In 2002, Padgett was just minding his business, leaving a restaurant after a date, when two dudes rudely decided they were going to use his head like a freaking pinata. After the beating, they took his money and ran.

At the hospital they told him he had a concussion, and to get some rest. But when Padgett went back home, he immediately went on the longest drugless acid trip of all freaking time. On sunny days, the little bit of light that bounced off a car’s window would suddenly explode into an array of triangles. Every time an object moved, it left strange patterns behind. The edges of clouds and liquids became spiraling lines. The dude thought he was either going crazy or being haunted by the ghost of geometry. Either way, he stayed mostly inside his house for three freaking years.

Well, two MRIs, two metal plates in his head and a few “Oh, God, what’s happening to me?"s later, Padgett decided he’d go ahead and start drawing the shapes he saw. And hey, they looked pretty freaking sweet.

Padgett had always sucked at math, needing to cheat just to get by in high school, but hey, he’d never had any art training whatsoever either, so why not try some math classes, right? At school, he now found he kicked ass in math, too, and even learned that the art he was making was called a fractal, which is a shape that contains its same shape many times inside itself. It’s the Inception of geometry, is what we’re saying.

Since taking those math classes, life’s been pretty good to Padgett. He won best newcomer at an international art competition and is widely acknowledged as the only person able to hand-draw fractals (for a tidy profit, of course!). He also has advanced the fields of math and physics with his intuitive understanding of those weird repeating shapes. He even discovered that Einstein’s E=mc² is a fractal.

6 People Who Gained Amazing Skills from Brain Injuries

Tea Time

Sherlock’s busy. Sitting in his leather chair near the fireplace, he’s texting furiously with Lestrade (Will the idiots on that forensic team ever learn? Nope. Apparently not today.). 

Rosie sits to his left at a tiny toddler-size table on a little matching stool. It’s round and painted lavender, a delicate hand drawn vine pattern circling the edge and trailing down the table’s legs. She’s playing with a miniature tea set- a gift from Mrs. Hudson- pretending to pour out tea and stir in sugar and milk with a silver baby spoon.

“Tea, Papa?” Rosie’s chubby hand offers a small porcelain cup of imaginary Earl Grey to Sherlock. 

He doesn’t stop texting, never looks away from the screen, simply shifts to using his right hand only and allows his left arm to fall to the side, low enough for her to place the petite teacup into his large hand. It moves automatically to his lips and he takes a sip before he fully realizes it’s only filled with make-believe tea. His eyes widen in surprise. (Sherlock’s body is, after all, hard-wired to accept tea from a Watson at this point.)

He looks down at Rosie, who meets his gaze expectantly, eyebrows raised. “Papa like tea?” she asks. 

Sherlock only hesitates for a moment before saying, “Mmm. Yes, love. I think your tea may be the best I’ve had.” He lowers his voice to a whisper. “But don’t tell Daddy.”

Rosie nods solemnly, her daddy’s tea making prowess already well known. She goes back to filling and refilling cups with the play teapot, babbling “tea, tea, tea” happily.

Sherlock “drinks” cup after cup, eventually solving Lestrade’s case after a couple of shoddy screen-caps make it clear it wasn’t even a murder in the first place. Dull. 

It was a normal afternoon for Rosie in 221B. A perfect day for tea time with her Papa.


Tiny’s Single-Tile Path

Let’s play the theoretical game. Let’s say, theoretically, you wanted to do paths in your town. But, theoretically, you didn’t want to do one of those elaborate multi-pattern pathways with edges and corners everything . Also, theoretically, you want your path tile to come from a has-been who once ran a fairly popular animal crossing blog but now spends his time making fun of people on a pokemon blog. Well, buddy, i got you covered.

I might make this in more colors? Maybe. If there’s a request for them.

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Tibetan Buddhist Painting in the Middle of the Fourteenth Century
Cotton Ground Mineral Pigment Gold Size: 64.77 x 53.98 cm
Los Angeles County Museum of Art Collection
       This painting from the middle of the 14th century Gyantse County, Tibet: Venerable skull high and wide, deep eyebrows, nose straight lips Kai, beard, eyes bright, vivid, showing the characteristics of Tibetan people. Topless red robe, clothing edge decorated robe pattern edge, glory. His right hand holding a stick held in the chest, the left hand for the Indian statement, cross the foot and sit, toe exposed, monk shoes placed under the seat.
      Behind the main respect to peony flowers, banana leaves as the background, the right rear with a paternity disciples, sideways turned to stare at the bottom. The left monk leads the light, holding the book, facing the Lord, standing sideways. At the bottom left of the figure there is a strong eyebrows man, holding the coral treasures, Hu kneeling up to look for the Lord to respect for support. Figure above the left side of the lead to the light of a Lohan stand on the lotus, behind a man holding the Pearl canopy. The right side for another sitting Lohan, there are two disciples with paternity, the top of the colorful clouds around.

source:  Los Angeles County Museum of Art Collection

anonymous asked:

What outfit suggestions could you offer for a Fire Agate?

There are a couple of ways you can go about it. Firstly, you could be literal and give them a fire motif. They’d could have jagged edges and patterns that could resemble fire. I could also recommend theme wearing short sleeves and pants, maybe showing their midriff, or some other summer clothing to go along with it. Another approach is focusing on stripes The iridescent formations inside fire agate may sometimes look like rings or bands (like this). You could decorate their outfit with multi colored stripes (just be careful with how you layer them). One final suggestion is focusing on bumpiness. Fire Agates have a very unique botryoidal formations. In this case, you could make the outfit very poofy or covered with accessories. I can also recommend giving them a bubble or polka dot aesthetic.

-Mod Sardonyx


Hey so I made up a quick tile of the pattern we keep seeing in all the promotional art/on the box art, y’know, in case you needed it for anything. Feel free to use it wherever you want.  🆒

Top is 4 tiles together, bottom is a single tile