muffin--machine asked:

could i ask where you got the textures for Gamzee's diamond pants and Humanstuck Rufioh's patterned jacket thing bcus YOWZA

here’s the pattern i used for rufioh and asian tav’s hoodies

and here’s the circus diamond pattern for gam

i can’t remember where i found the first pattern but here’s the website for the 2nd pattern


Can people help me search for these kind of patterns? I really need them (especially the ones like the yin yang one and the flowers at the bottom), it helps me improve my knotting a lot! I am thinking about patterns myself, who I can make into an actuall pattern later on. But, that’s for another time! Can you guys help me with this?


So based on this post I created an NVCR stained glass memorial wall for all the dead interns, depicting (more or less) how they died.

(Many patterns and images taken from google such as the lighthouse and the forest. If you see your pattern pls tell me so I can correctly credit you.)

I take requests!