updated list of things sherlock has literally said

  • who he
  • laterz
  • oopsie
  • the frankly alarming shade of pink
  • breathe it in, feel every quiver of its beating heart
  • thank u
  • i hope you didn’t mess up my sock index this time
  • more likely because of the hideous pattern
  • round and round the garden like a teddy bear
  • I KNOW ASH! Don’t–tell me–I don’t!
  • well that was tedious
  • where is her case, did she eat it
  • …some sort of death frisbee?
  • oh, that’s clever! is it clever? why is it clever?
  • …a meat dagger
  • you’re going in the water, short arse

mmm okay but @eponymous-rose (I think it was Rose) was talking about the sense of a wider (and darker) word than the one VM is directly occupied with, like there’s shit going down right off screen, and this makes the third place with bone shards and other rocks and necrotic magics and y’know once is an incident and twice is a coincidence but three times is a pattern

I’m not saying vecna arc but I’m not not saying vecna arc either, ya feel

30 Day Drawing Challenge, Day 29: Fruit Dragon Pattern

I’ve always wanted to draw all the Fruit Dragons in a single image, so here it is! ADORABLE

If you would like to use this pattern on your blog, please credit me c:

Other patterns | Crediting me


Personal project cont’d 3.

“This was a little personal project of mine.

I made these Adventure Timey cartoons of my friends for the first of Spring, which in Romania is kinda celebrated with things that have these thin red and white strings on/around them. And flowers, let’s not forget flowers.

Anyway, I wanted them to be personalized, and my friends are scattered around the globe atm, and also I’m poor af and can’t afford to buy and ship them nice things, so.. Yeah. This is the result. Hope you likey.”


I know. I know. I wasn’t supposed to buy anymore clothes. BUT!!

It was buy one, get one free, and almost everything in the store was 50-75% off ON TOP OF THAT.

So I got 2 dresses for $50. The red one was originally $180, and the grey patterny one was originally $80.

The bottom two are the ones I bought. I should have grabbed the top two as well because that would have been $25 for both, but I didn’t realize that until I was at home. The duster was fabulous but just a little too small and also was still full price (nearly $200!!). And the teal/blue dress had a total Peggy Carter vibe to it, but it turned out it had been put away on the wrong rack and wasn’t 75% off after all, so was still $145. Out of my budget, when I plan on not fitting these items by the end of this year.

I also test-drove new treadmills today. FML.