I got to attend the screening of Logan Lucky at Navy Base Coronado thanks to my friend Janessa aka Front Row Queen. We were front row for Adam Driver’s Q&A! Definitely worth freezing outside in line for over 4 hours. The theater holds 1,500 people but I feel like there were only about 300 people there, 500 max since the whole second section of the theater was empty and most people sat in the middle, the sides not so much…

There was no signing or meet and greets, but Adam extended his time twice to answer as many questions as possible, and 4 people asked for selfies during their questions so they got to take pics with Adam after the event before he was quickly put in the back of a black SUV and whisked away. He seems like such a nice and down to earth guy. And super funny! I would love to just hang out with him and be his friend.

I really hope this brings more attention to his nonprofit Arts In The Armed Forces. No videos were allowed but I did try to live tweet the event. I cringe at all the typos, grammatical errors, and all the times I wrote Lucky Logan instead of Logan Lucky but this is what happens when your fingers are frozen and you’re trying to live tweet when Twitter refuses to install an edit button.

Adam just talked about film versus live theater – film is more accessible “who wants to pay $300 to watch a play? I don’t” so part of what he’s trying to do w/ AITAF is make the arts more accessible

It took 3 months of working w/ a dialogue coach for Adam Driver to get the West Virginia accent for #LoganLucky

Adam Driver filmed w/ 3 different type of arms for #LoganLucky

Adam says Sodeberg works insanely fast He had 30 minutes of the film done in 2 weeks. Many of the scenes were one or two takes #LuckyLogan

Protein, sleep, and exercise – the secret to Kylo Ren’s Star Wars physique lol

Adam’s favorite movie is Ordinary People @ninatamburello5

Adam talks about having to lose weight for Silence and how it was great working with Scorsese

The line for questions for the Q&A queue is like Hall H SDCC status. I’m not gonna get to ask an question…

A Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton got to ask Adam the favorite movie question. Adam had been stationed at Camp Pendleton so it’s nice to have him come back to San Diego

Adam talks about joining the Marines shortly after 9/11 and growing up fast in the military when you’re put in charge of other people’s lives. Acting was a huge game changer for Adam transitioning from military to civilian life

Adam was iffy taking on the role of Kylo Ren because he didn’t want to mess up Star Wars. A kid asking a question just said Adam made Star Wars better – whole audience erupts in applause

People never ask Adam about pranks on set because they assume he’s no fun on the set. He says he and Channing got a kick out of scaring each other on the set of Lucky Logan

Adam talks about bringing a ping pong table onto the set of Star Wars. Progression from during setup, between scenes, to between takes *insert ping pong sound*

Adam just talks about the film Patterson. A handful of people cheered – he said ooh 5 people saw it LOL

The person asking the question now says he’s a huge fan of Matt the Radar Tech Guy…laughs from the audience, but also frustration because of the long queue for questions. The XO just said limit questions to 1 to try to expedite process

It would be safe to say 95% of the audience are Kylo Ren/Star Wars fans especially based on questions

Adam would like AITAF to do a film screening of Silence and have Scorsese talk about it. That would be awesome! Can he come back to San Diego and do that?

Adam says that it wasn’t until after his military service that he felt confident enough to pursue acting and applying to Julliard

To find out more about Adam’s organization Arts In The Armed Forces visit aitaf.org They’re based in New York and always looking for volunteers.

How do you get into the character of Kylo Ren?
Adam starts his answer with a joke saying “get bad indigestion” Seriously, the script dictates how he approaches Kylo. Costume helps too – tight and restricting

There are lots of people who are truly appreciative of Adam’s service and his continued involvement w/ military folks and veterans

Someone asked what Adam’s favorite Disney movie is…I’d want to know who his favorite Disney princess is

Adam got a fan gift of a ball with his dog’s face on it… He also talked about being followed home (which made him mad so fans don’t do that!)

Filming of Silence and Girls overlapped Adam suffered hypothermia at end of Silence because he had 0 body fat Had to eat lots of carbs and wear thick sweaters on set of Girls after

What advice would you have for someone who wants to become an actor? Hard to say but for Adam, going to school was helpful and important Also introduced him to lots of key people

Lots of comedy in Lucky Logan but not so much cracking up and breaking character. Jokes in between takes unrelated to scenes

Someone from I Heart Radio wanted to ask how he can book Adam for other engagements Chase Randi if you want to get a hold of Adam for interviews lol

Most difficult scene ever filmed? The film he’s currently filming which he can’t talk about there was a scene of two people just talking Very emotional. Also Silence filming in ocean and getting hypothermia and no body fat

Logan, a young kid, wanted to know how to become an actor? Adam says live your life. Education on technique from acting school helps so you don’t burn out

Little kid Isais asked how do you feel about Star Wars? I feel good. I feel tall. And I feel foolish.

High schooler in theatre and ROTC asked which is more important. Adam said they’re very similar – group of people in quest for something bigger than just any one of them Shared goals, working together

Adam says not all actors lose anonymity but that’s definitely something he’s had to deal with.

How does Adam deal with achieving work life balance? He makes a conscious decisions to work less, maybe do more stuff in NY or closer to NY

Adam has tripped numerous times wearing the Kylo Ren mask. He said 50…the forest scene was difficult. He’d trip every 5 steps

It’s not about the actor to feel good about the take. He has to trust that the director gets the audience’s feelings in the story they are trying to tell

A shy audience member asked on a card whether Adam was bullied. He said of course, look at me. He joked karate would help, but said life goes on and time heals all wounds. Whatever’s happening has a shelf life.

Adam doesn’t want to take all the credit for Star Wars despite all the accolades because a group of people were involved in creating the films

Thanks, I worship you!
Reaction from a happy fanboy who got to ask Adam a question. The teenage girls behind me in row 2 just said “that’s me/that’s my life” lol

Adam is excited for 10 minutes with every new role he gets then it shifts to pure terror

Audience member asked how Adam picks his roles since some like Silence have clear moral compass and Star Wars is the dark side He says it’s about the directors

Adam’s talking about his audition to Julliard. He sang Happy Birthday when they asked him to sing a song after he did his 2 monologues

I love that Adam has agreed to stay and take more questions. He was supposed to leave at 9:15. He’s so funny in the way he’s handling the Q&A.

How do you deal w/ the haters? I try to stay away from it as much as possible. You can’t please everybody.

Favorite type of movie? Action and drama

How did you prepare for Patterson? He actually did get a bus driver’s license and had to drive in New York. Patterson is so structured His physical life is on auto-pilot, allowing him to drift for poetry

Favorite part of playing Kylo Ren? Helmet and light saber

The super hardcore fangirls behind me are really not happy about the repeat questions Adam’s already answered (several questions have been asked in similar but slightly different ways)

Hi my name is Tony and look at my shirt.
The little kids is wearing a Kylo Ren shirt and said thank you for your service to Adam awwww

One of Adam’s first jobs was as a burn victim in You Don’t Know Jack and Susan Sarandon, John Goodman, and Al Pacino were in the scene.

Adam says Julliard gave him a lot of structure ie working on voice

The mannerisms of each character – conscious decision, part of the backstory Adam crafts for each role

What kind of hair product do you use on your hair? Adam says today it’s leftover from the film from shooting. Randi shouts from the side BUMBLE&BUMBLE (for shampoo) and conditioner if his wife has it lol

Adam just extended the Q&A time again. He wants to get through to all the questions, he’ll just try to talk fast

Deadpool or Kylo Ren? Kylo Ren

I wonder if @bumbleandbumble will start a campaign starring Adam Driver? Do they know that he uses their shampoo? Everyone at tonight’s event wanted to know what’s responsible for Adam’s hairporn lol

Celebrity doesn’t shape Adam’s life. His family is more important.

Andre wants to know, so when is Kylo Ren gonna hook up with Rey?

Justin is way better than Jacob Lol this kid just got Adam to say that on video to spite his brother in San Francisco

Adam tries not to watch the movies he’s in…He said he got really cold/sick watching The Force Awakens It was intense

Adam doesn’t follow sports He tried hockey. Wishes he could play piano


One of the best scenes in all of Blindspot.

“Actually I’m a gnome cleric.”

For all my Critical Role fans out there ;)