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But I will be streaming tonight, about 8:30pm EST on Twitch. Got some craftsy (cause that’s a word 🙄) parts of my Summer Rose cosplay to do tonight, and depending on time, I might even start playing with the hubby’s Qrow cosplay pattern (I have some alterations to do to make it work properly, because surprise, surprise, there’s no Qrow patterns out there) Come join me tonight! We’ll have fun, and I promise no ship wars, some alcohol and chill/silly music. (I do take requests)

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If requests are open, is it possible to have a Lance imagine where you guys land on a planet where it rains (or maybe you guys are back on Earth/au where you never went to space - whichever works best for you 😊) and you guys are just having a chilled out evening in his room with cuddles, quiet conversations and lazy kisses while listening to the rain in the background because that is everything I need in life tbh (I'm sorry this is super long 😅)

Mod Enki here! Thanks for sending in your ask it was super fun to write and super cute! I hope I did it some justice. 


Somehow, out of the pure luck of the stars, the castle ship had managed to land on a planet with a similar atmosphere to Earth. It was nice, although humid. When you landed it was clear that there was a storm brewing. It was hard to mask your excitement because rain made for good lazy days. And the fact that it could be actual rain and not some crazy raining glass or acid crap meant that it would actually sound like rain. Pure and simple water. Nothing could set your soul more at ease. So when you heard the first pitter patters of water hitting the outside of the castle ship you were ready. Gathering all the snacks, blankets, and pillows you could you headed to your boyfriend’s room. There was no doubt he was happy about the rain, too. Anything that reminded him of life back on Earth was very therapeutic for him. So it didn’t surprise you that when you entered his room that he was gazing longingly out the window. He was watching the rain as it ran down the glass window in varying streams and patterns. It must’ve been so enrapturing because he didn’t turn to acknowledge you when you came into the room. Puffing out your cheeks you threw everything onto the bed before taking a pillow and launching at his head. There was a garbled noise before you launched another one, hitting the mark again.

“Lance! Stop being so melancholy for a minute and spend some time with me will you?” You said. He threw a pillow back at you but it missed by a mile. “Come on Mr. Sharpshooter, you can do better than that.”

There was a whine as Lance rolled onto the floor from his spot by the window. It grew muffled as he log rolled to the point where his face was smushed on the floor. You snorted and strolled over to him.

“Get your lazy butt up.” You said, but instantly got a slightly louder muffled whine from the blue paladin. 

Since he obviously wasn’t going to come and sit on the bed with you, it was time to move the bed to him. You went back to the bed and started throwing the rest of the pillows and blankets at him. You even started throwing the little water pouches you had brought with you at him, even though he was probably too padded by all the blankets and pillows that he couldn’t feel them. When everything was over in a giant heaping mess of things you jumped into it ignoring the loud groan emanating from the bottom of the pile. Humming you wiggled around until you could feel the poor soul buried under everything moving around. And just as well, it didn’t take him long to rise up from the depths and grab you like some sort of jaws movie. You yelled protests and he brought you down into the covers and into his arms, both of you laughing the entire time.

“You thought you were safe up there but nothing can escape Lance!” He declared. You squealed when he went down to lift up your shirt and blow raspberries on your stomach leading you to nearly kicking his head off. 

“No fair! Now you’re just playing dirty.” You laughed trying to shove him away from your exposed belly. It took a few tries but you finally got him to detach from you and allow you both to collapse into your own giggling fits. It didn’t take long for Lance to slither back over to you and pull you into a nice loving embrace. 

Just as you thought you were done, he pressed his lips to your cheek and blew a raspberry there, too. You squeaked and spat out breathy protests in between laughs trying to say how you didn’t come all the way over to his room just to be assaulted like this. It was all mostly drowned out by your laughs, of course. 

“How about that for spending time with you?” Lance asked with a cheeky grin. You flicked his nose, trying to get his grin to break but to no avail. 

“I don’t know, I wouldn’t call assaulting me like that, “spending quality time” with me.” You said with a mock hurt expression. 

“Oh whatever.” He said giving you a quick squeeze. “You know you loved it.” 

“I do like the attention. But let’s try something else.” 

You pulled him down into a short and simple kiss making him hum in delight. When you ended it, however, he quickly went in for another but this time something more deep. It last a good few minutes as your lips melded together in sync, breathing through your noses to get it to last that little bit longer. It wasn’t the strongest kiss though, walking the line between lazy and firm. You enjoyed it immensely as well as Lance probably did. He wasn’t done when the two of you broke off however and proceeded to smother your face with kisses. Going for your cheeks, forehead, nose, eyes. You loved it and were reduced to a blushing and laughing mess. 

It didn’t take long for him to settle down though, and the two of you were stuck in each other’s embraces. You snuggled into him and listened to the gentle waves of rain that continued to poured onto the castle ship. For a second, everything seemed still and you could’ve sworn that you were back home without a care in the world instead of in a giant ship with every single problem of the universe weighing on your shoulders. You hugged him tighter, letting out a sigh, completely content with everything for the first time in what seemed like months. 

Lance’s soft, and slightly raspy voice from laughing so much, brought you back to reality. You could only hum in response but it was enough to assure him that you were listening. 

“Did I ever tell you about the time when I was back in the garrison, when I was dared to sneak into the instructor’s lounge and steal all of the instructor’s food?” He asked. You chuckled and informed him that no, he had not told you this. “Well, this one kid dared me since all Hunk and I ever did was complain about the garrison lunches that they had. I nearly got caught about ten times! But thanks to Hunk’s distraction I managed to bag all the lunches and get out of there disguised as a trash guy! We had to eat it all in one go though, because it wasn’t going to take long for everyone to notice. But the funny part is, I said that if I managed to pull it off, he’d have to shave his eyebrows, legs, and half of his head. Get this though! His leg hair never grew back, and neither did his eyebrows!”

“Okay, now you’re just messing with me. There’s no way his leg hair and eyebrows didn’t grow back.” You mumbled into his shirt. 

“I’m completely serious! Ask Hunk, or even Pidge! They’ll tell you.” Lance defended himself. 

“Fine, I’ll go ask them right now!” You declared trying to get up.

“Noooo you gotta stay here in cuddle more with meeee!” Lance whined. He defiantly tugged you back down and back into his arms. You gave up and snuggled back into him. 

“Okay, but you have to tell me more stories. You always have the best ones.” You said reaching over and grabbing a bag of snacks.

For the rest of the night, Lance told you all the stories he could think of from his misadventures in his life. You listened intently for as long as you could, but ultimately you couldn’t keep your eyes open and yourself awake for long. When you had dozed off, Lance was in the middle of one of his stories, going on about the time he accidentally super glued his hand to a bike handle he was trying to put back on the actual bike. He didn’t notice you had dozed off until he finished and noticed the way your breathing had changed. For a while he just watched you, gently running a hand through your hair until he too, fell into the grips of sleep all while the rain kept its steady rhythms of white noise. 

Prejudiced pt. 3


Summary: You are in the owlery, about to send a letter to your parents, when Sirius and Remus arrive with a letter of their own they want to send James as a prank. Seeing you there, they get a better idea. (Sirius x reader)

Word count: 927

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It had been a couple of days since you’d spoken to Sirius in the library. You’d seen him walking in the hallways between classes, and you’d smiled when he’d seen you too. Of course you still barely knew him, but you really didn’t understand why’d heard so many people complaining about him in the Dungeon. He’d been nice to you.

You were in the owlery, waiting for your brother to show up so you could send both of your letters to your parents at the same time. Of course, he was late, but you didn’t mind; you liked the owlery. Seeing all the owls go in and out, wings fluttering and feathers falling to the ground every now and then. You used to be sure your patronus would be an owl, actually. You were surprised when you realized it was not.

Another thing the owlery was, admittedly, was really damn cold at this time of the year. You pulled out your wand and waved it in a complicated but now familiar pattern, and a stream of hot air started pouring out of its tip, which you pointed over your other hand. 

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The notion that reality is to be understood as a process is an ancient one, going back at least to Heraclitus, who said that “everything flows”. The best image of process is perhaps that of the flowing stream, whose substance is never the same. In this stream, one may see an ever-changing pattern of vortices, ripples, waves, splashes…which evidently have no independent existence as such.
—  David Bohm
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Hey friends! Sorry for the delay, I fell asleep and only just now woke up. I’ll be streaming the pattern creation and test of the Baby Baphos! Chill;in with Gorillaz and then maybe Modest Mouse and Radiohead ifI feel like I need to die, idk lo lPFFFF

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Sanvers in the shower?


There’s a soft knock on the door and Alex blinks and spits water out of her mouth and runs her hands through her sopping hair.

“Yeah?” she calls through the steam in the room, through the rush of her rain shower, through the pattering of quick, hot droplets running down her body.

“Alex! Babe, you almost done? I don’t wanna rush you, but I’m gonna be late – “

“Something happen?” Alex panics, jamming at the waterproof connection to her cell she has stuck on the back wall but finding no updates on rogue aliens or impending nuclear disasters.

“Nope, just gotta – “

Alex doesn’t hear the rest because the conditioner in her hair is starting to run down her face, so she steps back into the shower stream and relishes the heat, the strong lavender scent, the rush of suds down her back.

“Mags, I can’t hear you, just come in.”

There’s a silence and there’s a hesitation, and then the door is opening and Alex grins at Maggie’s almost shy form, slightly distorted by Alex’s glass shower door. Weaving her fingers through her hair one last time, now suds-free, Alex steps forward and slides the shower door open wide enough to poke her head out of.

“What’re you running late for?”

“I – it – I – lab results coming in – it – I – “

Alex licks her lips and Alex rakes her eyes down Maggie’s body. “Detective Sawyer, are you spluttering?”

“I – “

Alex tugs the shower door open a little wider, giving Maggie more to see than just her face.

“It’s nothing you haven’t seen before, babe,” she teases, her voice rich and her voice still in shock that she could make a woman who looks like Maggie take a second glance at her, let alone splutter.

“I… wet,” is all Maggie can choke out, and Alex pushes the shower door open all the way now, a wicked grin spreading over her face as Maggie chokes out more completely unintelligible noises and grabs onto the sink for support for her completely weakened knees.

Are you now?” Alex flirts, knowing full well that Maggie was talking about her, soaking wet from the shower, but deciding she’d like both to be true.

“I – “

“Wanna join me, babe?”

Maggie gulps and Maggie tries not to hyperventilate and Maggie’s eyes trace the pattern of water streaming down Alex’s hair, throat, chest, abs, thighs.

“Oh yes,” she rasps, and the basketball shorts and tank top she slept in are off before Alex can blink, are pooled around her ankles before Alex can gulp.

Alex steps back to let Maggie step in, and their eyes don’t leave each other’s as Alex slides the door closed, as Maggie’s moment of temporary bravado evaporates with the steam they’re breathing in.

Maggie lips her lips and gulps, and Alex reaches slow hands out to her waist.

“Nnhnn,” Maggie says, and Alex pulls back immediately.

“Water’s too hot,” Maggie explains in barely more than a whisper, and Alex reaches behind her to adjust it without taking her eyes off Maggie.

“Better?” Alex asks after a moment, and Maggie puts her hand forward, grazing Alex’s side on the way, and they both hiss at the contact.

“Yeah. Yeah.” Maggie steps forward and puts Alex’s hands on her waist and they rotate so Maggie can slip past Alex, so she can stand under the stream of water, so Alex can gasp and lick her lips and shake her head, watching the way Maggie’s eyes roll shut in relief at the stream of warmth that glides through her hair, down her shoulders, her chest, the way her head automatically tilts back into the stream, the way her hands automatically run through her hair.

The way the stream of water makes her seem to forget, for a moment, all her strain and all her stress and all her pain and all her grief.

“You’re gorgeous, Maggie,” Alex rasps, reaching down to grab her bottle of body wash. She tilts it toward Maggie with raised eyebrows, and Maggie gulps, and Maggie nods, and Alex smiles.

She fills her hands with suds and she fills her lungs with air and she fills her eyes with Maggie and she runs her hands, tentative hands, at first, bolder with Maggie’s soft gasps, more confident with Maggie’s growing whines, over Maggie’s every curve, every crevice, every spot rough with her neglect of consistent lotioning, every spot scraped with alien weapons and human fists, every spot tightened by training and every spot soft with perfectly smooth skin.

When she tells Maggie to tilt her head back, when Maggie asks if she’s sure, because she doesn’t have to, and Alex tells her of course she wants to, Maggie turns, and Maggie lets Alex shampoo her hair, and she steps back, one foot anchored between Alex’s, so she’s grinding slightly back into Alex, and Alex moans and Maggie grins softly and Alex refuses to let her get suds in her eyes, so she guides her back around, guides her so she can run her fingers through perfect hair, run her fingers through perfect hair that will smell like Alex all day, run her fingers through perfect hair that god somehow looks even better dripping wet than it does dry.

“Al,” Maggie rasps when she can’t take it anymore, can’t take feeling Alex’s naked body behind hers, Alex’s fingers touching her, washing her, Alex’s fingers running everywhere on her body, Alex’s fingers doing things to her – taking care of her – in a way she’s never had before, in a way she’s never believed anyone would ever do for her, in a way she’s never believed anyone would want to do for her.

Alex hears every word Maggie isn’t speaking in the one syllable of her name, every emotion and every passion and every need, because god, god, god, she needs the same.

“Do you really have to condition your hair, too?” Alex rasps as Maggie turns to face her, as Maggie turns to touch her.

“I do,” Maggie’s dimples come out, but she bites her lip and she watches water stream down Alex’s body, and she takes a shuddering breath. “But I need something else, first.”

The only other words are each other’s names, various gods, and various words they would never use in company. The only other sounds are screaming and gasping and the occasional slipping, the occasional bracing of one body against the other, of hands against walls and heels against tub edges.

“Alex, please,” Maggie whines, and Alex smells her body wash and tastes pure water and pure Maggie as she licks a path from her nipple to her collarbone and back down, one hand braced against the wall, the other holding Maggie secure at the small of her back.

“Please what, gorgeous?” Alex wants to know, and Maggie spits off to the side as her gasp had her inhaling far too much water. Alex shifts them both so Maggie isn’t directly under the shower, and Maggie stares up at her with desperate eyes and swollen lips.

“Please fuck me,” Maggie asks in a small voice, and Alex groans, and Alex complies.

Maggie issues a stream of curses, of yesses, of fuck yesses and Alex please fuck god yes Alex Al Ally fuck don’t stops as Alex turns her around carefully, helps her prop one of her legs up on the side of the tub, helps her brace her hands on the wall in front of her, helps her brace her body back against Alex’s so together, they’re stable; so together, they won’t slip.

“Trust me?” Alex asks.

“Of course,” Maggie breathes.

“You still want this? Because if you don’t, it’s oka –”

“Alex, shut up and fuck me, please.”

Alex growls and Alex wraps one arm around Maggie’s body, hand coming to stop on her chest, slides her other hand down Maggie’s hip, her ass, down to her thighs, down to the only place Maggie needs her, the place Maggie is begging her to touch, the place Maggie is grinding her hips for, and Alex groans at how wet Maggie is, and not just with shower water, and they both gasp, both moan, both go weak in the knees and lean into each other for stability with relief when Alex slips her fingers inside, when she brings her other hand down to work on Maggie’s clit, when Maggie’s screams echoes off the bathroom walls and the shower steams with a heat that’s not coming from the water temperature and Maggie’s body convulses around Alex’s fingers and Alex rests her forehead on Maggie’s arched back as she rides out her orgasm, as she rides out her high, as she rides out her trust, her raw need, her lust, her love.

“Weren’t you late for something?” Alex pants as they both recover, as she holds Maggie from behind and they let water stream in a steady thrumming down their shaking bodies.

Maggie chuckles and Maggie brings Alex’s hand to her lips and kisses each knuckle.

“You’ve got a point, Danvers. Out.”

It’s Alex’s turn to splutter.


“This hair doesn’t condition itself, Danvers.”

“I could help you – ”

“Don’t get me wrong, babe, your help was uh…” Her eyes soften and her dimples deepen. “Incredible, but right now I’m just the kinda late that’ll get me mocked by all the guys. Any more of your help and I’ll be the kinda late that makes me unemployed.”

“You could always come work at the DEO – “


Alex pretends to huff and Alex leans in for the kiss Maggie’s asking for and Alex grabs a towel and doesn’t miss the way Maggie’s eyes are glued to her body and smiles all the more for it.

“Hey Alex,” Maggie calls as she’s running conditioner through her hair, as Alex is slipping out of the bathroom.

“Yeah love?”

“I’ll be out in the field today. Probably need another shower tonight.”


Studying Abroad at Prague

by reddit user M59Gar

Note: Although this story is lengthy, it definitly is horrifying. 

As I stood at the base of the long lane beneath, staring up at my distant destination, I supposed my perceptions of that house were being colored by my recent breakup. 

The plan had been to attend to our studies in Prague together. Instead, I stood alone against the parching summer winds, studying a lengthy alley that carved its way up the precipitous hill with an ancient laziness.

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sensory heaven

Sometimes I feel tiny,
as if every raindrop were a meteor
and every thunderclap warned an avalanche of the stars

They fall into the cracks along the roads,
travelling into catchments, draining systems, sewers and rivers
were they turn into glistening pure sheets of moving sound, like a lullaby

As I stand by the river I feel very calm
for once I am big as I carve a pattern into the stream with my hands

What is a tsunami for the little creatures down there
is an escape and a heaven for me

Virgo can be wonderfully supportive people with a talent for the finer details and planning, what with their rhythmic and calculative intellect. While this can lead to them being high stung and somewhat of a perfectionist, the heart of Virgo is full of giving, appreciation and a certain refined quality. They are the kind of people to point out something petty, but never ever close their door to you. There is something so blissful about Virgo in nature, seeing the beauty of the natural patterns, flower fields, trickling streams, it really brings out the earthy, grounding qualities in them.  


Chesil Beach Wave (Portland, UK)

This wave crashed on February 5th 2014, during the relentless barrage of storms that hit the UK one after another. 

These storms were apparently caused by a shift in the pattern of the jet stream- a current of fast moving air in the upper atmosphere. The jet stream became very strong over the north Atlantic Ocean and North America, an event linked to the ‘polar vortex’ and big freezes of North America.  This strengthened Jet Stream encouraged fierce winter storms to approach the UK, breaking many existing records on file for extreme weather and causing many millions of pounds worth of damage.

To put the wave above into perspective, that bank of shingle (pebbles) is almost as tall as that pub. The little things on the green ledge are actually whole picnic tables dragged up and smashed to pieces by the wave… and the 'river’ in the second gif? Well that’s a main road.

See the original video here to see the roar as the wave breaches the bank and the beer barrels float down the road!