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Since our campaign ends tomorrow, we wanted to give you guys one last treat! Here is an animation acting/lip sync test for the Mayor.  We used a clip from Patton Oswalt, whom we think suits the Mayor’s personality.  Plus he’s absolutely hilarious.  Spent about 5 days on this one.  Animation done in Flash CC.

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Patton Oswalt is TV’s Son of TV’s Frank on the new Mystery Science Theater 3000

Pardon us as we indulge in a moment of self-congratulation, for as The A.V. Club predicted during the last round of Mystery Science Theater 3000 casting news, Patton Oswalt has joined the recently rebooted version of MST3K as the henchman to Felicia Day’s Mad. Oswalt’s character will be known as TV’s Son of TV’s Frank, so called (appropriately enough) because he is the son of original Forrester henchman TV’s Frank.

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"Daddy is in a pool of blood"
  • "Daddy is in a pool of blood"

Hugh, Bryan and Patton Oswalt doing commentaries for Primavera about how much time Hugh spent covered in blood and touching “meat props” while filming the episode