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The Growlers - Brian Stewart, Warren Thomas, Patrick Palomo, Clark Davison & Miles Patterson @ The Black Cat, Washington, DC, on Saturday, September 20, 2014.

Fall Tour 2014:

Gay Thoughts
Big Toe
Naked Kids
Chinese Fountain
Hiding Under Covers
Acid Rain
Wandering Eyes
Humdrum Blues
Tell’ em How It Is
Average Man
One Million Lovers
People Don’t Change Blues
Old Rat Face
Nosebleed Sun
What It Is
Good Advice
Habit of Dredd
Sea Lion Goth Blues
Going Gets Tuff
Empty Bones

Wet Dreams

The Fake Geek Girls Senior Auxiliary

So last year, one of my older lady library patrons came in and requested The Hunger Games because her granddaughter couldn’t stop talking about it and she wanted to see what had her so excited.  Now, for context, this is the kind of lady who usually reads Danielle Steel, James Patterson, and Mary Higgins Clark.  Would never dream of picking anything with a science fiction label off the shelf, probably never even realized the YA section existed. 

Well, she took it home, and the next day I got a phone call asking me to hold the next two books for her.  She LOVED them.  And she recommended them to all her friends.  Next thing you know, we’re having a rush on Suzanne Collins from the senior ladies book club crowd.  

End result, an entire busload of elegantly dressed septugenarian grandmothers made an outing to see Mockingjay this week.

We live in awesome times.

Scream - Piper or Audrey?

Who killed Tyler and Nina? - The killer was most likely Piper to start the murders; however, the killer could actually have been either one of them, or both of them, since Audrey may have been lying about Rachel being an alibi. (It’s possible both Audrey and Piper were actually at Nina’s house).

Who left the pig’s heart outside of Emma’s house? - Piper!

Who turned the lights on and off in Brooke’s garage? - Most likely Audrey since she was at the party.

Who tried to drown Noah? - Piper!! Audrey was dry and on the land when Kieran pulled Noah out of the lake.

Who was watching Audrey and Rachel? - Obviously Piper!

Who phoned Emma after she confessed to Audrey about the video? - Piper!

Who killed Rachel? - This could have been either one of them. (They both probably worked together to hang her from the ceiling in order to make her death seem like a suicide).

Who sent the video of the killer with Nina’s dead body in the water? - Piper!! Audrey was with Emma at the time. (This indicates that it was Piper that killed Nina).

Who was outside of Emma’s workplace? - This could have been either one of them. (They were both possibly there, since it appears someone shut the door from the inside and locked Emma out).

Who called Emma pretending to be GPP security? - Piper!

Who was outside of Emma’s house when Will was there with the Brandon James case files? - Piper!

Who phoned Emma after Emma had sent the killer a message the first time (when Audrey told her to)? - Piper!

Who was sending Riley the messages of Tyler’s phone? - This could have been either one of them!

Who killed Riley? - Either one of them could have killed Riley, since Audrey’s whereabouts during this time aren’t known. (It was most likely Piper).

Who gave Emma the yearbook of 1994? - Piper!

Who gave the sheriff the anonymous tip about the abandoned hospital? - Piper!! Audrey was with Emma at the hospital.

Who called Emma outside of her locker when she saw the picture with “just like your mother”? - Piper!

Who was videoing Emma talking to detective Brock? - Either one of them could have been videoing Emma.

Who did Emma see in the Brandon James mask when she started lighting the candles in the crowd? - Piper!! Audrey was clearly in the crowd when Emma was looking around after seeing the killer.

Who called Emma with the recording of her and Will’s fight after she found out about Will sleeping with her over a bet? - Piper!

Who was watching Emma and Maggie when they were by Brandon Jame’s house? - Piper! Audrey was at the police station with her dad and detective Brock.

Who attacked Will in the garage? - Audrey!

Who was the killer that was walking towards Will when he was tied up? - Audrey!

Who called Emma when she was in the abandoned garage? - Audrey!! Piper was with Brooke and Jake.

Who was the killer that appeared behind Brooke in the bowling alley? - Most likely Piper; however, based on the timing, it could have been Audrey, since Audrey could have had enough time to get in her car and drive to Emma’s house.

Who stabbed Jake, tried to get past the door Will was blocking, and attacked Emma in the bowling alley? - Piper!! Audrey was seen in Emma’s house when Maggie and Clarke left to go to the bowling alley, and she was with Maggie when they arrived at the bowling alley. 

Who called Emma when she got to Will’s house? - Piper!

Who kidnapped Will and tied him up in his backyard? - Most likely Piper; however, both could have took part in tying him up, depending on whether or not there is a significant time difference from Noah’s and Audrey’s scene, to Emma arriving at Will’s house. 

Who attacked Brooke in the auditorium? - Piper!

Who broke into the Lakewood County Municipal Records? - Audrey!! She stole the Brandon James mask and the documents - the latter of which she burns in the last episode.

Who attacked the sheriff? - Most likely Piper. (There seems to be a significant time difference between the attack -which happened in the day time- and Noah and Audrey’s scene, so both could have moved his body and tied him to the tree).

Who killed Mike (the cop) and let Seth out of prison? - Piper!! Audrey was at the dance!

Who called Emma when she was at the dance? - Piper!!

Who was the killer on the screen with the tied up Sheriff? - Based on the timing, I think it was Audrey. Audrey had already left the party before Piper had got there, and I’m not sure Piper would have had enough time to get to the sheriff (though it’s possible); whereas Audrey likely could have got to the sheriff and then quickly made her way to Brooke’s party.

Who killed Grayson (the dead guy at Brooke’s party)? - Piper!

Who “attacked” Audrey and cut her arm? - Obviously Piper!

Who attacked Brooke in her house? - Either one of them could have actually attacked Brooke. (It was most likely Piper, and both of them probably took part in capturing Seth).

Who called Emma in Brooke’s house? - Piper! Audrey was with the others outside.