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The Domestic Garden Witch: Gardening Without Plants!

So maybe you’re a college witch with limited space and money, limited to the one window in your dorm. Or, maybe you’re a witch without extensive backyard space who wants to start up a magical garden. Perhaps you’re a kitchen witch who wants the freshest herbs right at her fingertips.

For many witches, having a garden seems to be a bit of a no-brainer. After all, plants and magic go hand-in-hand. Plus, when thinking of a witch, it’s hard not to think of a cottage in the woods with a little vegetable garden out front. Unfortunately for the majority of us, our cottage in the woods is a tiny flat, and our garden out front is a windowsill with limited space.

This is when it comes time to embrace your craftiness and bring your garden indoors! Not only does it place your garden in a convenient location, it also allows you to freshen the air, recycle what would otherwise harm the earth, and embrace your witchy green thumb!

Sand and Meditation

Something that often does not cross an individual’s mind when they hear the word “garden” is the thought of a garden without plants, especially where witches are concerned. After all, witches are sometimes known for the sheer amount of herbs and plants they collect (hell, my boyfriend sometimes criticizes the quantity of herbs I have - not my practice, mind you, just the fact that I have over thirty varieties of herbs in large quantities in my witchy drawers). But gardens take all sorts of shapes and sizes, including that of the zen garden, Japanese rock garden, or meditation garden.

Unlike planted gardens, these are minimalist creations designed to help induce meditative thought and relaxation through the use of flowing patterns and stone placement which often are likened to mountains or islands rising up from the sea. They are generally designed as large features which are raked into different patterns each day, but are easily adaptable for the small amount of room our domestic garden witch might have!

Creating Your Garden

As with any indoor garden, perhaps the first thing to look into is the type of container in which you’d like to keep it. In this case, a dish that is wider than it is tall is recommended. Choose either rounded shapes or rectangular shaped dishes that are shallow yet deep enough to hold sand.

Fill this dish with sand - white is traditional, though colored sands can be found in local craft stores or dollar stores - until it is about half full. Select visually appealing stones and set them on the sand.

With a utensil, trace ripples into the sand - flowing lines reminiscent of water are traditional.

If you feel that you want a bit of plant life, small air plants are definitely helpful. Remember to design your garden based on simplicity. Use natural themes and variations in your design to provide an aesthetic that you find appealing.

Tools of the Rock Garden

Typically when you think of a desktop zen garden, you might envision one of the little kits that you can get as a novelty gift at Barnes and Noble. In these kits, there is of course a couple of little rakes - one for smoothing out the sand and one for providing the patterns.

We’re witches on a budget, though, so let’s take a different approach - one similar to what’s pictured above. While it is completely reasonable to use a fork or a pen to make the patterns, you can take bamboo skewers or chopsticks and turn them into rakes using wire. Using these, you can smooth out the sand and rake patterns into it each day or as often as the whim takes you.

How Can I Witch This?

Unlike all of the gardens I’ve written about thus far, this is a garden whose only maintenance depends upon what you need from a meditative standpoint. Its design is not only decorative, but spiritually functional. If you’re a witch who is still fairly closeted and can’t have an altar, gardens such as these make for excellent substitutions, as they can form a sort of sacred space in which you can meditate and focus your intent.

If you’re a crystal witch, these sand gardens are a dream come true! Instead of placing stones, arrange your grids in the sand and use the rake or skewer to draw patterns in the sand to help focus the energy of the stones in your grid!

Draw sigils in the sand based on your intent and either wipe them away with the rake, or incorporate those sigils into the design of the ripples!

Sands come in various colors and grades. Play around with options for your sand! For cleansing, use a fine black sand. For empowerment, use a fiery orange or red. For healing, use white or light blue! The possibilities are near endless!

Of course, I can’t leave out my fellow kitchen witches! Salt is a key feature of the kitchen witch’s lifestyle. So much so, in fact, that in some circles it is believed that it is bad luck to run out of salt. For this reason, you can replace the sand with salt! This has a couple of benefits: first, it’s inexpensive. Second, it acts as a constant cleanser - much like a quartz cluster or a rod of selenite. When the salt has become to crusty to rake into appealing patterns, it has done its work! Dispose of the old salt and replace it with a new batch! (Do not pour the salt outside! This is harmful to the environment! Instead, find a safer way to dispose of the salt - I usually use the salt to clean out my mortar and pestle, then dissolve it in the sink to drain away).

If you use salt in place of sand, you can take the crystal grid concept a step further! Place the crystals in your “salt garden” and rake as you would if it were sand. This provides a way to cleanse your crystals in a way that is also visually appealing!

Consider different ways to make this plant-less garden a magical addition to the dorm or coffee table!

And may your harvests always be bountiful!
Blessed Be! )O(

Kupala Night (21/22 June) - Slavic Celebration of  summer solstice

Girls may float wreaths of flowers (often lit with candles) on rivers, and would attempt to gain foresight into their relationship fortunes from the flow patterns of the flowers on the river. Men may attempt to capture the wreaths, in the hope of capturing the interest of the woman who floated the wreath. (via Wikipedia)


Many solids can dissolve in liquids like water, and while this is often treated as a matter of chemistry, fluid dynamics can play a role as well. As seen in this video by Beauty of Science, the dissolving candy coating of an M&M spreads outward from the candy. This is likely surface-tension-driven; as the coating dissolves, it changes the surface tension near the candy and flow starts moving away thanks to the Marangoni effect. With multiple candies dissolving near one another, these outward flows interfere and create more complex flow patterns. 

These flows directly affect the dissolving process by altering flow near the candy surface, which may increase the rate of dissolution by scouring away loose coating. They can also change the concentration of dissolved coating in different areas, which then feeds back to the flow by changing the surface tension gradient. (Video and image credit: Beauty of Science)

Kupala Night - old Slavic celebration. It relates to summer solstice. Many of the rites related to this holiday within Slavic religious beliefs, due to the ancient Kupala rites, are connected with the role of water in fertility and ritual purification. On Kupala day, young people jump over the flames of bonfires in a ritual test of bravery and faith. The failure of a couple in love to complete the jump while holding hands is a sign of their destined separation. Girls may float wreaths of flowers (often lit with candles) on rivers, and would attempt to gain foresight into their relationship fortunes from the flow patterns of the flowers on the river. Men may attempt to capture the wreaths, in the hope of capturing the interest of the woman who floated the wreath.


Rheoscopic Planet: this example of fluid flow kinetic art uses rheoscopic fluid encased in bubble of plastic to reveal the intricate motion of turbulence. A suspension of tiny flat mica crystals tend to align themselves at the boundaries where the fluid is moving comparatively faster or slower, making the typically invisible flow patterns visible.

The King-part 1

The King Masterlist

Summary: King Arthur-ish AU featuring Negan as a medieval king. It had to be done. It just did. Sorry.

Warnings: Negan…language, smut, violence. Possible dub-con. Posessive Negan. Darker than I usually write. No fluff. There is no historical accuracy intended in this piece. I barely utilized the google.

Tags: @negans-network @negansmutweek @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash @ladylorelitany @melodicdolls @superwholoki @thatwriterizzy

It was a day of celebration throughout the land. Banners flew in the breeze. Cheers and songs could be heard around the castle and surrounding city. The king had married a lovely new bride from a neighboring kingdom a week ago, and today the rest of the kingdom came together to watch the festivities and sport that only tournament can boast. Knights traveled to compete in hopes of winning fortune and glory and perhaps a place at King Negan’s legendary table of knights known as the Saviors. For it was they, that protected the surrounding lands from invaders and pillagers in return for tribute.

Villagers came from far and wide to witness the spectacle and to catch a glimpse their beautiful new queen. For a beauty Queen Gwendolyn was.  Red flowing locks braided in intricate patterns flowed down her back. Her porcelain skin was the envy of all. Large green eyes adorned with long thick lashes watched as each event play before her eyes. Lips the shade of a dusky rose formed a dazzling smile as cheered for the victors from her private box in the stand. The king had decided to participate in his favorite event, the melee, at the end of the tournament and was awaiting his turn on the side of the field while the jousting commenced.

The last knights lined their horses at opposite ends of the tiltyard. Each bowed to the queen. Their visors were lowered. The horses charged. The lances pointed towards the other. They hit each other with a resounding blow.  One knight fell to the ground. He struggled to stand but fell back in defeat. His squires hurried to help him off the field and to corral the horse.

The victor, Sir Richard of Alexandria, walked his white horse along the edge stands and removed his helm. He shook his wavy locks damp with perspiration. His blue eyes smiled to the crowd as he waved his hand. As he approached the royal box, he pulled a rose from his gauntlet and threw it the new queen. She caught it and the smile immediately disappeared from her face. The color drained her delicate features. Her eyes scanned the edge of the yard and found her husband’s glaring in her direction. He had seen the knight present his favor and her accept it. She quickly handed the rose to a handmaiden and sat down. Head forward, back straight, the very picture of an elegant lady.

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Cover me up, Cuddle me in


Bellamy is tired. Tired to the bone.

He tries to let himself in quietly but the click of the lock is loud enough that Clarke stirs, smiling sleepily at him from a cocoon of blankets and furs. She always sleeps through the better part of the day after a night shift in medical, and she’d fallen into bed right as he was leaving it in the early pre-dawn hours for a hunting trip.

“Hey,” he whispers, sitting down on his side of the bed and leaning in to kiss her forehead. “Sorry for waking you. Go back to sleep.”

She shakes her head. “I’m up now. How’d it go?”

“Smooth as ever.” He rolls his eyes. “Wilkerson accidentally sprung a Grounder trap and it took us the better part of the morning to get him loose. Your mom is patching him up now.”

“He’s okay?”

“He’s fine. We managed to get some birds, some rabbits, a handful of squirrels.”

“That won’t be enough for the whole camp,” Clarke frowns, sitting up. Her hair is matted down on one side and her face has red marks pressed into it from the pillow, evidence of a good sleep. It makes him smile despite her seriousness. He forgets how young they are sometimes, but moments like this tend to remind him.

“We also took down a boar on the edge of the territory,” he grins, reaching out to unstick a golden strand from her cheek. “I’m a provider.”

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Seraphim and Natural Disasters

So, I’ve been thinking lately how Seraphim might react to natural disasters.  On the one hand, if a natural disaster threatened humans or settlements, I am certain they would be called upon for aid, and most likely would be willing.  Something of that magnitude could cost a lot of lives, and create a lot of malevolence.

On the other hand, if a natural disaster occurred somewhere that it would not cause damage to human settlements (and was truly naturally occurring, not brought about by malevolence) I’m not sure a seraph would see it as inherently bad.  After all, things like forest fires renew the forests, and earthquakes and volcanoes reshape the land.  As well, would a being who is much more an elemental force than not view other forces of nature as malicious?  More likely, I think they might be fascinated, to watch their elements in motion on such a scale and intensity.

Thus, imagine:

- Lailah walking through forest fires as they burn, flames licking at the edges of her dress
- Edna knowing impending earthquakes in her boots, and then dropping to the ground on her back in glee so she can feel the earth’s breath under her fingertips and spine
- Lailah and Edna observing volcanic eruptions together, and then having fun (rather at Lailah’s insistence) using their combined artes to shape wonderful patterns in the lava flows
- Dezel and Zaveid tracing the warm and cold air currents that form tornadoes to their collision, and then riding the violent winds like some kind of massive birds of prey
- Mikleo standing in the path of avalanches and tidal waves, enclosed in a bubble of his artes, so he can watch and study the ways the water and snow move.
- Mikleo and Zaveid following the eyes of hurricanes together, to feel the twist of water and wind into a storm, and see the path it carves through the land


I plan to dance for you today. So, if you don’t come, I’ll probably be lonely. To me, ‘people’ are you and only you. That’s why you must come.”

Dylan Klebold’s autopsy report (FULL)

(Page 1) 


Dr. Galloway


1. Through and through close contact large calibre gunshot wound involving the left side of the head (region of the left temple) associated with:
A. Brain injuries - lacerations and contusions
B. Skull fractures
C. Subdural hemorrhage
2. Aspiration blood lower airway and lungs

COMMENT: The autopsy findings in this case reveal that the cause of death is due to brain injuries secondary to a close contact, large calibre, through and through gunshot wound involving the left side of the head. This gunshot wound is consistent with self-infliction.

(Page 2) 

This autopsy is performed in the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office in Golden, Colorado on 04/22/99 at 10:30 a.m. This autopsy is done at the request of Dr. Nancy Bodelson, the Coroner of Jefferson County. The identification was made by fingerprints. Concerning location, this body is identified as #11. Members of Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department attended the autopsy. I am assisted in the autopsy by Mr. Rob Kulbacki.

History: This is the case of a 17-year-old, white male who is allegedly a victim of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. The decedent was found dead in the library at Columbine High School, and the death occurred on 04/22/99. No other history is available at the time of autopsy.

External Examination: The body is clothed in a black T-shirt with the inscription “Wrath” across the front; a black glove on the left hand with the fingers cut away; blue-green plaid boxer shorts; black pants with a black belt which have been partially cut away; white socks; and black boots. A large calibre, copper-jacketed bullet is present in the right boot. This is given to the Sheriff’s Officer along with the clothing. Present on the left boot was a red star medallion containing a sickle and a hammer. Black suspenders were in close proximity of the body. This is the unembalmed, well-developed, well-nourished, traumatized body of a white male appearing consistent with the stated age of 17. Height is measured at 74-½"; weight is 143 pounds. Rigor is minimal in the neck and the right lower extremity; absent in the other areas of the body. Faint reddish-purple livor is set over the dorsal aspects of the body with appropriate blanching of the pressure points.

Head: The scalp is covered by long, thick, blood-stained, brown hair which measures 6" in length at the apex. Present on the left side of the head, in the region of the temple, ¼" above and ¾" anterior to the left ear, is a circular, large calibre, entrance type of gunshot wound. The wound is surrounded by marginal abrasion, and what appears to be powder, although there is extensive drying artifact which makes this determination difficult. There are small irregular tears in the wound margins. The perforated area of the wound measures ¾" in diameter; the stippling associated with the wound. For identification purposes, this wound will be referred to as “A”. Present on the right lateral surface of the head, ½" anterior to the mid-portion of the right ear, is a generally circular exit type of gunshot wound showing irregular tearing of the margins. This wound measures ½" in diameter. No marginal abrasion or powder residue are observed. For identification purposes, this wound will be referred to as “B”. Ears - the ears are intact. Both ears are blood stained. Eyes - the eyebrows are brown. The sclerae are white. The irides are bluish-gray. The pupils are round, measure 7 mm, and are directed anteriorly. The conjunctivae are pale. Bilateral periorbital reddish-purple contusions are present. Nose - the nose is externally unremarkable. The nasal passages contain bloody fluid. The septum is in the midline. Mouth - the lips are reddish-purple with some drying artifact. There is a blonde mustache on the upper lip. The oral mucous membranes are tan and moist. The tongue is reddish-brown and finely granular without evidence of lacerations or contusions. The teeth are in a good state of dental repair. There is a small amount of hemorrhagic fluid in the oral cavity. Chin - a blond beard, fashioned in a goatee, involves the chin. Dried blood smears the forehead; there are dried blood flow patterns extending across both sides of the face in a predominantly horizontal plane.

Neck: The external surface of the neck reveals no evidence of injury. The neck organs are in the midline without palpable masses.

Chest: The chest demonstrates a normal anterior-posterior diameter. No external trauma is present. The breasts are normal male. Palpating the chest reveals no instability. The axillae are negative to observation and palpation. A moderate amount of brown hair is present in both axillae. 

Abdomen: The abdomen is flat. No external trauma is present. There is some green discoloration of the lower abdomen due to early decomposition. Present in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen, is a linear, horizontal scar which measures 3" in length. Palpating the abdomen reveals no organomegaly or masses.

Genitalia: A normal appearing male, brown, genital hair pattern is present. The penis is of normal size, shape, and position; respective scrotal sacs without palpable masses. There is postmortem drying artifact on the anterior surface of the scrotum.

Back: The external surface of the back reveals no evidence of trauma. The anus is intact without any unusual dilatation or trauma.

Extremities: The upper extremities are intact. The nails are intact, short, and clean. A silver-colored ring with a black stone is present on the ring finger of the left hand. There is accentuated dark purple livor involving the portions of the fingers external to the glove on the left hand. Present on the lateral aspect of the left hand involving the thumb and middle finger are several small reddish-brown abrasions, measuring 1/8" in diameter. Present overlying the proximal knuckle of the index finger of the right hand is a purple contusion which also involves a portion of the hand, and measures 1-¼" in size. The forearms are unremarkable. The antecubital fossae reveal no evidence of recent needle puncture marks or scars. The upper arms are intact and unremarkable grossly. The lower extremities are intact. Present on the anterior aspect of the proximal portion of the right lower extremity are several tiny healing reddish-brown abrasions. There is a cluster of three yellow-brown contusions on the anterior-lateral aspect of the right lower leg, varying in size from ¼" to 1". Present on the lateral aspect of the left knee is a cluster of three yellow-brown contusions, varying in size from ¼" and 5/8". The soles of the feet are intact and unremarkable grossly.

Also present in close proximity to the body, in the body bag, were the following personal effects: a pierced earring, a silver-colored pocket watch, and a beaded cloth necklace.

(Page 3) 

Internal Examination: Through the usual Y-shaped incision, a thin layer of yellow subcutaneous adipose tissue and reddish-brown musculature are revealed. The diaphragms are intact and arch to the level of the 5th left intercostal space and the 4th right intercostal space. The peritoneal cavity contains no unusual accumulation of fluid. The lining is smooth, gray and glistening. The viscera and omentum are normally disposed.

Pleural Spaces: The pleural spaces are without any unusual accumulation of fluid. The parietal pleurae are smooth, gray and glistening. The bony structures of the chest are intact and unremarkable grossly. The clavicles are intact. There is no soft tissue injury involving the chest wall. The pericardial sac is intact. The lumen contains 10 cc of clear fluid. The pericardium is smooth, gray and glistening.

Thymus: Eight (8) grams of pink, lobular, firm, thymic tissue is present in the anterior-superior mediastinal space.

Neck: The lumen of the upper esophagus and pharynx is patent. The mucosal surface is tan and wrinkled. The lumen of the upper respiratory tract contains blood. The mucosal surface is tan and smooth. The hyoid bone and cricothyroid cartilages are intact.

Thyroid: The thyroid is of normal size, shape, and position, and has a reddish-brown, lobular, firm, gross appearance. The cervical vertebrae are intact. There is no obstruction to the posterior nasopharynx or the posterior aspect of the oral cavity. The major vessels of the neck are intact and unremarkable grossly. There is no soft tissue hemorrhage in the neck.

Heart: The heart is intact and weighs 300 grams. The epicardial surface is reddish-brown, smooth, and glistening. Minimal amounts of epicardial yellow fat are present. The myocardium is reddish-brown and firm without gross evidence of fibrosis or softening. The ventricular walls are of normal thickness. The endocardial surface is reddish-brown, smooth, and glistening. Early subendocardial flame type hemorrhages are present in the left ventricle. The cardiac valves are intact. The valve leaflets are thin and fully pliable. The valve circumferences are normal for this size heart. The chordae tendineae are tan and delicate. The papillary muscles are intact. The foramen ovale is closed. The atrial septum is intact. The ventricular septum is intact. The coronary ostia are in a normal anatomic position and widely patent. The coronary arteries demonstrate a normal anatomic distribution with normal gross features.

Aorta: The aorta is intact and of normal course and calibre throughout. The intimal surface is tan and smooth. The wall is thin and elastic. The main abdominal tributaries are intact.

Respiratory System: The lumen of the lower respiratory tract contains blood. The mucosal surface is tan, smooth and blood stained. The lungs are mildly hyperaerated. The pleural surfaces are pink, reddish-purple, smooth and glistening. The lungs together weigh 850 grams. Serial sections reveal soft, spongy, mildly hyperaerated lung tissue showing evidence of vascular congestion, early pulmonary edema, and aspirated blood. The pulmonary arteries are intact without evidence of thromboembolic disease. The pulmonary veins empty into the left atrium in a normal fashion

Gastrointestinal System: The esophagus is of normal course and calibre throughout. The lumen is patent. The mucosal surface is tan with longitudinal furrowing. The wall is thin. The stomach is in a normal anatomic position. The lumen contains 160 cc of yellow-orange, liquid, gastric contents containing fragments of what appears to be potato skins. The mucosal surface is tan with intact rugae. No peptic ulcer disease or tumor are noted grossly. The small bowel demonstrates a normal anatomic distribution with normal gross features. The appendix is present and unremarkable grossly. The large bowel demonstrates a normal anatomic distribution with normal gross features.

Spleen: The spleen is intact and weighs 180 grams. The external surface is purple and smooth. Serial sections reveal a firm, reddish-purple, splenic paranchyma.

Liver: The liver is intact and weighs 1300 grams. The external surface is reddish-brown, smooth, and glistening. Serial sections reveal a firm, reddish-brown, lobular, normal appearing liver tissue.

Gallbladder: The gallbladder is intact. The lumen contains 12 cc of cloudy yellow-brown, liquid bile. The mucosal surface is smooth and bile stained. The cystic duct and common bile duct are intact and patent throughout. The portal vein, splenic vein, and superior mesenteric vein are intact and patent.

Pancreas: The pancreas is of normal size, shape, and position, and has a tan, lobular, soft, partially autolyzed, gross appearance.

Adrenals: Both adrenals are identified. Serial sections reveal a thin yellow cortex and gray medulla.

(Page 4) 

Kidneys: Both kidneys are identified. The capsules strip easily. The left kidney weighs 160 grams; the right kidney weighs 150 grams. The cortical surfaces are reddish-brown and smooth. Bivalving of each kidney reveals a well-demarcated, reddish-brown cortex and medulla. The renal papillae are normal. There is no calyceal scarring. There is no unusual pelvic dilatation. Both ureters are present, patent, and uniform in diameter throughout.

Bladder: The bladder is intact. The lumen contains 20 cc of clear yellow urine. The bladder mucosa is tan and wrinkled. The prostate, seminal vesicles and testicles are intact and unremarkable grossly.

Musculoskeletal System: Other than the injuries to be described under the head, no other significant injuries are observed.

Lymphatics: No gross abnormality.

Venous System: There is no evidence of hepatic vein, renal vein, or portal vein thrombosis. The superior and inferior vena cavae are intact.

Central Nervous System: Reflection of the scalp reveals wound tracts in the soft tissues involving both the left and right side powder staining of the soft tissues comprimising the margin of the wound tract on the left side of the head. There is also a contusion measuring 1-½" on the apex of the scalp. There is a circular perforation which is beveled inward involving the left temporal bone. There is a circular perforation which is beveled outward involving the right temporal bone. Numerous fractures radiate from the circular perforations. Removal of a portion of the calvarium reveals no epidural hemorrhage. 40 cc of subdural hemorrhage overlies the right cerebral hemisphere and on the undersurface of this hemisphere. There is no subarachnoid hemorrhage. There are contusions on the undersurface of both temporal lobes. There is a wound tract across the undersurface of the brain, involving both cerebral hemispheres in the temporal and frortal areas. The brain demonstrates laceration and some pulverization of brain tissue involving the previously mentioned areas. The brain weighs 1500 grams. Serial sectioning the cerebral cortex, the midbrain, the pons, the medulla, the spinal cord, the cerebellum and the pituitary reveals internal injury to the brain involving the anterior aspects of both cerebral hemispheres involving the frontal and temporal areas; and there is injury to the midbrain with predominantly contusion. There is no evidence of any underlying disease of the brain. Examination of the base of the skull reveals a transverse basal skull fracture that involves both temporal fossa and interconnects across the sphenoid bone in the region of the sella turcica. C1 and C2 are intact. The odontoid ligament and odontoid processes are intact. Removal of the dural on the left side of the head reveals powder staining (soot) in the margins of the dura adjacent to the perforated area of skull.


Blood: I obtained two gray-stoppered test tubes of blood from the heart.

Urine: I obtained two gray-stoppered test tubes of urine

Gastric Contents: I obtained two gray-stoppered test tubes and one red-stoppered test tube of gastric contents.

Vitreous Humor: I obtained one gray-stoppered test tube of vitreous humor.

Bile: I obtained one gray-stoppered test tube of bile.

Approximately 100 grams of liver and kidney were also obtained and will be frozen. 

Trace Evidence:

Hair: I obtained random samples of scalp hair and pubic hair. I obtained scalp hair adjacent to the wounds involving the right and left sides of the head.

Nail Scrapings: I obtained nails scrapings of both hands.

Blood: I obtained one yellow, one purple and one red-stoppered test tube of blood from the heart.

All of the trace evidence, with the exception of the blood samples, are given to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Officers upon completion of the autopsy. The blood samples for any evidentiary need are going to be stored along with the toxicology specimens for up to a year.

X-ray Examination: Revealed no evidence of retained bullets.

Wound Summary: The wound of entrance is designated wound “A” in the region of the left temple. The projectile penetrated the cranium through the left temporal bone; extended across the undersurface of both cerebral hemispheres; exiting the head through the right temporal bone. The perforated area on the left side is beveled inward; the perforated area on the right side is beveled outward. Powder is associated with the wound on the left side of the head. The projectile traveled left to right slightly front to back and slightly downward. The characteristics of the wound are consistent with a large calibre weapon; with a close contact range of fire; consistent with self-infliction.

The wound is consistent with 9 mm ammunition.

(Page 5) 


Heart: Normal histologic features. 

Lung: Sections reveal intra-alveolar edema. 

Liver: Sections reveal moderate autolysis. 

Kidney: Sections reveal moderate autolysis.  

Spleen: Normal histologic features. 

Adrenal: Normal histologic features.  

Thymus: Normal histologic features.  

Thyroid: Normal histologic features.

Stomach: Sections reveal early autolysis involving the gastric mucosa.

Brain: Sections reveal fragmentation and intraparenchymal hemorrhage.

Entrance Wound A: Sections are of skin revealing a central deeply penetrating wound associated with a few scattered fragments of powder residue in the deeper margins of the wound.

Dura: Sections reveal scattered foci of powder residue adhering to one side of the dural surface.


Blood Alcohol - Negative 

Blood Drug Screen  - Gas chromatography/Mase Spectroscopy

Acid Neutral Extract - No drugs detected 

Basic Extract - No drugs detected

Urine Drug Screen - Negative

Tired (Drabble Challenge)

59. “How do I even put up with you?” + Sehun

It was your own personal Friday movie night, complete with a coffee table full of junk food, your favourite blanket, and your favourite spot on the couch.

The movie was half-finished when an exhausted Sehun clambered into your apartment, cast off his shoes and jacket, and collapsed on top of you, burying his face in your neck.

‘I love you,’ he mumbled hazily before finally drifting off to sleep.

You encased him in your arms as well as you could with his wide shoulders, stroking his hair back.

The hot waves of Sehun’s breath that washed over your skin produced a tickling sensation. It made you shiver and you tried to adjust so that the pattern of air flowed differently, but he was like a rock.

‘Sehun,’ you whispered, and then again more loudly when he didn’t respond.

Sehun groaned.

‘What?’ he mumbled against your neck.

‘You’re tickling me,’ you complained.

He groaned again and propped himself up, looking at you through the fog of sleep.

‘How do I even put up with you?’ Sehun said with a yawn. The audacity of the question erased any remarks you had thought of, producing a chuckle instead.

He readjusted himself so that his head rested on your chest instead in the crook of your neck, arms wrapping around your waist. You didn’t have a choice in the matter.

‘Sehun, you know we have a bed, right?’

‘Mm,’ he moaned. ‘This is better.’