read a book and they used infinitesimal and it was something about size and he just didn’t quite understand it.

Patton learns big words because he talks to Logan, he pays attention to what he’s saying, and then afterwards he quietly goes and looks up all the big words Logan used and learns their definitions.

He does the same thing when Roman speaks Spanish in front of him.