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EXO’s Perfect Types

Includes mostly Mars & Eros for Sexual Attraction;  Venus, Juno, Companion for Romantic attraction.

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Sexually - Aquarius & Pisces -: literally cotton-candy-like eyes and smile. So sweet you just never want to let go of it. Prefers chubbier girls with beautiful hair, dreamy and unique fashion sense. Somebody cute and a dreamy.

Romantically - Aquarius, Scorpio & Gemini -: This man loves dimples more than anything. Trust me. Darker, mysterious eyes would get him hooked. Appreciates original style, charming and ambitious personality. Well sexually he’d be attracted to someone with a bit of fat in the right places, but for dating he’d prefer a skinny girl. He’s looking for creative, ambitious and charismatic girl so they both would lead fun and fulfilling lives. Would love coming back home and talking about each other’s days, supporting each other in everything they do and most importantly not being overly dependent on each other and leading fulfilling lives.

Offs: probably not too fond of hyperactive or hella sassy and hard to get attitude.

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Jongin (Kai)

Sexually - Capricorn & Pisces -: Would like a mix of traditional and artistic girl. Dreamy eyes + defined and prominent eyebrows? Classy and strict style + fun and colorful patterns? Melancholic eyes + traditional and strong outfit? Just mix and match. As he’s not head over heals for girls (work/friends first) he’d most likely find this mix extremely interesting and would be eager to find out more.

Romantically - Capricorn, Libra & Cancer -: Charisma, softness and order. The holy trinity he seeks in his s/o. Would like a traditional soft looking girl with maybe more defined eyebrows or a more defined nose. Would die for a cute smile. Probably likes a girl with nice casual & clean style: t-shirts, shorts, jeans, adidas sneakers + flower patterns and girly colors. In his s/o he’s looking for a charismatic fluff who’d also be a sweet and loving.

Offs: Over-energetic, loud, insensitive, attention-whore

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Sexually - Cancer & Sagittarius -: This man can appreciate a nice figure. Breasts & Hips guy. Doesn’t care too much about in-between. He’d love a childish/mischievous and innocent look. Big sparkling eyes would most likely drive him mad. Nice smile and roundish face would also be a bonus.

Romantically - Cancer, Aquarius & Libra -: Would find dimples especially cute, would want a tall-ish girl with nice curves, feminine but also someone who’d express herself through unique clothing style, sociable but not too out-there for attention. He’d love a girl with positive, creative and loving outlook to the world. He’s looking for a creative, soft and charismatic girl. A social butterfly most likely. A cute flower  you’d love to show your parents if you were a guy.

Offs: too aggressive, all-over the place kind of woman, masculine, hardcore feminist would be a huge turn off

Kyungsoo (D.O.)

Sexually - Cancer & Sagittarius -: Pretty much the same as Suho. Breasts man. Would love a cute, shy and a bit childlike character. Would find a curious and adventurous woman charming. But I somehow don’t see him as the guy to sleep with whoever attracts him.

Romantically - Pisces, Cancer & Aquarius -: This is man appreciates a woman with beautiful hair. Big beautiful eyes would instantly catch his attention. Would like girly, dreamy style. Unbelievably soft and cute but creative, with an artsy soul. He’s looking for a very feminine woman, in touch with her feelings, also a giving soul and just an artistic fluff overall. I can imagine his wife to be a stay-at-home artist mom. As she’d love her family, taking care of her husband almost as much as she would love to be creative and show her individuality through her work.

Offs: Aggressive, overly clingy, stubborn, insensitive, self-centered, rude, career women

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Sexually - Pisces, Aries & Taurus -: Prominent eyebrows/forehead, passionate, lively eyes, sweet smile, smooth and fine hair, feminine, romantic style with some bold elements (maybe showing some more skin, shorter skirts/shorts). Nice figure would be a huge bonus. Somebody who’d play hard to get would look especially intriguing.

Romantically - Taurus, Aries & Capricorn -: Eyebrows. Your eyebrow game has to be on point to catch his attention. Strong feminine features, classy or minimalistic fashion style, mischievous look. He appreciates a beautiful smile as he’d love to make his girl laugh. He’s looking for a pretty traditional and stable girl to run the house and take care of herself but she also should have a spark and love for spontaneous adventures also she should appreciate his humor

Offs: I doubt he’d get a long with very artsy and dreamy personas, he’s more down to earth. Not having a sense of humor would also be a huge no-no.

Jongdae (Chen)

Sexually - Cancer & Virgo -: Hair. Shiny, fine hair. Straight, curly hair. This man loves beautifully styled hair. (messy hairstyles are a no-no though). Prominent face bone structure is his magnet but would not mind a softer look as well. Would be attracted to a tidy, sweet looking woman. Someone who looks like she has her life figured out, confident with big doll eyes. Clean, neat style + soft colors with a fuller figured woman would be a killer.

Romantically - Libra, Gemini, Pisces & Sagittarius -: He’d love a super exciting, lively and charismatic girl. Would probably notice girl’s figure and dimples first. He finds it unbelievably attractive. Would prefer someone skinny and with a beautiful smile as s/o. Let’s be honest he’d love seeing that smile all the time. He’d be more into casual, comfy styled clothing. In his girlfriend he’s looking for someone like him! Super charismatic and bubbly, curious and adventure loving with a creative mind. I imagine them having fun and being absolute chatterboxes all of the time. They’d think of weirdest activities to do and never get bored. Aaah what a fun couple

Offs: Probably wouldn’t be fond of somebody stubborn, overly aggressive, negative, wouldn’t find rudeness charming.

Yixing (Lay)

Sexually - Libra & Sagittarius -: Eyebrows and Dimples man. Small feminine faces, adorable smiles, an overload of charisma and energy would be the end of this man. He would love a real chatterbox who’d enjoy exploring, learning new things and would be full of life. He would most likely prefer a minimalistic casual-sporty style. Think of amusement park date clothing style - colourful, playful, comfortable and simple.

Romantically - Virgo, Leo, Capricorn & Scorpio -: a very traditional girl but with powerful, mysterious aura and strong look. Especially notices girls’ hair and figure. Would be fascinated by an independent woman with ambition and structure in her life. So I’d say a classy outfit and perfectly styled hair would catch his eye. Also loves when a woman is hard-working, tidy and organized. He’d love to support his wife and to be a power couple together! Would admire each other’s work, support whenever one or the other would feel like giving up and countless compliments~ He’d be such a sweetie and would love the fact that his baby is conquering the world and making her dreams come true.

Offs: A mess, clumsy, lazy woman

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Sexually - Cancer & Scorpio -: Roundish, cute face, very noticeable eyes, great posture, soft voice, beautiful hair. Would like an average/healthy body. Not too skinny and not too chubby. Would be attracted to a girl with cute but mysterious aura. I can see him into minimalistic classy or casual clothing style. Keep it feminine and cute but don’t make it the most important part of your look. Your eyes should be. Make those eyes pop.

Romantically - Capricorn x2, Cancer -: He’d love a typical waifu. Very motherly and traditional. He’d fall for somebody caring, loving and giving herself to the world but also somebody who’d like order, structure and would have some ambition. Unconditional love + taking care of the house and that xxl sized boy. Most likely would prefer a woman with classy-minimalistic-girly style. Would love it if his s/o looked innocent and cute so he would appear as the protector and your hero. His family’s consent is very important to him.

Turn-offs: very independent women, lazy, somebody who’d complain and whine


Sexually -Pisces & Taurus - : This man loves and appreciates a good figure. A woman with a beautiful hourglass body, glamorous hair and perfect eyebrows would make him drop all his marbles. Classy + dreamy/romantic outfit would be the final nail in the poor guy’s coffin. He loves women who know their worth but are still feminine and have a soft charm.

Romantically - Taurus, Libra, Cancer - : A real beauty. Overflowing with charm, down-to-earth, charismatic but not too all over the place. He finds a hint of confidence charming but not too much as he’d love to keep you under his wing and be the protector. Loves Romantic and cute style. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t mind his s/o being a bit chubby as it is usually considered feminine and soft. Also eyebrows, Eyebrows and eyebrows I cannot stress it enough. He loves a pair of beautifully groomed eyebrows. Would actually like somebody clingy. He probably would love the constant attention and the feeling of being needed.

Offs: attention whore, hyperactive, scary/intimidating/powerful aura, snobby, untidy, rude


Check your Ascendant/Venus/Mars/1st house/Dominant

Having different sign but the same element is also a great match

I’ve discovered today that there are two different ways that I really like certain outfits:

“This looks really good and I feel really good wearing it and I can’t stop smiling in it”


“This looks like an absolute disaster and I am unstoppable in it”

First Kiss

(Based off of this post by @wyattghouleff) // They’re about my age (15/16) in this // Warning for kissing IG

Summary: Richie and Eddie’s first date

WC: A short 969

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Eddie shouldn’t be surprised.

As long as they’ve known each other, Richie’s been chaotic. His curls are always unruly. Holes pattern his mud-stained sneakers beneath ripped up old jeans. His elbows and hands and knees are often graced with band-aids for the scrapes he gets falling off his bike or tripping when he’s running. Every other word out of his mouth would make a sailor blush. Richie’s loud and messy and the definition of chaos-

And he loves Pop Rocks.

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Shut Up & Dance ( Trixya ) - Tammy

Hello! My name is Tammy and this is my first time submitting something to AQ.
I’d just really quickly like to thank Maeve for managing to beta this thing, she did a really great job! 

This is just a real quick one-shot/drabble based around the song “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon.

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In which I do an awful lot of reaching to find a parallel.

Okay, so, remember when the sneak peek for 7x02 came out… myself and @killian-whump had a bit of a banter going on over Henry’s curiously patterned sneakers. (shut up, they’re still awesome)

Anyways.. sitting here, it’s sort of hit me. 

During that scene, Killian and Henry were spending time together, he was teaching him how to sword fight and they were playing.

Then later in the episode… we find out Wish Hook has a daughter and he has fond memories of playing chess with her….

Both Hooks… bonding with with their (step)children… wth chess patterns all round….

Only in one realm, one was fulfilling that enjoyment, and in the other, it was but a memory of things sorely missed.

Shush! I’m taking this very coincidental thing and running with it! looool.