I actually made some fanart after almost half a year of nothing. Sorry about that. But I hope this year will be one where I don’t shy away from fanart in fear of peoples reactions. Anyways have some of @sugarglider9603‘s mario au! It was so adorable I couldn’t resist! Also I hope my handwriting is readable.

-A few castles (minutes) later-

A C.A.L.M. Reveal

I just had this really specific scene in my head and I couldn’t figure out what to do with it.. So I wrote this to kind of.. I don’t know. Get the idea out so i can stop obsessing about it. So uh.. Here’s this like… Platonic LAMP Band/Famous AU, thing?


“Welcome back to the countdown of the reveal of the hottest and most mysterious band of the year! We are only about 15 minutes out from the beginning of the concert that C.A.L.M. has promised will be their big unveiling! After the past year of hit singles, an amazing album, and secretive stage names, who do you think will be behind that amazing music?

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Virgil: My drunk ASS boyfriend just asked me “Who’s the handsomest man in the world?” And I said “Uh, You?” And he goes “False, it’s fucking Ryan Reynolds”

Logan: Roman, I don’t know what’s so interesting on your phone, but this is an important meeting and you need to concentrate.

Virgil, the one that’s been sending Roman memes nonstop throughout the whole meeting: Yeah, Roman. Grow up.

i see a lot of people talk about not having control of their characters, like they act independently of the writer, who only scrambles to follow the action as it unfolds. i, for one, have a tendency towards obsessive planning and think of characters as “tools” more than anything, so i can’t relate to this much…

except when i write remy.

this MAN. this CHARACTER. i parcel out a nice, healthy-sized side role for him in this au and nooOo!! he just has to be greedy!! he just has to go elbow his way into my affections and sNATCh plot relevance and character development that was not intended at all goddamnit—

to make matters worse, not only is he The Most chaotic of beings, interacting with him automatically ups my other characters’ chaos stats by at least 15 points. he waltzes into the room and all of a sudden he and roman are angrily squabbling like a couple of hormonal chickens.

“you guys were supposed to get along!” i shout in despair. remy makes fun of roman’s hair and roman steps on his brand-new white sneakers. all three of us are screaming. thomas is considering hiding in the bathroom until— nO WAIT GET BACK HERE THIS SCENE IS ABOUT YOU

i manage to get the scene back on track by having patton intervene. thank you, patton, my reliable friend. never have i loved him more.

“oh yeah i’m friends with logan” remy says a minute later. i blink at the computer screen. how was i not aware of this? thomas and roman are not aware of this either. which doesn’t really make sense, but before i can protest, the conversation continues.

“logan has friends?” roman says.


mere moments later, the chapter has totally derailed from where it is supposed to be. the conversation that was necessary to set up some later conflict has not happened and instead remy is flirting horribly and mercilessly and roman is frantically redoing his hair. i’m definitely going to have to rewrite this.

i slam my laptop shut. fuck this. i’m going to go eat a penguin cookie and cry on the floor.

(This is based on @rosesandstuff witch au.) 

Logan who’s technically two percent witch and ninety-eight percent human just vanishes one day, and while he’s had to deal with the standard bullying from a good portion of the students, he seemed to be handling it alright. Especially given the fact that for the most part, he certainly understood why witches hated humans, given everything that they had done to them. However, when one evening he goes missing, and no matter how many places all of the other students or rather mainly Patton and the friends he’s dragged along to help search for Logan. They just can’t seem to find him, not in the dungeons, not in the potions rooms where he’s been known to catch up on all of his homework, or even the library that Logan had taken to frequenting.

There was absolutely no sign of him.

At least until Virgil popped up to the roof of their dormitories, on just the slightest off chance that he could be there. It isn’t much longer before he wrangled the others together, allowing them to watch as Logan peers up at the stars through his telescope, one of the only things he had been allowed to bring with him from his human home with a look of deep homesickness written all over his face.

At least the stars stayed the same, that was Logan’s only comfort really.

A Third Perspective (4)

By: @arc852 and @hiddendreamer67

Warnings: Fear, panic, self-deprecation, crying, and unwanted touching/grabbing.

(Check the reblog for the links to the previous chapters!)

 “I knew it!” Logan’s lips twitched into a small smile. He had been beginning to doubt himself slightly, but no longer. Logan set the creature down on the counter, wanting to respect its wishes to encourage further communication.

 Virgil was surprised to find he was put down and not even back in the glass. He looked around, realizing his exit was quite the ways away. The borrower deflated, there was no way he was getting over there without the human catching him.

 Instead, he settled with taking several steps back. He knew it didn’t matter, but the extra distance felt good.

 “I apologize if I startled you, but I appreciate that you have chosen to cooperate.” Logan crossed his arms on the edge of the counter, leaning forwards. “Are you alright?”

 Virgil stopped himself from glaring this time, but he did shake his head. Might as well be honest. It didn’t matter either way anyway.

 “…Physically or mentally?” Logan asked, wanting to get a better read on the situation.

 Virgil blinked, wondering how he was supposed to answer that without speaking. He hesitatingly held up a two. Despite things so far, he wasn’t really hurt physically.


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  • Logan: hey dumbass, get over here
  • Patton: oka-
  • Roman: i'm coming!
  • Patton, internally: i thought i was dumbass...