patton oswalt,

Late Monday night, Patton Oswalt made a political joke. This guy responded with “Oh (bleep), the little troll has an opinion again,” and not satisfied with being only a partial dick, followed up with “I’m a psychic and I am channeling his wife’s opinions.” He’s talking about Oswalt’s wife, who passed away not even a year ago.

The thing is, Oswalt has 3.4 million followers on Twitter, and most of them are more than just fans. He’s a fellow geek who made himself a damn nice career, so he’s a pretty big inspiration for us. “Big” as in fat. Ha! Suck it, Patton! Anyway, a group of people looked at the profile of the guy harassing Oswalt and found out that, “Holy shit. This is his goddamn business account. There’s the link to his employer’s website. I wonder …”

Within minutes, the guy’s customer review page was being flooded with people warning clients what kind of person he was. Several people contacted the company itself to let them know what was going on and how much of a shitcock this guy is. By sunrise, all of his social media accounts were deleted. He was wiped clean from his company’s site. He was just gone.

I’m not going to dive into the morality of that. I have my own thoughts on whether that’s right or wrong, and I know you give as much of a shit about my opinion as I do about yours. I want to talk about how someone can be mentally vacant enough to use a professional account to post something that stupid. It’s more common than you think.

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