patti is gorgeous

“While the Beatles were recording the White Album, George wrote a song called ‘Something’, which he released as his first single. He told me, in a matter-of-fact way, that he had written it for me.

I thought it was beautiful –and it turned out to be the most successful song he ever wrote, with more than a hundred and fifty cover versions. His favourite was the one by James Brown. Frank Sinatra said he thought it was the best love song ever written.

My favourite was the one by George Harrison, which he played to me in the kitchen at Kinfauns.”

Pattie remembers that George wrote Something for her. George and Pattie at Kinfauns 1968. They are gorgeous.

♥️ Beatles Ladies ♥️

Okay, so whether it’s a popular opinion or not, I don’t believe the Beatles Ladies’ really receive enough credit for who they are/were and what they put up with. I think it’s worth taking a minute or two out of my time to list my favourite quality of each Beatle Lady.

Cynthia Lennon: Courage. When thinking of Cynthia, I can’t help but admire her sheer courage. Let’s face it, she must have had a pretty good idea what she was getting into when starting a relationship with John, and she had a fairly rough ordeal with what others were thinking of the whole thing; especially the press and Aunt Mimi. But despite what was said, Cynthia stuck to her guns and stayed true to herself. To me, that spells courage.

Yoko Ono: Determination. Subject to much controversy, you have to give Yoko her due - she was one hell of a determined lady. Be it her pursuit of John or the way in which she still, after almost 37 years, continues John’s legacy, you can’t think of Yoko without coupling her with the word determination.

Jane Asher: Imperturbability. One thing I love about Jane is her ability to not let things cloud her judgement. Not to say that nothing ever upset her, because everybody has emotions, but she is a fine example of a lady who would not be controlled by her significant other.

Linda McCartney: Ambition. One thing that can be said about Linda is that, similarly to Cynthia, she received much critical acclaim. However, she never let that get in the way of pursuing the career of her choice, or marrying the man she loved. Linda’s truest quality was her utter ambition to do whatever she wanted, no matter what anybody else thought of it - which brings our minds to one important life lesson: As long as I’m having a good time, why should I care what other people are thinking? What a wonderful philosophy to have.

Pattie Boyd: Beauty. Okay, call me vain all you like, but Pattie was truly gorgeous! Another perfect example of someone who broke the boundaries to get to where she wanted to be. Being told from many sources that she would never make it as a model due to her face “resembling a rabbit”, Pattie never paid any attention and pushed on to do exactly what she wanted to do. Pattie is a wonderful example of someone who has never let her beauty become vanity. Now a well established photographer (and author), Pattie has clearly taken the time and expressed her many talents.

Olivia Harrison: Bravery. When thinking of Olivia, coupling her with bravery was by far an easy decision. One example comes to mind when considering Olivia’s bravery: The infamous intruder of 1999. Having seen the intruder stab her husband, leaving him unable to fend for himself, Olivia stepped in immediately and fought off the intruder single handedly until he left the property. If that doesn’t scream bravery, I don’t know what does.

Maureen Starkey: Strength. To me, Maureen was a classic example of a strong lady. Married at 18 and having had her first child at 19, Maureen clearly had no qualms about what she wanted in life. With her husband spending most of his time in the studio and coming home at all hours of the night, Maureen was always sure to have a cooked meal on the table for him every night. But to me, the true example of her strength is through her and Ringo’s divorce. With things beginning to crumble, Maureen battled depression and even attempted suicide by riding a motorbike into a brick wall. To be able to bounce back from such a steep decline in her life, to me, is astonishing. I will forever be inspired by her for that. And what’s more, she was always positive with her leukaemia battle. She was always smiling and staying strong for her children. Personally, I find that incredible. And on a side note, despite saying I only chose one quality, I would so love to have her bomb eyeliner skills!

Barbara Bach: Positivity. My favourite thing about Barbara has got to be her positivity. Several years into her marriage with Ringo, both of their careers had hit rock bottom. Struggling to get their careers back on track, they both fell into alcoholism. But where the true positivity shows is the part where they both entered rehab and have stayed sober until this day. To me, that shows that staying positive can get you through absolutely anything.

I want a Holtz who got overwhelmed by the new environment and prestige of CERN and caused a lab accident on her first day that put a guy in a coma.

I want a Holtz who feels guilty everyday that she nearly killed someone, whose confidence and self-worth are shaken and all those snide remarks from her youth of her being weird to the point of dangerous flare back to life and poke, poke, poke away at her mind.

I want a Holtz who’s been blacklisted from every major research facility and who’s floundering when she sees the paranormal engineer wanted ad.

I want a Holtz who takes a chance on Higgins Institute of Science because, you know, it’s not exactly Ivy League or even accredited, so maybe maybe maybe, but who’s still shocked when Abby actually hires her.  –  Abby who doesn’t see Deadly Accident but a nervous, awkward woman haunted by the opinions of others yet still utterly brimming with so much potential. And it’s that potential, that brilliance that Abby always addresses when she speaks to her. She treats her just like Dr. Gorin did, except not at all because Abby also treats her like a friend. She jokes with her, sings along to the radio with her, invites her over for horror movie and X-Files marathons.

I want a Holtz who not only relearns how to trust her science and engineering, but also learns what it’s like to care for someone – not simply like someone or be fascinated by them from afar, but really care – and more than that learns what it’s like to be cared for.

I want a Holtz who comes out of her shell and blossoms under Abby’s love and support until she’s the Holtz we meet in the movie.

I want this newly confident Holtz to meet Patty and immediately collapse into a nervous wreck because she feels this instant need for Patty to like her just as much as Abby does, but has no idea how to make that happen.

(after all it was pure luck that Abby decided to like her)

I want a Holtz who tries every joke, pun, and pick-up line in the book in between showing off inventions, trying to find the right combination to make Patty direct that gorgeous smile her way.

I want a Holtz who gets flustered when Patty asks her directly if she’s flirting because that wasn’t in the script.


I want a Holtz who’s quiet on their first date because this is entirely new territory for her and she has no idea what to do. I want a Holtz who gets pulled back out of her shell by Patty’s gentle patience and that still present smile. I want Holtz to discover she’s won Patty over but never discover what trick she pulled to do it.

“There wasn’t a trick, Holtzy. I just like you cause… you’re you.”

I want a Holtz who slowly learns what romance is and that there is in fact a difference between romantic and platonic love (though tbh, it still mostly looks the same to her).

I want a Holtz who every time she thinks she can’t get any happier, does until she understands happiness is an unbounded parameter. I want her to recognize that luck isn’t why people like her because luck isn’t repeatable and yet she has a whole team of people who care about her.

I want Holtz to feel confident she won’t ever lose that team.

This is the characterization I want. Give me this backstory, this journey.

Give me this Holtzmann.