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So this con season I made myself Pidge and a Shiro paladin costumes to wear, with pretty good results. The worst part of it though was the amount of time I spent drafting patterns, so I figured this might be a good resource for anyone else looking to make armor in the future.

This is all based on my measurements (a 5′1″ average-ish build with… bigger thighs), so you’ll likely need to make adjustments to have this fit yourself, but hopefully this makes building your own cosplay a little easier. Materials, patterns and everything under the cut. Hope it helps!

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Keith’s connection to the Lions?

Alright guys, I’ve been thinking about this since I watched Voltron S2 and then rewatched the first episode of S1.

During the two seasons we have right now, we have seen Keith connect to three different lions: the Blue Lion, the Red Lion, and the Black Lion. Now I’m not saying he has a deep connection to all of them, his connection is mainly with Red, but still, what has occurred is very unique. The only person/alien we see able to connect to more than one lion is Allura, due to her father entrusting her with this power before her 10,000 year sleep.

Blue was sending some sort of ‘feeling’ to Keith during part of his year in isolation out in the desert, until Lance came out to the area in which Keith discovered the markings of the Blue Lion. 

Keith later then bonds with Red Lion, becoming her paladin, even though it took some time and Keith proving himself to her (I’m going with Red being a female lion here). They later developed a deeper bond in S2, in which Red can sense her paladin’s distress.

But then in episode one of S2, we see Keith pilot and bond again with another Lion, Black, when Shiro is in trouble and they work together to save Shiro. This leads to Shiro giving the line we all love to hate, “If I don’t make out of here, I want you to lead Voltron.”

The reason I bring this up is because I believe the writers did this for a reason. Really the only person who should be able to connect with all of the Lions is Allura, but Keith has been able to sense two lions and is able to pilot two lions as well. I don’t know exactly where this might lead but there is a saying:

Once Is Chance, Twice is Coincidence, Third Time Is A Pattern

I believe that this is a long foreshadowing of something that Keith and the whole team will have to deal with in the future. Maybe we are thinking about something happening to Shiro too much, and should look more at Keith and where his story is going, with his heritage and other aspects of his past. I don’t think anything big will happen in S3 (unless its at the end and we get another cliffhanger)with this “scenario”  but I think it might be something to watch as we learn more about Keith’s past in the future season.

Or maybe I just overthink stuff to much with this show  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

AllyCharms' Winter Soldier Arm Cosplay Tutorial!

So you want to be the Winter Soldier at the next con. You have everything planned out from the jacket to the boots, but one thing on your list terrifies you: the metal arm. You want to make something perfect, but scared that you’ll mess it up somehow. You are on a budget and you don’t want to do just tin foil or duct tape. What can you do?!

Well fear not! This tutorial is here to help you. This Winter Soldier arm can be made on a (somewhat?) budget and will get you compliments. My arm took me a week and a half to two weeks total to physically make and much longer to plan how to do it. I suggest taking as long as I did, maybe even more. Patience is key here!

So how is this arm made and how can you do it? Click on the read more and find out everything (this is a long and detailed tutorial so bear with me)

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Just a little reminder for y’all that I also do like, physical canvas paintings!

Very helpful for those of you who need a holiday gift for someone in your life!

Prices do vary, I will (probably) ship internationally, but shipping will be included in the total price! I can provide examples of that if you want it, just message me!!

I do people, landscapes, and general fun patterny designs!

<3 Wil