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‘I thought you wanted to watch that flamingo movie’, Jayce said, taking her small cool hands in his.

‘I wanted but then I got you and my priorities changed’, she whispered, hugging him from behind more tightly. He laughed.

‘And it has nothing to do with your sister being all alone with Max?’ he asked raising his eyebrows at her.

‘When my man playing a matchmaker I feel obliged to help him’, she smiled.

‘I’m not-’ he stopped without finishing his thought. ‘Let’s proceed to kissing right away, hmm?’

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I have a pattern with characteristics when it comes to my fics. For example, I always stress how long Rhys’s legs are, give Timothy freckles. The sirens always have that unique laughter that’s like bells chiming in the breeze, the sunsets and sunrises on Pandora are always at least two hours long. Fiona is a talented rookie vault hunter as well as a giant nerd, Angel is always your anchor to hold you calm and grounded. Maya is the team mom and Lilith hides her emotions behind the mask of an asshole. Claptrap is more than just a chatterbot and Jack is always a whiny little bottom.