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Rule 1: Post the rules.
Rule 2: Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post then make 10 new ones.
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Questions I have to answer:

1) Favourite colour? Black and Blue

2) Favourite singer/band? Avril Lavigne

3) favourite book? Twilight

4) if you could meet any celebrity who would it be? Robert Pattinson

5) your favourite actor/actress? Robsten/Lucy Hale (there’s so many ><)

6) tea or coffee? Coffee Forever

7) if you could move to anywhere in the world, where would you go? New York

8) Cats or dogs? Cats

9) What are your main dreams/aspirations? I dream too high. I want to go to NY, walking through central Park every day in the morning. But this is far from happening. Here I want to have a good job and my own home not to bother my parents more. I want to have at least two cats to sleep with me every night. And I do not know, my dreams are a mess. I do not know what I most of the time.

10) Blackberry or iPhone? I don’t even have any of the two, but I really want an Iphone.

My Questions:

1) Whats your lucky number?
2) If you were a super hero what powers would you have?
3) What are your three best Fandoms?
4) Your best Character of any series or movie and why?
5) Do you like scary movies?
6) What was the last film you saw?
7) Whats your most used phrase?
8) Favorite dessert?
9) What makes you angry?
10) What colour are your eyes?

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