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Lobo has decided he will listen to my wife but not to me. It’s night and day. If I say “put your book away by the time I count to three or XYZ consequence” he will choose to do it after three (with a lot of fucking around) and then tantrum if I try to enforce the consequence. The second my wife gets involved he’s calm. Which I KNOW is a reflection of how I am handling the situation (not well).

Last night wife was gone and she recommended talking to him about the transition to bedtime (which I did), which works for her but only hastens the back tall and whining for me.

This is incredibly frustrating and I’m not sure how to interrupt this pattern. I’ve gotten a lot better at interrupting Lenny’s patterns but Lobo is another struggle entirely.

Edit: to be clear, I am struggling with what the underlying need / process he has going on is. Does he need slower transitions? Does he need more cuddles? Is he pushing my buttons to see what happens? Is he asserting himself because he’s four and he can?

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I really like your page, however there are a few things I think are really dangerous to write. Such as "the only thing a man ever wants from you is sex" men are humans as well, and you can't put an entire gender into a basket like that. It's judgemental and sexist. Men have emotions, feelings too. And every human wants affection, not just sex. (Nothing to do with rape culture, but men are not bad people, it's to do with personality traits) but please explain to me if I've misinterpret. X

There is ideology, perceptions & reality.

So you know what the #1 fear(s) I need to mitigate with sexual assault/abuse survivor is?  

Your dealing with ideology.  My advice is to a woman who is going to rinse, repeat, re-cycle the same level of men. 

How do I get her to focus on the next step?  How do I encourage her in the right direction?  How do I get her out of Mother Theresa Syndrome?

It’s not her responsibility to deal with his emotional growth.  She must focus on her’s.  … and by the time she gets herself fixed …. she’ll figure this out.  

also … your saying #NOTallMEN yes,

 but isn’t the TRUTH most.  Our goal is to get them out of “grooming”.      

She will already go towards the next guy that shows her love.  I need to get her to interrupt this pattern.  I need her to “think” about her situation before she gets re-raped.  

And what is the main goal I’m trying to mitigate:  pregnancy & re-rape & suicide

this is not the time for “men have emotions, too.” 

How to Cope with Mood Swings

1. Make sure you get enough sleep. A recent study by the U.S. Mental Health Association and the Better Sleep Council identified a relationship between positive moods and sleeping between 6 and 8 hours a night. Regular bedtimes were also important.

2. Keep your bedroom as dark as possible as this stimulates production of melatonin. (Low melatonin levels are linked with depression.)

3. Make sure you have a diet that supports brain health. For example, the following nutrients have been shown to promote more stable moods: B-complex vitamins, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, zinc and fatty acids. Also, rapid changes in blood sugar can also precipitate changes in mood, so watch your consumption of refined sugar products, and make sure you eat lots of complex carbohydrates.

4. Try some natural remedies. Chamomile, lemon balm or valerian root tea are recommended for helping with anxiety. St. John’s wort is said to soothe the mind and relieve irritability. In terms of homeopathic remedies, lycopodium is believed to help with anger, and feelings of agitation; tarentula hispanica is used for mania; and chaste berry, red raspberry, black cohosh and sarsaparilla may help with female hormonal mood swings.

5. Include some regular exercise in your daily schedules. This releases endorphins, the feel good hormones. It also helps with insomnia.

6. Try and identify coping mechanisms that can ward off or soothe fluctuations in mood. Also, keeping a journal of negative triggers can help you interrupt a pattern early on, and work on strategies for coping with these triggers.

Hypnotic Language Patterns

What I’m good at:

-Blabbing on: Newbie hypnotists, it’s true- At some point, hypnotic language becomes as effortless as breathing in and out. I can keep a nice flow of induction-y words and phrases going for hours if I needed to.  I could blab on hypnotically while thinking about what sandwich I wanted to order or my favorite scene from Sherlock. I can’t speak to  the quality of said hypnotic work, but my mouth would be saying things and they could be categorized as “trancey”.

-Generally being soothing: I started doing hypnosis primarily for relaxation so I’m pretty skilled at calm, peaceful voice, words, and imagery.

-Rhythm: I like playing around with rhythm and sometimes find myself falling into nice patterns that sound poetic and rhythmic and lovely.

-Waking suggestions: I’m pretty comfortable working around with waking suggestions or modifying/playing with suggestions when the person isn’t technically “in trance”. In all honesty, this feels more like skill on my subjects’ part than mine, but since this is my list I’ll take credit for these working. :)

What I’d like to improve:

-Ericksonian language patterns: Reader- I have a stack of zeebu cards right here by my bed. I occasionally pick them up and riffle through them. Do I ever take the time to actually really learn language patterns? No. I’ve always told myself this was because I didn’t believe in the effectiveness of language patterns, but I’m beginning to realize this is an excuse for laziness. If nothing else, throwing some language patterns in gives you authority (at least to other in-the-know hypnosis people) and lets you joke with your hypnotist friends.*

-NLP- See above re: possibly bullshit but I should probably learn it anyway. I’d like to be better at mirroring and analogue marking specifically and generally in understanding and incorporating a subject’s worldview.**

-Working without long inductions: Despite enjoying waking suggestion, I still get nervous when I do hypnosis that involves quick inductions or no real induction. I think my schema for hypnosis is still too much “magic spell” (which is really flawed worldview on several levels). See also- starting hypnosis from anywhere besides a relaxation induction

-No-fail suggestions: I’m an analytical subject generally, I should utilize the suggestions of my people and work them in more creatively.  (See above re:Erickson).***

-Bravery: I need to experiment more in general- I get into ruts too easily.

What I’m curious about:

- I picked up this weird language pattern where I blend one sentence into the next one starts before the last one ends quite precisely where I want it to. I’m not quite sure where I picked it up or even when I started using it. I’m not really sure how effective it is.  I consulted an expert friend who said she uses these as rapid-fire  pattern interrupts/confusion elements with fractionation. Anyone else do this? Where did you pick it up?

-Everything honestly. I’m not isolating independent language variables here- It’s hard to know what actually works and what is filler– especially because a lot of what is actually working is expectancy regardless of language***

What I’d like to excise:

-Stuttering, but I’ve pretty much decided I’ll just have to continue to work around that

-I’ve been doing this thing forever where I ask a subject to listen to my voice and not the words I’m saying. It is occasionally very effective for creating some nice dissociation, but this suggestion has become a weird default and kind of a hurdle for subjects who need to be more attentive in trance (i.e. most subjects, especially new ones).

What are your language skills and what would you like to work on?

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*Hypnotist humor: 40% language pattern, 30% nlp-references, 30% puns (give or take 5% for Hamilton references)

**Right now I do this primarily through instinct and lots of asking- but I’d like to be able to pick up more on my own

***If you don’t know about no-fail suggestions, this induction from @sex-obsessed-lesbian contains good examples.

***An example of me experimenting with trying to find the active ingredients

A friend called Fluffy

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Ok, I have an oddly specific request. Don’t ask me how my mind came up with that one. xD Reader adopts a dog with only 3 legs and even though Tony was strictly against a pet in the Avengers tower, he ends up making a high tec prosthetic leg and a collar that can “call” some kind of cage, that protects the dog in case of an attack (like his suit) Cute and Fluffy, please! :)


Tried to be as fluffy as possible but fluffy doesn’t come easily to me (my personal WIPs are mostly angst based) so I worry that I’m not doing it right. Hopefully you will enjoy it.

Implied/background Tony x Reader

Words: 3448

Set  Post-Avengers  Pre-Avengers AOU

Your friendship with Tony Stark had, for the most part, been an incredibly strong one. The major hiccup had occurred close to the beginning of your time together. As a retired Shield agent it had been ridiculously hard to find a job that you liked and that didn’t look too far into your hidden past. When you applied for a security position at Stark tower you counted your blessings that you’d entertained Tony and Happy so that they hired you on the spot and ignored Pepper’s scolding about
protocol and paperwork.
Everything was fine until Natasha Romanov, a very close friend of yours from your shield days, arrived posing as Tony’s Personal Assistant. Knowing that Nat could never tell you the purpose of her mission, you stormed into Tony’s office and quit your job while shouting that there were easier ways to spy on you. Tony, being how he is, hacked into the Shield archives to find why on earth people would be spying on you, he also had a sneaky peak at your file, before he got in touch with you to explain that he’d had nothing to do with it. You let him explain himself and when he went to meet Fury and Nat at the donut shop to discuss the Avengers you went with him as backup and that’s how you’d been dragged into joining.
You’d been mad at the time but it had given you a whole host of new and old friends that you could count on. Tony appreciated that you struggled with socialising sometimes but he was unprepared to tolerate this solution.

“Absolutely not! Get that mongrel out of the tower and make sure it takes it’s flees with it.” Tony declared dramatically as he gestured to the sleeping ball of fur in Steve’s arms next to you. You’d found the poor pup abandoned and missing a front leg, luckily he wasn’t bleeding so it looked to be a birth defect, on one your walks through the city with Steve. It was a regular thing, he’d tell you about what life used to be like for him before the war and you’d fill him in on new technology, he found you a lot more patient and approachable than Tony when he’d once tried to explain something to Steve. You scratched the pups ear and he snuggled further into Steve’s arms, in comparison to the Super Solider arms the puppy looked even tinier, “Don’t worry Fluffy, you ignore the mean man.”
“Fluffy?” Tony mocked as he poured himself a small glass of whiskey.
“It’s from Harry Potter.” You countered as you continued to scratch the pups ear.
“You realise you’re a grown woman right?” Tony taunted as he gestured at you with his drink.
“And you’re a grown man so stop acting like a child.” You countered.
“My house, my rules.” Tony argued.
“Come on Stark, Y/N found the poor guy abandoned.” Steve tried to help you.
“Great so it’s probably diseased.” Tony grumbled and poured himself another drink.
“Come on Tony, you can’t make Y/N kick the dog out, it’ll struggle on its own.” Bruce finally looked up from his papers to ass his two cents.

“So it’s my fault it’s missing a leg?” Tony responded.
“It’s your fault that you’re overreacting.” Nat offered dryly from behind her book.
“Not overreacting. What’s the little mongrel gonna do when the big green guy makes an appearance and it can’t run away? Also, this is my tower, or are we forgetting that?” Tony argued childishly and Bruce shot him a long suffering look.
“Tony I’m not throwing Fluffy out.” You folded your arms across your chest, stood your ground and stared down the billionaire. He crossed his own arms and stared back. Everyone was silent for a few minutes, Nat and Bruce both watched the scene over their reading materials and Steve scratched Fluffy’s back while pretending that he wasn’t interesting in watching your staring match.

“A week.” Tony relented first, he would never win against your stare or silent treatment, that and he liked the sound of his own voice too much, he continued, “A week to find the creature a new home and out of mine permanently.”
“A week to convince you then.” You gave him a small smile.
Tony shook his head, “I’m serious Y/N!”
“I know you are Tony.” You blew him a sarcastic kiss before scooping the precious bundle from Steve’s arms and sauntering down the corridor.

The first few days of Fluffy’s stay, Tony refused to look at the pup and barked sarcastic remarks at any of the Avengers who brought in anything related dog related, like his bed or toys. He also ordered JARVIS to lock the dog out of all rooms apart from your bedroom, with Bruce’s help you managed to override this so that Fluffy could also get into the lounge, Steve’s bedroom, Bruce’s bedroom and even the labs.

Tony threw a temper tantrum.

The day after Tony got progressively worse, he spent the morning spraying Steve and Clint with flee spray, you assumed he picked on them because he feared doing it to Nat or Bruce and he’d hate for you to ignore him if he pissed you off. That, you guessed, was part of the problem. Tony Stark basically functioned on attention; whether it be from the paparazzi or his friends, he had his name on the building for God Sake. But he prized your attention over others and right now you were giving it to Fluffy, a stupid dog, rather than him.

That was why he was currently working in his lab away from you and your new bestie. He most definitely wasn’t pouting. He was studying a projection for the mechanics of his new suit when he was interrupted by the sounds of tiny paws against his tile floor.

Tap, tap, thud.

Tony rolled his eyes and decided to ignore the sound and focused back on the projection in front of him. He’d get Bruce back later for getting around JARVIS to let Fluffy into the lab, his partner in science seemed to think that Tony just needed time to get used to the idea of having a pet. Bruce argued that once Tony saw how happy the pup made you that he’d warm up to Fluffy as well.

Fluffy leaned against Tony’s calves, his stump front leg angled slightly onto Tony’s shoes for more support as he looked up at Tony quizzically.
“Away you, I’m busy.” Tony shoo’d him with a wave of his hand before stepping away from the pup and walking around to his desk, he reached for some papers and knocked a screwdriver so that it rolled onto the floor.
Tony let out a noise of frustration and glared at Fluffy who was wagging his tail happily at the superhero, “I suppose you found that funny.” Tony accused.
Fluffy wagged more at the attention and with some difficultly the pup made its way to the screw driver and lifted it with his mouth.
“No, no that’s not for you mutt.” Tony grumbled.
Fluffy took a limp forward, he wobbled for a moment before falling forward onto his muzzle. Tony rolled his eyes but Fluffy was back up, wagging his tail and limping, with the occasional face plant, towards Tony with the screwdriver.
Tony took the screwdriver and dramatically wiped it on one of the rags on his desk. He scooped Fluffy up with one big hand and carried him to the door, with the puppy happily licking his hand, before putting him down outside the lab door. Fluffy fell again unbalanced but was back up and happily yipping at Tony again within the moment. Tony shoo’d him and shut the door.

That night you and Tony where cuddled up on the sofa watching an awfully dull physics documentary that Tony had chosen, it was his turn to choose, but it was hard for him to watch it because he was too busy glaring at Fluffy curled up in your lap.
“You know it’s a thief right? Stole from me in broad daylight.” Tony rambled in your ear.
You gave him a small, bored smile and reached up to pat his face sarcastically, “Tony he was playing fetch.”
“Well he wasn’t playing it well.” He reached up to your hand on his face and laced his fingers with yours.
After a few moments on peace and just enjoying each other in silence, Tony added, “I just don’t see why you like him so much.”
“He’s adorable.” You answered simply.
“And I’m not?” He pouted and you couldn’t help but laugh at him.

He let you have a few moments more peace before he started again, “I know you found him, but why’d you get a broken one?”
You gave him an angry glare, “Can you think of literally anyone in this tower who isn’t a little bit broken?”
He snapped his mouth shut and withdrew his hands from yours and folded his hands across his chest. He always got pouty when it was brought up; Tony was very cagey about his panic attacks, he didn’t like to let anyone in past his emotional guard. But you were both close, you’d been there for many of his panic attacks and he’d been there for your insecurities and social short comings after being raised in Shield from a child.
He didn’t say much before giving you a quick kiss on the head and heading off to bed, you leaned back in your seat and rubbed Fluffy’s ear as he slept in your lap. Even if he could talk to you more than anyone else other than Rhodes, you hoped that one day Tony would be able to talk about his issues openly.

The next few days followed the same pattern of Fluffy interrupting Tony working and bringing him things that he absolutely wasn’t dropping on purpose. Whatever you said, he was just being extra clumsy and well if the mutt was going to earn his keep and bring Tony his items back then it couldn’t be helped. Then in the evening you, Tony and the other Avengers would retire to the sitting room and Fluffy would hop from one lap to another, Tony continued to lift the pup up and put him back into your lap.

When the final day of Fluffy’s probation came you and Tony had already argued about the puppy’s fate twice before either of you had your morning coffee. You were furious because Fury had put you on a body guarding mission for the next two days and you knew that Tony wouldn’t be above getting rid of Fluffy in your absence. As you and Clint were leaving, you coerced Steve, Nat and Bruce to insure that Fluffy would be safe and still there upon your return.

That had been Tony’s plan exactly. He’d given you the time and now it was up, simple as that. But things are rarely that simple. Tony’s plans changed five hours into your assignment; he was pouring himself a drink at the bar and looking up Dog Shelters on his tablet while Bruce read his papers on the sofa, occasionally throwing Fluffy his toy bone. Fluffy was half way through struggling to walk back to Bruce when the doors banged open and Natasha was rushing a hospital bed through.

Tony and Bruce jumped up and rushed to help.
“Bruce! He’s been shot twice.” Natasha explained quickly and Bruce was already tenderly pressing the skin on Clint’s neck to get a pulse time. Clint was sprawled over the hospital bed, blood was splashed over his torso and one of this thighs from bullet wounds.
“Get him to the lab, my medical kit is there.” Bruce ordered and they were all running together.
“Nat did you get her?” Clint slurred his words slightly and tried to sit up but Bruce’s gentle hand kept him lay down.
“Steve’s looking for her, you just worry about yourself okay.” Natasha tried to reassure him.
“What? What do you mean?” Tony demanded. Bruce continued to push Clint’s bed towards the labs while Natasha turned to Tony and stopped him by gently raising her hands.
“Tony I need you stay calm,” She started, “But the family Clint and Y/N were watching got attacked, Clint got hurt saving the kids but we’ve lost contact with Y/N and the mother.”

Tony didn’t hear Natasha calling after him as he ran, full pelt, to the garage. He skidded to a halt in front of his suit and instructed JARVIS to start to suiting him up. His breathing crumbled and he fell down to his knees.
Not now, not now.
He had to get out there and help find you. His chest tightened and heaved, his throat burned from the effort of trying to force himself to breathe but only ended in him swallowing painful gulps of harsh air.

Tap, tap, thud.

The sound barely registered with Tony as he slid down from his knees to rest on his hands as well.

Tap, tap, thud.

This time Fluffy fell against Tony’s hands and the puppy looked up with curious eyes at Tony. Fluffy lay over his hands and rolled on his back trying to get the man’s attention. Tony pulled the puppy into his arms and cuddled him as he rode out the last of his panic attack. He sat for some moments in silence, trying to calm down after the particularly vicious panic attack. Fluffy remained in his arms, turning over trying to reach Tony’s face so that he could lick it.
“Fluffy you have such a stupid name.” Tony grumbled as he put the puppy down and shook Fluffy’s little stump gently.


It took three days for you to come around.
Steve had taken chase as soon as Natasha had gotten Clint and the rest of the family you were protecting away, he found you and the mother to the family fairly quickly but not quick enough to stop the three bullets that you took protecting the woman.
He’d gotten you to the tower and Bruce shortly after Tony had gotten over his panic attack, though he was still feeling quite awkward about being of no use to anyone as both you and Clint were recovering, so he spent his time working on a project he knew that you would approve of.

And that’s why, after you’d woken and Bruce had checked you over, you were woken up after dosing off by Tony Stark shaking you because he was too childish to wait.
“Tony it’s good to see you but Bruce promised that I could go back to sleep.” You groaned and tried to roll over away from him but found that you had to stay lay on your back because of the tubes monitoring your fluids.
“Open your eyes I’ve got a surprise.” Tony instructed before you heard him leave the room. With an angry grunt you forced yourself to open your eyes and sit up as much as you could. Focusing the sleep out of your eyes the first thing that you gaze landed on was the piles of machinery in the corner of the room, wires, tools and oil were collected in the armchair that should have hosted visitors.
You scowled at the mess, you must really have been out of it to not notice when Bruce was checking you over earlier. The door opened again and Tony leaned back on the door holding it open. The first thing you noticed where the thick black bags under his eyes, he looked like he’d not slept since you’d last seen him. His jeans and AC/DC t-shirt were splattered with oil.
“Morning sleeping beauty.” He gave you a little wave from where he stood.
“Is this where you tell me that you’re my surprise? Because I’m not impressed.” You asked him dryly.

He gave you a mock offended look, “I’m hurt. No this is your surprise.”  He put his fingers in his mouth and whistled. Or attempted too. You tried not to laugh as he failed to whistle again before leaning out of the doorway and rapidly gestured to whoever was out there.
“I’m tired Tony can we do this another ti-” You cut yourself out with a small excited squeak as Fluffy bounded into the room, his missing leg replaced with a small metal one. He tried to jump up to you on the bed twice before you leaned down and helped him up.

He wiggled about excitedly, his metal paw flying up and knocking him off balance.
You laughed and Tony joined you from the other side of the room, “He’s not quite got the hang of it yet.”

“Tony this is amazing.” You breathed and Tony gave a fake bow to the compliment.
“What do you think to the colour scheme? I had some paint left over.” He asked as you inspected the matching collar and leg designed to look like Tony’s suit. Fluffy yipped happily at having both of your attention.
“Well Fluffy likes it at least,” You smiled and turned to the billionaire, “Why? What made you change your mind?”
Tony glanced away from your inquisitive eyes, his expression awkward, “Yeah well I was tired of him getting nose prints all over my tiled floor.”
Shaking your head you leaned up and kissed his cheek and watched as his face flushed and he tried desperately to bring back his usual sleek demeanour.


As the months passed you learnt more about the leg that Tony had made for Fluffy, it was as Clint insisted on calling it ‘pimped out’ as was the collar. Tony had made them both fully adjustable to accommodate the puppy as he grew. Fluffy was with you and Steve in the gym when the fire alarm went off and Tony and Natasha burst into the room fully suited and booted.
“What’s the situation?” Steve asked and kicked his shield up from the floor and into his hand.

“It’s a precaution, Bruce is looking a little green eyed and out of control upstairs, we want as few civilians as possible. Suit up.” Tony explained and Steve took off down the hall to get changed whereas you just pulled your combat boots on over your sports leggings. Your suit was mostly whatever clothes where functional enough to fight in that you hadn’t yet destroyed

“JARVIS start Dog House protocol.” Tony instructed and you watched amazed as four bits of glass surrounded with metal edging zoomed past the three of you and start for Fluffy’s now beeping collar. It set itself around him and he barked and yipped happily as he tried to play in his new box.
“Tony is he coming to be alright in there.” You asked concerned even though the puppy seemed fully content.

“It’s the same glass we used on the cage that we made for the Hulk on Shield’s aircraft, he can breathe fine and it’ll keep him safe even if he went out of the window right now. You can say it, I’m a genius.” Tony explained to you as the three of you took off down the hall.
A tower shaking roar from the Hulk upstairs stopped them all in their stride, “I’ll stroke your ego later.” You promised.
“It’s a date.” He gave you a cheeky wink and engaged the thrusters on his hands and feet and flew straight up through the ceiling.
With another Hulk roar echoing in your ears and Clint shouting at you both through Natasha’s earpiece you and her ran towards the stairs, “I don’t know what you see in him.” Natasha conversed as you took the stairs two at a time.
“Nat I know what you’re going to say and stop trying to set me up with Steve.” You scolded her.
“She’s trying to what?!” Tony let out an indignant shout through Nat’s earpiece and you both laughed as you made your way up to the fight.

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Misconceptions on this Hell Site TM about psychosis

So first off: I don’t experience psychosis. So none of this stems from a sense of personal experience. Rather, this is the stuff that you learn when someone you know and love deals with that shit. So this isn’t, y’know, “here’s what it’s like to experience psychosis”, it’s more like “even we ought to know this shit, c’mon”.

And I say “we” because this post is, duh, aimed at other people who don’t experience that shit. There is a problem in a lot of mental illness related communities where psychosis becomes this sort of boogeyman, where people say they’re “mentally ill, not crazy” and then reel off what “crazy” means and we all know you mean people who experience psychosis. Or they criticise inaccurate depictions of things like depression and anxiety, but not ever, say, schizophrenia.

So here are some things I keep seeing that are just like… basic misinformation. On this here hell site. Ok. So.

  • “Psychosis” is not a mental illness. It is a symptom found in many conditions. Nor is it synonymous with “schizophrenic”. Other conditions which may cause psychosis include but are not limited to bipolar disorder, PTSD and many neurological conditions. Yep, that’s right, psychosis isn’t even limited to mental illnesses, per se. If you very abruptly began experiencing psychosis, they’d want to rule out neurological injury before even considering an MI diagnosis, typically.
  • Nor is it limited to hallucination in the sense of solid, concrete audiovisual hallucinations. Delusions and impaired insight into reality- which are not the same as hallucinations- also come under psychosis. You can be deluded and not hallucinating and vice versa, for the record. Psychosis involves not having a clear and accurate sense of reality both internally and externally. That can manifest in many ways. And hallucinations are not always or even often clear, concrete and “realistic”, either.
  • Psychosis, and the conditions often associated with it, also tend to be characterized by “irregular thinking” or disordered thought patterns, which can interrupt “basic” processes such as speech, writing and coordination.
  • People do not necessarily experience psychotic symptoms 24/7/365. They also do not necessarily just experience them in brief, clearly defined episodes. There is no “necessarily”. Also, it’s basically never, for any illness or condition, like “oh I took my meds so it’s gone, oh I missed a dose I’m craaaazy now!”, okay?
  • Antipsychotic medication is complicated and sometimes medically risky and a pain in the arse to balance. It is not and never going to be “here is the pill you take once a day for schizophrenia”. You are probably going to be adjusting dosage and medications and juggling side-effects your whole life if you’re on them.

tl;dr stop shitting on the mentally ill people in our communities you think are scaaaaary or whatever to promote “positivity” or i’ll stand outside your window and scream for the rest of your life.

I was challenged by @latexeryandthelike to do a pattern interrupt confusion induction. This one probably works best if you are already familiar with inductions (and maybe if you have listened to my files before). All of these are experimental, so please give me feedback! Shoutout to @sex-obsessed-lesbian for inspiring me to be brave/experimental and shoutout to @soundshypnotic because I reference one of her favorite mcstories authors here. Please leave me a comment if it does/doesn’t work!

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Comic Book Hypnosis Ads!

By the time I was old enough to read comics the small ad pages had basically gone, replaced with much more upmarket full page ads. This change meant that a lot of the weirder ads vanished to be replaced by much more sterile ones. However, years of reading Golden Age comics has given me a sort of faux-nostalgia for these ads.

There was a hypnosis themed ad in basically every issue. Because what does every growing child want? Sea Monkeys, A toy gun and the power to bend the wills of those around them to their own nefarious means!

“Disguised Hypnosis” as we all know, is normal hypnosis wearing glasses and a fake mustache.

Also, if I ever become a magical girl my super move is so being called the “Fake nerve pressure technique”. It makes me curious if previous editions of the book taught the unsafe version.

Hypnotizing a room of people with a common household cooking ingredient sounds like the end result of my “Make an induction with a random object” thought experiment, but to the ad’s credit it does have me curious. Here is a brief list of my suggestions for what it might be:

-Flour/Sugar/Salt- Get close, throw it in their eyes as a pattern interrupt

-Cooking oil- Make a puddle, do handshake induction while they are stood in the oil causing them to fall for double the shock!

-Nutmeg- Spike their food and drinks with it until they are high and suggestible

-Paprika- Get close, throw it in their eyes as a pattern interrupt

-Spaghetti- An indirect induction about how spaghetti gets loose in warm water, just like your mind does in a warm room.

-Biscuit- Tell them if they do what you say they get the biscuit

-Tea- And as your thoughts slides out, just like how the tea slides out into the water you realize that putting the milk into the cup first is wrong and you shall never do it again.

But it comes with FREE EXTRAS! And “Trance-Fer” is a pun so bad it sounds like one I would make. But it does make sense, as nothing helps a session along than consulting a chart.

Louis Lane is apparently selling hypnosis kits! Which is fitting considering it happened a lot in Silver Age Superman comics. Also note zombie lady from the first advert makes a re-appearance in the bottom right.

I can’t make much of this one out. But “You command they obey, Eagerly without question or hesitation!” could be ripped right out of a tumblr smut. Unfortunately if you want to learn regular speed hypnosis this course isn’t for you, it only teaches the fast stuff.

Any opinions on what the secret word could be? My guess is Buttress

This one I really like. Mostly for the downright Orwellian picture they chose to advertise it with.

Learn modern speed hypnotism! Yes, not that old fashioned speed hypnotism your Grandma used to do that involved a phonograph and a typewriter.

I do have a suspicion that the “Powers Institute Of Hypnotism” isn’t accredited (or still going) but man I would love to take classes from a home study school that only charged $2.

Oh Hypno-Coin. This ad was really common and ran for quite a while. That means these things must have sold really well back in the day. And once again our zombie lady friend is back, I wonder if that was her job “Stock Zombie Walk Lady For Comic Book Ads”.

All you need to do is stick it in someones face and vibrate it. And voila! Hypnotic slaves. I feel a bit silly for reading all those books if it is really that simple. But then as you read on you find it comes with an instruction manual, suggesting it is not as simple as they first make out. Comic book ads not being fully truthful, whatever next?

I love the subtitle. “It must work for you!” sounds more like it is a threat towards the coin as opposed to a promise to the buyer. This coin will work for you, else it will suffer the consequences.

Also those of you with entrepreneurial minds should totally set up a website called “Hypnotic Aids Supply Co.” I am sure a lot of erotic hypnotists would love a one stop texts and prop store.

This is the other really common one. The lady in this one seems to be really keen to turn the TV off without looking at it, presumably to avoid it’s hypnotic power

The backstory of this one is pretty funny. Imagine the repairman having to explain it. “Well I know you were struggling to get a good signal madam, but my wrench slipped and now your television is a mind conquering hypnosis machine, I can fix it, but I need a new part and that isn’t going to come in until Tuesday so until then just try to not look at it, okay?”

I really like the art of this one, the woman’s face oddly reminds me of Klimpt’s works, the red outline really adds to the Art Deco feeling of the advert.

I presume this 3D coin is better than the previous hypno-coin which was only in 2D. If this is true I eagerly await the advert for the IMAX Hypno-Coin in the back of this weeks issue of Harley Quinn.

Of course this advert is mostly focusing on the 25 free lessons with the hypno-coin only being there because no child is going to willingly spend their pocket money on more education without a pretty sweet free gift.

“Make people obey your commands without subject’s knowledge,” is a really weirdly worded part. It almost sounds like the idea is that you have several other people doing what you ask them without the hypnosis subject knowing they are doing what you said. And if people are already obeying your commands why do you need these free lessons and the hypno-coin? You already seem pretty set.

Apparently President Eisenhower wants to teach us hypnosis in one evening. That is both quite a feat and a surprising hobby. I also like how the pointing finger looks more like it comes from someone just out of shot than it does from the man in the photo.

Of these 23 lessons we have the basic ones, and then some that sounds utterly baffling to the modern audience. “Develop new personality” presumably means become more charismatic but that could also be covered by “The center of attraction”. I love how the last lesson is “How to entertain” not, “How to entertain with hypnosis” just how to entertain in general, so stuff on how to juggle and how to throw a good dinner party.

The mail back slip is also fun as it asks us to “Check here for the hypnotic powers you want” like some crazy RPG character sheet. The last one is “Make money” which I presume means becoming a therapist or a stage hypnotist. You may be glad to know, these days people are expected to have more experience than 23 lessons purchased from the back of a comic book.

You might spot that the top version of this ad contains the one hypno-coin ad within it. This book had a load of ads over the years and there were several variations. A common variation didn’t offer the hypno-coin and just had a mail back form in it’s place, suggesting that the maker of the hypno-coin and the writer of the book had a falling out and thus parted ways.

You will also notice that the name of the company selling it changes from Stravon Publishers to Bond Book Co. Yes, once James got bored getting drunk and having exciting adventures he decided to settle down and peddle crap via mail order. What is even more funny is that despite the name changing the address is totally the same in both ads! 113 West 57th Street New York! I wonder if the company got a legal threat and changed it’s name to avoid issues?

The image used in both ads is pretty amusing to me. The man looks excited by his power while the wife just looks wistful. Like she is imagining what life could have been like if she had dated that musician she knew rather than settling and dating the man who buys hypnosis books from comic book ads.

“Want the thrill of imposing your will over someone,” could once again be straight from erotica. Of course this context casts the course giving “full personal satisfaction” and coming with “24 revealing photographs” in a totally different light.

The Svengali-esq glowing eyes has always been a major hypnosis trope in comic books. However in this case it seems like the man is holding up a paper yellow triangle. That or he is doing his unicorn impression.

One of the subheadings says that “Expert Hypnotists Enjoy Big Success.” Which sounds great until you think about it. Of course an expert in the field is going to be good at it, that is how you become an expert. It also does not say that aforementioned expert hypnotists used this book.

First things first. The man at the top looks like he is about to grab the girl’s nose. Also this lady appears to be cosplaying as Catwoman. The lady at the bottom seems to be doing the thriller dance while the man at the back seems to be doing a gesture that would get him sent to prison in Germany.

These glasses are apparently ingenious devices, but I frankly can’t see it (See what I did there?). I like how they advertise they fit in your pocket like normal glasses in case you randomly think they are 50ft tall or something.

And I hate to let you all know that these glasses render every book or aid about hypnotism obsolete. So sorry if you brought anything new recently, turns out it is utterly useless and you should have spent your $2 more wisely. Let this be a lesson to you in the future.

The math on the book is interesting. As according to the advert:

Trade Price: $10

One Secret From The Book: $5

Secrets In Book: Priceless

Their Price: $1.98

So either they are telling fibs or they are really stupid and dramatically cutting their own profit. Maybe that is why these glasses are not more common despite rendering everything else obsolete! The company that made them ruined themselves by dropping their book prices too low. If it was not for that error all of the erotic hypnosis conventions would look like meetings of the Elvis Costello fan club.

The mechanical hypnotist sounds like quite the invention and apparently if you aim it at yourself you can do some self-hypnosis. Interestingly, despite advertising a mechanical hypnotist this advert settles for just a picture of eyes staring at you.

This picture is awesome. Dracula is all up in this girls face going “Bluh Look into my eyes” and the girl is having none of it. Personally I imagine her replying “Oh knock it off Vald, some of us have to work in the day you know.”

Also that font for the word Hypnotism. I love it. Seriously, if anyone can find it I am so typing every post on this blog in it. It is that beautiful.

One thing stands out and that is the fact that this book has a listed author! I went to Amazon to see if I can find any other books by this man or even an updated copy of this one but it turns out L.E. Young only existed within this advert, his words never getting further than the back of comic books.

Deals so good even our mascot is shocked. Or moderate dull surprise. Or asleep, it is hard to tell. It also looks like the picture is fraying a little.

But hey, this is at least practical hypnotism as opposed to theoretical hypnotism which only works if you attempt it in the Large Hadron collider.

In the latter paragraphs the spacing gets really weird and it bugs me no end. I think its is just the small ad and font don’t work well with bold text, but either way, it looks odd. Obviously by the end they had run out of space as the text shrinks down to basically nothing.

I love how the book has photos to show “operating positions”. It makes it sound like using a forklift or other heavy machinery. “Before attempting hypnosis make sure your hypnotist has their handbrake on and their gear is in neutral. Remember when attempting hypnosis wear a hard hat and high visibility vest at all times.”

Okay. So this isn’t a comic book ad, but was printed in a magazine. You see it around an awful lot and due to this we actual have a date for it, so we know it was published in 1961.

Best thing? You can buy this book on Amazon. It was actually a thing that got proper publication and everything!

As you can see the price has changed a bit since then. Interestingly at time of typing Amazon says it has a new copy in stock.

A frigid woman can now respond to her husbands touch! I presume she would have responded to it before, just with “Not now dear I am trying to do the dishes”.

Also I love the term “Full sexual power”, I can’t help but imagine that being shouted during an episode of Star Trek, “The deflector dish is at full sexual power captain!”

What we see here is the very common sight of a posh man trying to hug a lady from behind while she is trying to enjoy a bit of theater, only to be beaten back by her pet lightning bolts.

I also presume this is linked to the L.E. Young book, considering that the people seem to be the same and that font looks pretty similar. Alas, it is not as beautiful as its predecessor. Sorry font, my heart is fickle.

While being able to influence others thoughts and control their desires is a useful skill, I doubt it will make you the master of every situation. For instance I don’t think those skills help much when you are fleeing from a large boulder or situations where you can’t get a stubborn lid off a jar.

But you can make people sway at will, which is a very useful skill should you live in a hot climate and hang around heavily populated places without air conditioning.

An interesting one this. Herbert L. Flint was a very popular stage hypnotist and I even covered one of his promotional pictures in my post on old hypnosis posters.

Seemingly this book was a way of cashing in on his fame. Convincing others to take up the hobby. While this one does mention the “secrets” of hypnosis several times, the text is a lot more grounded than previous adverts.

Due to his fame and busy schedule Flint was unable to join his subject on the cover of the book and thus had to be drawn in over a picture of her sleeping, that or Mr Flint lived in a small bubble.

So is the photograph the new discovery? That the way to hypnotize in 30 seconds is to draw a circle and point at it disapprovingly?

I also like how the author is “a widely experienced hypnotist and consultant” but doesn’t give their name to the project. You would think that someone who made such a revolutionary thing would love to stick their name on the cover.

At least the book shows us step by step and move by move, I would hate to get my movements out of step. I really do hope it came with those feet cutouts you used to get with how to dance books so you can see where to stand.

The man is this picture is obviously a mobster from the 1930s. Maybe this is what happened when prohibition ended, a load of out of work Mobsters with no booze to run all became hypnotists.

Unlike the other disks and coins advertised this one apparently doesn’t need any form of instruction book, just spin it in front of someone and they go under.

I love how they specify this marvel of technology works on both men and women, its one of those details that really sells the product to me. What makes me laugh is the fact they list discounted prices if you buy multiple disks! I get you might want a spare but who would have a use for 4 of the same hypno-disk?

This machine carries a hypnotic prestige and how can anything with a name like Hypno-Whirlascope have anything but prestige?

I love how this is the device of serious students. Not those layabout hypnosis students who sit around drinking and watching daytime TV. If a student walks in with this, then you are know they are 100% dedicated to their classes.

Also you have to be delighted by it or return it within 10 days. If it is merely pleasing or enjoyable you need to send it right back to the company.

Now, I know what you are thinking. “I want to buy one of these but how will I get it from place to place?” Well don’t you worry, they have you covered as the machine comes with a carrying handle.

This advert comes from 1912 and gives a good way to deal with subjects who refuse to make eye contact. Put them in a neck brace! It also looks like the lady has just seen that the man has dirt under his fingernails and is utterly disgusted with him.

This advert does suggest a lot of wonderful things, curing bad habits, curing disease, putting on great shows and getting the love you desire. A few of it’s other promises are slightly interesting. “Put people to sleep at any hour of the day or night,” seemingly suggests that other forms of hypnosis only work during business hours.

And for those of you who are worried by all of this, don’t be! This book is endorsed by ministers of the gospel, lawyers, doctors, business men and society women! Unfortunately dentists, advertising managers and performance artists were unavailable for comment. 

For those curious the New York Institute of Science was dedicated to the study of the occult and had a specialty in magnetic healing. It started in 1899 but folded the year this advert was published, making it sound like this free gift was a last ditch attempt to get people interested.

A lot of hypnosis adverts were aimed at males and promised them the ability to control girls. However, here is a rare example aimed totally at women. See, these mystical powers make you into any guys dream girl so they go utterly crazy over you!

I love some of the lines from this. The fact that men “seem to lose control (in an erotic sort of way)” just makes me giggle. It is a line to reassure you that your new found power wont make every many in the vicinity go utterly insane.

And of course we get a test of this, so they give it to a lady to test on her boss. Interestingly it says he “worships” her with the worship in inverted commas, I presume they mean “worships” as in “has sex with” but the image of him making a giant shrine to her and minting her currency with her image on it is amusing to imagine.

They guarantee it works, but you have to try it three times first. So maybe the first few times try it on a man you are only sort of in love with. But this is the thing for you if you have desired “warm handsome men “touching” you”. Once again I presume “touching” is a 70s euphemism for “fingering you until you can’t see straight”, but it interesting they specify warm along with handsome. I presume they mean warm in the emotional sense or maybe it is just informing necrophiliacs that this skill set is not for them.

The last paragraph is beautiful. See, the system is so powerful they can’t talk about it all here, if you want to know the rest you better take up their free trial! I am honestly surprised that didn’t get used in more of these ads.

This isn’t hypnosis. But it’s mind control and I needed to share this advert.

I presume this service wasn’t offered in Europe as they have always preferred manual stuff. All that picture needs is a big red arrow with “You are here” on it.

The text is a thing of beauty. “New power is about to jump into your life,” I have no idea how it is going to jump in, but I am hoping it isn’t through my bedroom window.

I give the guy credit, the first example given is getting more money out of the bank, which is always a good sales pitch.

We are then introduced to Evelyn C. who makes their boss apologize and worship her in the middle of the office all because he insulted her. The whole part reads like the origin story of a super villain and I think Evelyn is well on the path to becoming a tyrant.

“People who think they can hold back facts will meet their Master in you!” Why is their BDSM partner within me? Did I eat them and not notice them? How are they going to meet them? Do I need to eat them too or will the Master burst forth like something from Alien?

Apparently the best bit of all of this is that we are going to have to bolt the door to prevent people showering us with gifts. That doesn’t sound good, that sounds horrifying. And then we are told stories of people who just get given money! This is set up like a good thing, but it does make me think about the people who were compelled to give the money, doesn’t that mean that their life is now worse? If two people both use this, what would happen? Would it go down to a clash of wills or would the universe just rip?

Now we get to the three minute part of the advert and and find everything here is a house of lies. Minute 1 is writing the form, which is fair enough. But minute 2 is getting a package from them. Packages do not take a minute to arrive, they several working days. Minute 3 is just open it and get the power automatically, which basically means they are selling one of the books from Fallout, no need to read it, just stare at it for a bit.

To round off this we are given the story of Larry S. who wanted to see his girlfriend, but couldn’t write her a letter or phone her. So Larry, like any sane person, decides plan three is to use magic mind powers to summon her to him. Honestly Larry, would it not be quicker to get in the car and drive to her? But nope, magic mind powers and she dropped everything and rushed to him, we just need to hope the lady in question isn’t a surgeon, firefighter or police officer.

After reading this I had to go and check out the author. And yes Scott Reed is a proper author and had other actual books. Including this one:

Psycho-Command sounds a lot like the power M. Bison uses in the Street Fighter series, and I am totally down for a book that teaches me to fly across the screen in a mass of energy knocking down all who stand before me. However, the reviews say it is closer to The Secret. Color me disappointed.

from-severalrooms-away  asked:

We're not happy. We fell in love and everything was amazing, but now that initial magic is fading, and we're just "in love." Everyone's always told me that was harder, and I don't know how to do it. We both want forever and we want to be happy, but we fight over everything. All small, unimportant things. He's developed chronic pain over this past year and that makes everything worse. We're tired of running and we're lost, but we don't want to give up. Is there hope for us? What can we do?

i have some friends that went through something similar (their boyfriends suffered from depression/anxiety/mental shit). unfortunately, their relationships didn’t have a happy ending… so i won’t be sharing their stories with you (since you guys really want to make it work). instead, i’ll share some techniques/strategies that i believe will help you. are you ready for them? yes. ok, onward… t1# anytime you guys fight/argue, i want one (or both) of you to say “chocolate bananas! frozen chicken butts!” the first thing that will happen is the both of you will start laughing. this is important b/c it will interrupt the pattern immediately & stop the record from playing. you see, most couples that fight a lot eventually make it a habit; they actually get addicted to the adrenaline rush they get from fighting/arguing. i’ve seen this a million times - especially at bars. so you need to defuse the situation before it blows up. and the best way to do that is to have some random funny words stashed in your batman utility belt. remember, it must be funny - that way you both get a dopamine release when you stop & that reinforces that behavior (makes change easier). the next thing you want to do is ask each other this question: “why are we fighting/arguing?” you cannot respond with “i don’t know.” you must figure out what sparked it & address it immediately. ask each other this “what can we do to prevent/resolve this?” i would always have a pen handy to take notes. again, the dopamine release is very important b/c who wants to fix something when they’re angry? you got it? good! t2# fuck forever! do you remember when your english teacher would give you 3 weeks to write a paper? and do you remember how you waited until the last minute to actually write the paper? well the same thing happens with couples who adopt the “forever” mindset. there’s no sense of urgency to change and they kinda get lazy after a while and shit gets stale, fast. there’s no life, no fire, no passion. fuck you forever! instead, i want you to replace it with this: “today is our last day together.” i will tell you this… if your partner knew it was gonna be your last day together then he would do everything in his power to make it the most beautiful day ever. so when you wake up, you guys look at each other in bed & say “babe, today’s our last day. let’s go conquer the world together. you and i.” i guarantee you that no couple would fight on their last day together. and if they did… that shit was never meant to be. period. so take it one day at a time. make each day the best day ever. i promise you that after stringing together a bunch of awesome/amazing/supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (lol) days… then that shit gets easier and it becomes a habit and every day becomes an adventure for the both of you. i believe with every cell in my body that every relationship (and i mean every) should be fun. it doesn’t matter how old you are. i have a good friend in her 60’s who treats everyday like it’s her last & she’s having a blast. we saw a cover band (boomers) the other day & i got her drunk off cock sucker shots (baileys/butterscotch schnapps) & we danced our asses off to 70’s/80’s music. that’s how life should be. are you still with me? great - next! t3# you both need to get healthy. seriously. get fucking healthy. i believe diet is the most important thing for mental health (second being magic mushr00ms - but we can’t go there, not yet). he has chronic pain, that tells me one thing - that whatever he’s putting in his body or is being exposed to is causing inflammation in his body. now before i continue… you need to understand i’m not a doctor so my advice shouldn’t substituted for medical advice? if you agree, then continue reading… the first thing he needs to do is order a food allergy test kit or he can go to his doctor & have them draw his blood & send it in to get tested. i used to be a raw vegan many years ago. i did it for 3+ years to detox all the junk i used to eat as a kid. when i first started i used to eat a ton of raw almonds. but i’d get brain fog & headaches after eating them. i thought something was wrong with me so i went to my doctor & he ran some blood tests on me. we found out that i was highly allergic to milk, almonds, cheese, wheat & other tree nuts. that blood test saved my life. b/c after i stopped the almonds… my mind/body/soul were happy. i would research the lectin avoidance diet. that could definitely help him b/c lectins are plant toxins (highly concentrated in wheat/soy/brown rice/beans) that cause leaky gut. and a leaky gut is the #1 reason why many suffer from depression, anxiety, anger and chronic pain/fatigue. again, get the blood tests and start cutting out foods rich in lectins and definitely cut out sugar. you both should walk for 20 minutes in the morning. gets some fresh air & enjoy each others company without distractions. i believe long walks will help to strengthen your bond. get healthy. get healthy. get healthy. and if after all this……… you guys are still butting heads. then i’d seek counseling or just cut your losses and move on. you’re probably young. if that’s the case then your primary focus should be on your career and having fun. you’re not gonna be young forever so you should enjoy those years of your life. also, there’s gonna be a lot of competition in the future (and less jobs). you wanna make sure you have the skill sets to land & keep a job. there’s nothing worse then being in a miserable relationship and being broke at the same time. hope that helps. ~rob p.s. look into mold & smart meters. those things could be fucking him up big time. if that’s the case, then he should move.

Tell Her The Truth

(A meta will follow, but I needed this. For therapeutic reasons.)

She gave him a week. A week to fess up, to prove he was better than the man he used to be. Didn’t he know better, that she could tell when he was lying? It really was like a sickness with him.

When he didn’t say anything, when he kept pretending everything was okay, that was when she decided the grace period was over. She was going to get the truth out of him one way or the other.

One thing was for sure. Whatever his reason for lying, she trusted that he had no malicious intent behind it. At his core, Oliver was a good man.

Felicity poured two glasses of wine and beckoned him over to the couch. He joined her with a smile and a tired sigh.

“What’s this for?” he asked, accepting his glass.

“Just wanted to share a glass of wine with the man that I love.”

He beamed at her words, and pulled her in for a kiss.

After clinking glasses and taking a sip, Felicity placed her glass on the table. She straddled his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck. “I also wanted to let you know how proud I am of you, of how far you’ve come. I know how difficult it’s been to open up about your past, and I wanted to thank you for trusting me with your secrets. It means a lot to me that you trust me like that.”

His smile fell just the tiniest bit, and his eyes fell to her cheeks for the briefest moment.

Felicity frowned in concern. “You okay?”

Oliver plastered on a fake smile and said, “Yeah. Everything’s perfect.”

Felicity sighed. “Oh, Oliver. You know that I have all your smiles memorized, right?”

He dropped the smile and flicked his gaze off her face.

“What are you afraid of, Oliver? You don’t have to tell me the secret that’s weighing on your heart, just why you’re keeping it.”

His expression started to flatten, and she could feel him psychically withdrawing. She interrupted his pattern by taking hold of his face and kissing him back to life.

To her immense relief, he responded to the kiss. She pulled away and caressed his cheeks.

It was time to try a different tactic.

“Is it because someone’s in danger and you want to keep them safe?” She studied his expression for any tells. When she saw none, she asked another question. “Is it because you think I’ll be mad?”

There. His brow furrowed just a bit. She asked a follow up. “You think you’re going to lose me?”

He let out a sigh and closed his eyes.

“Oh, Oliver.” She placed a kiss on each eyelid. “I don’t care what it is, you’re never gonna lose me. You forget, I know you, Oliver Queen. I know what kind of man you are, the demons that haunt you, the baggage you carry. You’re not getting rid of me that easy.”

“Don’t say that,” he croaked. “You don’t even know…”

“What if I promise not to react? Just to listen?”

He kept his eyes shut, unable to look at her. This broke her heart, so she continued to reassure him. “I pinky promise that I’ll just listen. No matter what.”

Oliver finally opened his eyes. They were filled with anxiety, and she could feel his heart racing under her palm. He took a deep breath and opened his mouth.

“I have a son.”

Felicity locked her expression, making good on her promise not to react. She nodded at him to continue.

After a pause, where he seemed to be gauging her reaction, the story slowly tumbled out of his mouth. Of his long ago fling with a girl and getting her pregnant, of her telling him she lost the baby; of seeing her in Central City with a nine year old boy and finding her to confirm his suspicion; of Barry confirming the truth, and his confrontation with Samantha; and finally, of his son William, who was obsessed with the Flash.

Felicity fulfilled her promise to simply listen and not react. She ignored her violent emotions and focused completely on Oliver. It was nice to see his face light up when talking about his son. She could suddenly see what a great father he would be, and that thought brought even more complicated emotions to the surface.

When he was finally done, he watched her nervously. “Are you okay?”

She leaned forward and pressed her lips to his. “Thank you,” she whispered. “Thank you for telling me.”

“But are you okay?” he pressed.

She gave him a tremulous smile. “It’s a lot to take in.”

Oliver frowned.

“But,” she continued immediately, “I’m not going anywhere, and it’ll be my turn to talk tomorrow. Tonight was just about you overcoming your fear of telling the truth.”

He pulled her against him, burying his face in her chest. “I can’t lose you,” he whispered.

“You won’t,” she promised, stroking his head.

Ordinarily we are swept away by habitual momentum. We don’t interrupt our patterns even slightly. With practice, however, we learn to stay with a broken heart, with a nameless fear, with the desire for revenge. Sticking with uncertainty is how we learn to relax in the midst of chaos, how we learn to be cool when the ground beneath us suddenly disappears.
—   Pema Chödrön

From a drama-inducing email leak to a pattern of audible interruptions from protesters throughout, the unification of the Democratic Party remained a bit of a question mark as the convention drew to a close on Thursday evening. Despite a lineup of speakers intended to calm the anxieties of the delegates and a plea from Sen. Bernie Sanders for his supporters to go all-in with the party’s nominee, Hillary Clinton, the tumult of the Democratic National Convention mirrored that of the Republican National Convention the week prior.

Even so, there was triumph amidst the upheaval and the convention marked an important moment: the nomination of the first female presidential candidate for a major party in the history of the United States.

Throughout this past week in Philadelphia, photographer Gabriella Demczuk continued her exploration of the fractures in America’s political system, examining the Democratic Party’s attempt to make itself “stronger together.”

Dissent, Drama And Unity At The Democratic Convention

Photos: Gabriella Demczuk for NPR

Managing the emotions of trading

External image
Trading is hard, but it’s even harder because our emotions so often work against us. In this episode, I look at some ideas for managing emotions and putting them to work for you, instead of against you. Here are the show notes:

Every decision we make is a combination of emotion and rational analysis. We cannot eliminate emotion, so don’t try! The goal is not to eliminate emotions, but to manage emotions.

Common emotional mistakes traders make. Maybe you’ve made some of these?

  • Forcing a trade
  • Can’t pull the trigger (to get in or out)
  • Staying in loser too long
  • Reentering after getting stopped out
  • Revenge trading
  • Bigger size, trying to make it back
  • Getting out too early

Emotions interfere with intuition because they use the same “channels” (physical sensations) in the body.

Be careful of emotionally charged learning experiences! The worst thing that can happen is you make a mistake, get lucky, and make a lot of money. When this happens, you should be very scared because you just had a bad learning experience.

How to manage emotions manage

  • Understand your emotions
    • Even “bad” emotions have a good purpose
    • What is the emotion’s constructive reason for existing?
  • Release emotions
    • The Sedona Method has been useful for some people to release negative or trouble emotions. (Check out the book here.)
      • Invite yourself to experience emotion fully
      • Could you let go of this emotion?
      • Would you let go of it?
      • When?
  • Work to avoid emotional mistakes
    • Pattern interrupts
  • Use your emotions to work for you
    • There is probably a followup podcast lurking here!
      External image

If you enjoy the podcast, please leave me a review on iTunes here.

Also, if you like the music for this podcast, then be sure to check out Brian Ashley Jones, my friend, and a fantastic singer-songwriter.

Enjoy the show:

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MarketLife Ep 11 – Managing the emotions of trading was originally published on Adam H Grimes

Lost in the Crowd – Part 17

When you begin to see color, it means you have found your soul mate… unless you become lost in the crowd.

 Word Count: 3.7K

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The sun woke Dan early the next morning.  His throbbing head did not dampen his excitement about waking up.  When Phil unexpectedly put a stop to their rendezvous last night, Dan was initially taken aback, but he quickly realized that Phil must have thought that his actions were solely a result of the alcohol in his system and meant nothing.  It was so much more than that for Dan, and he needed to make sure Phil understood that.  Dan knew the best way to do that was to talk to Phil in the light of day when they were both fully sober.  Regretfully, Dan let Phil pull away, knowing in the morning everything would be set right.

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anonymous asked:

What's a good crystal to wear to help get rid of bad dreams

Emotionally, malachite stimulates inner imagery, making dreams, imagination and memories more alive and real. It is used in amulets to protect against the evil eye. To help get rid of nightmares, keep a piece of Malachite in your bedroom.

Alleviates recurring nightmares (particularly for children). Chrysoprase helps to make conscious what was unconscious. It strengthens the workings of insight and the higher consciousness.

Lepidolite for Nightmares and Insomnia: Crown Chakra (7th Chakra). Lepidolite is a calming crystal. It contains the natural substance lithium which has been used by modern science to calm agitated individuals. You can access the calming effects of lithium without resorting to prescription drugs simply by keeping lepidolite in your home or on your body. Lepidolite is useful for people with bad dreams, interrupted sleep patterns,anxiety or insomnia. Often times these three factors will keep a person from having good dream recall. If you frequently experience any of these three factors, consider Lepidolite for your dreamwork.

(hope this helps! <3)