Don’t Peggy Olson Me M*therfuckers Cross Stitch Pattern

I adore Neko Case and was particularly tickled when she tweeted at Playboy regarding their “compliment” of her essentially saying “she’s pretty good, for a girl”…

I decided it needed to be immortalized AND I turned it into a pattern so that you can stitch it too!

I went with this outfit for Peggy (cause I love me some Peggy)

For $5 you get 3 patterns, a tutorial and shopping list so you can get your feminist stitch on. 

Get the pattern here.  

Happy Stitching!


The shadowy road may have played tricks in a nervous horse’s mind, dark branches that weren’t there swaying and flickering unexpectedly across our path, but Osiris’ mind is predominantly a place of bold curiosity and so he did not shy at the lights trick but cantered on steadily.. reveling in all there was to be looked at. I’d go anywhere with you, Osiris.