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Went ahead and blacked out my mom’s face (cause I don’t think she would appreciate having her face travelling the internet) but here is all the yarn that came out of the box my friend dropped off. My closet is full. There’s no way I can get any new yarn until I use all this up. And those books? Patterns. From like, the 70′s. I think the yarn is from the 70′s too. It smells like it.

The only plans I have is to make a Torchic purse with the orange yarn. I would love some ideas to use all this up if anyone has any ;w;

McCall’s Cosplay Pattern line

“Tell me whatcha’ want, whatcha’ really really want!  I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want!”  …Cosplay Patterns!

The marketing department over at McCall is getting savy. They are now marketing a  line of patterns  specifically for cosplayers, 

We are getting school girl patterns, more character specific patterns for popular shows/movies,  and awesome body suite patterns courtesy of Yaya Han’s own line. They are mixing in some of their old historical pattern too.

Maybe this will help beginner bypass some of the pattern cobbling mess that many of us had to suffer through. 

McCall’s cosplay pattern LINK


work in Progress Video of one watercolor Girl 


Someone asked a while back for color variations of my axolotl pattern–ask and ye shall receive! The plain pink axies are the original, the GFP and variegated ones are the new versions!

ALSO new: They’re all now available as both sticker sheets and mugs, in addition to all the other products!

On a shirt

Pink blanket | Multicolored blanket | GFP blanket
Pink stickers | Multicolored stickers | GFP stickers
Pink mug | Multicolored mug | GFP mug

Find all the other products (pillows, totes, etc!) here!



13 Tips Every Plus Size Girl Needs To Know Before Rocking Bold Patterns

Loud patterns aren’t just for those livin’ life at a size 12 or smaller. The rest of us deserve a little (or a lot) of bodacious bold patterns in our lives — and our wardrobes. That’s why we are encouraging you to let your style be as loud as your personality!

Need some style inspiration to help you get started? We’ve got your covered with these 13 tips for rocking loud patterns while plus size.