Random thought for a boring Thursday...

I found an old short story (old as in over a year old or something, I dunno) and I’m thinking I should finish it. There’s a dragon. And a princess. I’m so tired of having so many unfinished projects on my sad, overworked laptop that I should just finish it so I can say I’m not a worthless writer. Yeah… 

Also, on another, unrelated, random note… a bee sting on the palm of your hand will render your hand absolutely useless for approximately 12-18 hours. It also hurts more than one could ever imagine. I’d rather get a tetanus shot on my buttcheek instead of getting popped on the little area right underneath my left middle finger. That was yesterday. 

It still hurts.

And my hair is still blue. I’m thinking about being a merm while I takes the small, noisy kiddle out trick-or-treating.


Give the Lady some dots please….🖌⚫

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