“We were on the same flight and our suitcases look practically identical and you accidentally took mine from the baggage claim so now we’re stuck wearing each other’s clothes until we can meet up and exchange bags again (and please make it fast because this color looks horrible on me)” AU

- (@ukulelekatie)

waverlyeorp  asked:

“i had a one night stand the night before i started a college class and WHOOPS I ACCIDENTALLY BANGED THE PROFESSOR” au + bellarke?? If you can't do the then that's totally ok!! Thanks!

A|N: Prompt is slightly tweaked, hope you don’t mind!


Her decision to skip out in the middle of the night (which, at the time, seemed like a worldly, mature choice) sounds considerably stupid in the cold light of day.

“You mean to tell me,” Raven gapes, flicking at the hickey by her shoulder, “that you left without even getting his number?”

Scowling, Clarke slumps back into her seat miserably, tugging at the scarf she wound around her neck hastily this morning. “Honestly, the whole concept of a one night stand seemed like a good idea at first.”

That gets a snort out of Raven, who has resumed attacking her eggs with fervor. “It’s not really considered a one night stand when you’ve been crushing on the guy for weeks.”

One week.” She mutters, just to be difficult.

(Fine, to be honest, it was more like three weeks, but still. She could never work up the courage to talk to him before anyway, opting to check him out by the bar every other week and moping rather than doing something about it. In the end, it was the shots that Monty had plied her with that pushed her over the edge.

And yet, she somehow managed to screw that up too. Ugh.)

“Tell me tall, dark and handsome lived up to the hype, at least.” Raven demands, planting a hand on her hip.

Clarke flushes, tries valiantly to eviscerate last night’s memories of his low voice in her ear, the flash of teeth against her neck. “It’s Bellamy, actually. That’s his name.”

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“I thought we made a pretty good team.”

“Where are you even getting all this junk?”

“Can you turn down the music? I can’t see.”

“Give me some time and I’ll fix it. I’ll fix all of it.”

“You give your heart away everyday to different people, so what makes me different?”

“I want to hold their hand and it makes me sick. I hate them so much.”

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Can there be a phan smut where Dan is paying more attention to the dating simulator "Asagao Academy" than Phil. Then, Phil's jealousy goes through the roof when Dan seems intrigued my one of the side characters: the school nurse, Mr. McPasta, and Phil drags Dan to the bedroom for rough sex to remind him who his daddy is?

Fun Roller Derby Romance AU Prompt // Darcy Lewis/? 

 “ After being dumped by her live-in boyfriend, who she had supported through college, Darcy is tricked into trying out for the local roller derby team by her BFF Jane–the SHIELD Slammers. At the tryouts hilarity ensues when she leaves her mark on some of the hunky men in the inline hockey team practicing on the next rink over. But she makes it, impresses Peggy and Natasha, the tough leaders of the team. The rivalry between the hockey team and the roller derby team is legendary and fraternizing is out of the question, but why is it so hard? (hint : she’s not the only one, the others are just better at keeping secrets)“

Basically, you can do whatever you want with that prompt! All the ships yeah!)
I'm Well Acquainted With Villains That Live In My Head


Prompt:  Dan has schizophrenia and has been clean for months, but when Phil leaves to go to his parents, Dan relapses. basically Dan’s imagining voices that are saying Phil doesn’t love him and that Phil isn’t coming back. fluffy ending please, thanks

Extra tags: schizophrenia 


Anon requested: Sentence prompt #69 (“You’re ticklish.”) with Peter Maximoff

I’m on mobile without access to a computer so sorry if the formatting is weird! Also I can’t put in a read more so you’re just going to have to deal with it lol



Peter wasn’t always the easiest person to cheer up, especially after he had to have his leg in a cast. It wasn’t often that he was sad or frustrated or anything other than his usual self, but when it did happen it was pretty bad. He would usually try to seperate himself from the rest of the group despite your efforts to include him.

You didn’t realize that today was one of those days until you reached the common room and didn’t see Peter. Asking the others left you with no further information which meant that he was most likely holed up in his room at the mansion, attempting to distract himself whilst avoiding everyone else. You jogged up the stairs and down the hall to see that your assumptions were correct.

You joined Peter on his bed, lying next to him and wrapping your arm around his waist. As you spoke softly about how his day was going, why he was upset, etcetera, you began to trace small circles on the bare skin that was exposed between his t-shirt and the waistband of his pants. He flinched as you did this which caused you to look up at him with concern.

“Did I hurt you?” You questioned while sitting up and going to further inspect the area. Peter shook his head and moved to cover it.

“No, I just…” Peter shrugged as his sentence trailed off. A devilish grin spread across your face as you realized what the real reason was. Peter looked concerned.

“You’re ticklish.” You declared. With this, you begun ticking everywhere you could think, being careful not to mess up his leg. He attempted to retaliate, but he couldn’t do much from his position and his restricted movement due to the cast.

The one-sided tickle fight did not last long; both of you were worn out after a few minutes. You flopped back down onto the bed, your face close to the silver-haired boy’s. He closed the distance between you with a soft kiss, leaving both of you smiling when you pulled away. Evidently, you had finally found an effective method to cheer him up - if not both of you.


Hope you enjoyed it! Sorry if you didn’t. I’m not sure if I wrote Peter very well since I’ve never written him before, so feel free to send me your thoughts. (Seriously, drag me. I need it.) Apparently I heavily rely on commas. Thanks for reading ♡

High School AU prompts based on my high school experiences

inspired by @paintdripps‘s post

  • “I brought some roadkill to school for science class but the science teacher was super freaked out and I don’t know what to do with this now please help?”
  • “You bought the last Honey Bun in the vending machine and now we have to fight to the death for it, square up scrub”
  • “Yes you are right this cup is full of black coffee, you are also right in inferring that I took it from the algebra teacher, yes I can help you steal some as well”
  • “I have a class right after you and I saw that you forgot your bag, I was gonna ask if you want me to bring it to you but the only thing in it is a tupperware bowl full of birthday cake and a single page of geometry homework. Anyway can I have some of the cake?” 
  • “You just pulled a cup of ramen out of your bag and asked the teacher if you could borrow her microwave to cook it, do you have any more in there?”
  • “You came over to my house to study for midterms but we ended up eating macaroni and trying to play the flute”
  • “I was standing on my desk and you just picked me up and put me on the floor, do I weigh anything to you??”
  • “I’m terrible at math and you’re terrible at English and we sit next to each other in both of those classes, I’ll help you cheat if you help me?”
  • “Everyone think’s you’re a great kid but it turns out you’re also the school’s main drug dealer, nice”
  • “You texted me at 3 am to look at the AP English vocabulary list because you replaced it with nothing but a low-res picture of Nic Cage”
  • “You have turned in every single essay in this class in 14 point Comic Sans, how are you getting better grades than me????”

klaproos  asked:

Okay, here's something you allude to but haven't really tackled head-on yet that we know of: Alexander has plenty to say about almost everything except what George really wants to know.

(This also works as a response to @gwenlygrace‘s prompt: James Hamilton complicates things.)

“Sir, there is something I must discuss with you,” Alexander said gravely, sounding very much like the business partner he was determined to conduct himself as.

George was equally determined to respect that. “Of course, Alexander.”

“I realize that I am bound, sir, by honor and frankly also by inclination, to stay with you for a time. I do not regret making that choice. It is only…” He paused, clearly as uncomfortable as George had ever seen him.

“If there is anything at all I can do to ease your mind, Alexander…”

“Sir, when my real father comes to get me, how is he going to find us?”

George knew he had no right to be upset by that question. None whatsoever, considering that he himself had abandoned Alexander to the man, even unknowing. It was only natural that Alexander would consider Hamilton his real father. Even if the other man had left, which would never make sense to George, not as long as he lived. George had only known the boy for a few weeks, and already the idea of ever leaving him was unthinkable. How could Hamilton have raised the boy for a decade and willingly walked away?

“He always said he would send for us, you see, after things blew over. I must confess I do not know what has caused his delay, but it’s sure to be over soon, and it would be ridiculous to expect him to travel all the way to Virginia, that would be too burdensome a journey, and I just…” The words came out in a nervous rush, but stopped abruptly when the boy saw George’s face.

George hurriedly made an effort to rid his face of expression, as whatever his countenance had betrayed was clearly horrifying to the boy. He will never come for you, George thought. He was as certain of that as he was that Alexander was his child, not Hamilton’s.

And if Hamilton did…well. George was, at his core, a selfish man. He would not pay for the man’s passage the way he’d offered to do for Alexander’s brother, would not cede his child graciously. Let Hamilton fight for Alexander if he wished; he would not win.

George, on the other hand, was quite willing and able to play a long game here. Eventually, Alexander would get tired of waiting for a man who would never come. And in the meantime, it was George who would get to raise him, George who would be there every day.

But in order to be allowed to do that, he could not antagonize Alexander unduly, nor get in pointless arguments that would only damage the boy’s fragile trust. “You may write to Mr. Hamilton when we get home, should you wish it; and correspond with him as often as you like thereafter,” George said calmly. “He will be glad to know you are safe, I’m sure.” And if Hamilton gave the boy any unpleasantness on that score, George would have no compunctions about ending that correspondence, but there was no need for Alexander to know that now.

“Yes, sir,” said Alexander, not sounding happy about it but seemingly aware that he would get no further concessions.

George knew he should leave well enough alone. But he could not help asking. “Alex…was he…was he kind to you? Hamilton, I mean.”

“He was the best!” Alex said, fierce, responding to an accusation George had not made. “The best dad anyone could ever have, how dare you insinuate otherwise…”

George hadn’t. “I’m sorry, Alexander. I see.” And he thought he did. You had better pray we never meet again, Hamilton, I will not be so kind to you as I was last time….