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Yeahhhh!!~~~The AOMG Foursome is finally reunited for a photoshoot together! Jay Park, Simon D, Loco & Gray came out to play after a while being MIA (at least seen together lol). Wonder what shoot it’s for.

of course when you have the two head dorks of AOMG together…this is what happens…..are they playing Patty Cake? lol…and that Simon D butt waving…

having fun together on set… when they’re doing things together 

BTS for Jay Park’s solo shot….thanks Gray for all these vids lol.

you can tell someone’s a natural born dancer when they break into some moves any chance they get while waiting

Earlier this morning, Jay rehearsing with Joony and Soo for a future show perhaps? He works non-stop lol eventho he’s a boss….always something to do.


Shield thine eyes smallest sister!

It was suggested to me that I do a screencap redraw of one of the panels in @troominmoll‘s photoset of the fuzzyfelt siblings and I couldn’t not because honestly? I’ve always wanted to do a screencap redraw, and how often do we get to see Little My so frightened? (I’ll be honest I have yet to watch the fuzzyfelt series and I don’t know what happened in the scene but heck I’m game).

S’alright girlie, your bro’s not gonna hold it against you.


you are adorable, you know that?” 
wanna play a game of patty cake?
I have this new song I want to show you!” 
you don’t know how much I love you.
you mean the world to me.
I LOVE your cuddles!” 
so you want a hug, huh?” 
I found some bubbles!” 
let’s go pick some flowers.
hold my hand?

Your stockings may be hung by the chimney with care, but my little white stockings are adorable ALL YEAR ROUND!

Hi, I’m Patty Cake from Tr-Boro Animal Welfare in Butler, New Jersey, and since my sister was adopted I’m very lonely. BUT…

You can fix that! Yes, you can! You can come meet me, or call my shelter friends about me, or you can reblog me! That’s three awesome ways to help me! That makes you better than Santa!

I’m four and a half months old and I love to play! I’m super-friendly and affectionate, and totally healthy.

If you think I’m too cute to resist, just email or call (973) 831-5555 to find out more or set up a meet and greet. Be sure you give them your phone number so they can get back to you as fast as the twinkle in Santa’s eye!


Patty Cake

RFA and MC get stuck in an elevator


  • Acts like it isn’t as big of a deal as you’re making it out to be. Cool, calm and collected, as per usual. 
  • Represses the urge to tease you for being scared.
  • As soon as he realizes you’re trembling, he pulls you into his arms and quietly reassures you that you’ll be out soon. 
  • Uses his connections to call ridiculously (for the situation) high up people, demanding they send an entire team of fire fighters to get you out. 
  • Threatens to sue the company for putting you through such a traumatic experience.
  • “Jumin… this is your company.” “Oh.” 
  • Threatens to sue the elevator company instead.


  • Treats it like a game to keep you both from getting too scared.
  • Asks if you’re okay every minute.
  • Lots of hugging.
  • Eventually gets so lazy he makes you sit on the floor with him. 
  • Patty cake for thirty minutes.
  • He complains that he’s getting too sweaty but stands as close as possible to you anyway. 
  • “Yoosung, it’s too hot in here to cuddle any longer.” *whining* “But honeyyyyyyy.”


  • He tries to persuade you into doing some naughty things because “We’re locked in here in the dark anyway, sweetie!” 
  • Tons of groping. On both ends.
  • He takes his shirt off as soon as he realizes you’re stuck.
  • Lets you cling to him when the elevator starts making loud noises. 
  • Gets you to sing in a terribly off key voice until you’re rescued. 
  • Pouts because you didn’t take a single article of clothing off. 


  • She’s calm like Jumin was, but still cautious. 
  • Has people on the phone immediately, demanding they come as soon as possible.
  • Takes care of business cause she’s a BOSS!
  • Lets you hold her hand for comfort. 
  • Reassures you with logical answers, like “Nothing could happen. We’re not even on that high of a floor, MC!” 
  • Lets you wear her sweater when you start to shiver.
  • Gets flustered when you start to attach yourself to her side.
  • Accepts your grateful kiss when the maintenance guy comes five minutes later because of her persistence. 


  • He is an anxious mess. 
  • You would think with his professional training that he would be prepared for something like this, but nope. He desperately clings to you, shaking and on the verge of a panic attack.
  • Anxious anxious anxious.
  • You make lots of jokes to try and coax him into laughing.
  • You bury yourself in his hoodie with him to keep him grounded. (He always feels safer when you’re as close as he can get you.) 
  • “Special agent 606, defender of God 707!” *Luciel giggling shakily above you* 
  • He stammers on about hacking into the buildings files and screwing with them after putting him through this. 
  • Denies ever being scared in front of the others.

Anakin and Padme holding in undignified squeals as they surreptitiously record Obi-wan playing a very serious game of patty-cake with baby Leia.