beautiful blue cursive

For ML appreciation week (day 1- reveal) 

Adrien stared at the beautiful blue Christmas Card, gold embossed patterns decorating the edges, beautiful cursive handwriting that spelt “Merry Christmas Adrien” in a metallic blue pen. His heart warmed at the sight: his first Christmas card, Adrien had never received any real Christmas wishes from anyone, maybe Chloe if you count the many times she tried to tackle him under mistletoe. Ever since then, his father has banned the decoration for his mansion. It stopped her attempts at trying to elicit a kiss from him, but… It made the holidays feel more… Empty. 

So you could imagine his shock when bubbly cute pink faced Marinette stumbled into class holding a big bag filled with cards. She had timidly whispered a Merry Christmas as she placed a thick blue envelope in front of him. He had been in such shock that he forgot to respond with a thank you, but his slight watery eyes seemed to have made up for that in Marinettes eyes. 

Adrien focused back on the card, opening it to see a small message beautifully written in perfect cursive handwriting. No matter how many times he read it when he got home that day, it always filled his stomach with butterflies and caused his heart to go pitter patter. 

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Roc Kandy

Winged liner and denim distressed, 

Black and raven-wing brows –his personal style

He breaks hearts and mends them over

and over again with crooked band-aid smiles

Dripping cinnamon sugar and rock star wiles

Dressed to dominate, rock candy for the gay scene

A star so big that no closet could hold him in

Boyfriend’s so pretty, could be a Barbie drag king

Red carpet Romeo and Juliet in leather jackets

And matching skinny jeans.

Enameled queen wielding paints of vivid mattes

Shades of reds, blues and greens - alternative palettes

Smoking joints with an elegantly pointed pinky out

Expanding her pretty pink kingdom

of cruelty-free pouts

Adonis goddess of the indie playlists

Fingers skimming over slender guitar strings

Acoustic-electric versatility you please me

Music to bring your Canadian pop princess

To her knees in xx ecstasy

Sapphic grunge urban bubblegum chic

Purple lips, black hair and hips so thick

they sway your body to the medley and glitz

your armor is all edges and patterned wrists

Killer looks, kitten on a London catwalk

Lithe panther flair, and jaded rich girl talk

Her girlfriend lives on TV playing pretend

Genetic lottery couple, setting the social trend

Under “shit I should have posted a few weeks ago”: I finished a shawl!  It took me a little over a month but I also wasn’t working on it everyday.  I used stash yarn that I bought over a year ago.  I think it’s Caron Simply Soft Paints and the color I believe is something like “Rose Garden”.  The picture isn’t great, but the colors are a bit darker and more varied.  I probably should have gotten a close-up on the lace edge.  Pattern is from here

I need to find a new project.  I should probably start Christmas stuff soon…..