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the signs as weird v3 CGs

aries - baby kaede

taurus - manhole gonta

gemini - making a cg look better (upper), but forgetting to replace the off-looking one in a flashback (lower)

cancer - overlayed checkerboard pattern kokichi

leo - slapping unedited concept art into the image

virgo - kaede’s legs perspective

libra - kiibo’s mouth when printing but without his hand and photo

scorpio - that unsettling look

sagittarius - the gym cg

capricorn - this

aquarius - ass scratching, no-mask-on-the-neck korekiyo

pisces - rolling kiibo


Harlots Appreciation Week Day 2: Favorite Relationship Violet Cross & Amelia Scanwell

There’s a story about a feast in hell, where the forks are so long that people can’t reach their mouths, so all the diners starve to death. They don’t figure out that they can feed each other.


Urban Jungle: Cutaway Seating & Tatsuro Kiuchi Art - TS4 Recolors

✔ Grab meshes by @peacemaker-ic || Mesh by @mxims included

✔ 32 Solid Colors || 30 Patterns || (separate solid & pattern files)

✔ Custom Thumb Overlay

✔ Seating found in Peacy’s original places in comfort || Art in Decoration (Wall) §25 || Search BlueHopper

Download: Sim File Share || Find @sympxls part here

Enjoy beautiful people ⊂(◉‿◉)つ


Random overlays + Lyrics English/Spanish part one

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☆credits of the girl overlay and the lips overlay to @transparentsaf

elainapoststhings  asked:

How do you do the texturing on t-shirts/dresses? They always look so amazingly realistic! Is it just good lighting practice or Photoshop or? Either way, I like what you're doing c:

oh thanks! ;w; i’m sorry in advance if this isn’t helpful at all i’m terrible at explaining things! i’m not sure if you mean texturing as in pattern overlay, or line texture, so i’ll explain both! i try to give the illusion of fabric through the linework and lighting! in digital painting, we observed and did some 30 second studies on fabric laying on things, and it was very helpful for getting important folds and tension points! 

 For texture/ pattern overlay, i usually use layer modes in photoshop like multiply to blend a pattern with a color layer or you can take two images and blend them together there’s alot of cool modes! i use a texture for hanzo’s tattoo occasionally and set the layer mode to “multiply” under a skin color layer!

the layer modes is the drop down box and layer order

Here is the texture without and with multiply on!


saskiacfrancina Mesmerising wind blown sea water and sand patterns overlaying smooth bi-coloured rocks on Blackwaterfoot beach


detailed shot + some progress shots i happened to save for [this one]

my process is basically sketch -> rough colors -> gradient shading -> hard shading -> pattern overlay + paint on top

better cushions   |   I converted my gothique cushion edits to TS4, I dislike the plastic look on the solid coloured ones but right now I really don’t have time to add textile textures to every single colour + I do like the idea they are luxury silk cushions though. they come in the same 4 shape variations, with 50 colour overlays & 10 pattern ones. 

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