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my favorite davekat is  the kind of davekat where karkat lowkey takes on an alarming mixture of shitpost aesthetic unironically because he’s been way too influenced by dave mashing sbahj with his photography


└ “Yokoso Wagaya e~” says Kizoku Tantei.

Cr: Kizoku Tantei 01

Things That People Have Said To Me Since I Started Working In A Yarn Shop

  • “i need more of the rowan felted tweed, i’m making some first-world-war balaclavas and i’ve run out”
  • “i’m making my husband an x-files themed jumper for christmas and i can’t find a good colour for the spaceship”
  • “do you have any wool/acrylic blends on sale, i’m making hats for the seamen’s mission to give to sailors and i know they say to use acrylics because they’re cheap but it gets awfully cold at sea and i worry”
  • “i need some black wool for gloves, but it has to be flame-proof because i’m making them for the beltane fire-jugglers”
  • “could you see if you have another copy of this pattern for a baby shawl, i’ve knitted it in different colours for all of my six children and twelve grandchildren but it’s started to fall apart a bit"
  • [from a blond, six-foot surfer dude] “yeah, do you have any really light needles, i’m going backpacking around argentina and i want to do some socks while i’m on the coach but there isn’t much room in my rucksack”
  • “which of these colours do you think would be best for a knitted corgi”
  • “do you have any patterns for dog hats”
S3 to S4 - Pocci Autumn Dining

S3 zu S4 - Poccis Autumn Dining. Die Kürbis-Kerzen habe ich leider nicht hinbekommen - sorry!

Im Set enthalten:

  • Tisch - 15 Swatches
  • Sitzbank - 15 Swatches
  • Stuhl - 15 Swatches
  • Artischocken - 2 Swatches
  • Schüssel mit Artischocken - 6 Swatches
  • Tischdecke - 15 Swatches

Für alle Objekte, bis auf die Bank, ist nur das Grundspiel notwendig. Für die Bank wird Gaumenfreuden benötigt. 

Für die Möbel habe ich die Holztexturen von @peacemaker-ic genutzt, für die Sitzkissen des Stuhls sowie für die Tischdecke verschiedene Pattern. Die Schüssel hat auch neue Texturen bekommen.

Alle Objekte haben Farb-Swatches und ein Custom Thumbnail.

ANMERKUNG: man kann an den Tischenden zwar Stühle setzen, diese sind dann aber NICHT nutzbar! 

Credits: Pocci @gardenbreeze​ für die wundervollen Meshes und an @peacemaker-ic​ für die Holztexturen.

S3 to S4 - Poccis Autumn Dining. The pumpkin candles I unfortunately did not manage - sorry!

The set includes:

  • Table - 15 Swatches
  • Bench - 15 Swatches
  • Chair - 15 Swatches
  • Artichokes - 2 Swatches
  • Bowl with artichokes - 6 Swatches
  • Tablecover - 15 Swatches

For all objects except for the bank, only the basegame is necessary. For the bank dine out is needed.

For the furniture I used the wood textures of @peacemaker-ic, for the seat cushions of the chair as well as for the tablecloth different patterns. The bowl has also got new textures.

All Objects have color-swatches and a Custom Thumbnail.

NOTE: you can put chairs on the end of the table, but these are NOT working! (Sim can’t use them!)

Credits: Pocci @gardenbreeze for the wonderful meshes and @peacemaker-ic for the wood textures.

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Für diejenigen die nicht verstanden haben was ich mit den Stühlen am Tischende meine ein Bild // For those who did not understand what I had with the chairs at the table, my picture