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Today I was reminded of this brilliant moment:

so I took a little liberty and made this:

Then I figured other people might like to make one so here’s a pattern:

Here’s a link to the downloadable version.

Pass it along. 

(and I never read the comments so if you feel like going on a Trump rant you can save your finger strength for someone who gives a shit) #ImWithHer
Thousands Are Knitting 'Pussy Hats' For The Women's March On Washington
The Pussyhat Project, which launched over Thanksgiving, is the brainchild of two friends and recreational knitters: screenwriter Krista Suh and architect Jayna Zweiman.

The women were devastated by the election results and looking for ways to channel their grief. With Kat Coyle, owner of their neighborhood knitting shop, they designed a “pussy power hat” pattern ― an extremely simple hat that knitters, crocheters and sewers of all levels can whip up for themselves or for other marchers.

This accessibility is an essential component of the project, the women say. It’s not just about making a strong visual statement on the day of the march, or offering up a symbolic rebuke of Trump’s infamous “grab them by the pussy” comment, though that’s definitely a factor. It’s also about giving people who aren’t able to march for physical, financial or other logistical barriers a concrete way to take part.

Sacred Geometry Activation Pattern of 13 Divine Feminine Principals.

This is a powerful pattern embodying all 13 Divine Feminine principals, brought here by the 13 Native Clan Mothers (who arrived to Earth in adult human bodies) during the Ice Age. After the 13 Clan Mothers each anchored their teachings, the knowledge was then transferred into the 13 crystal skulls and the women left Earth. The 13 aspects each offer many gifts; these are merely a few examples of the gifts that can be accessed through this pattern: kinship with all lifeforms and understanding the unspoken languages of nature; self-development and expansion through wisdom; acceptance of truth and how to use personal integrity; how to understand visions, dreams, feelings and impressions; how to hear the still voice within; how to balance sacredness with irreverence; forgiveness and how to use trust, respect and intimacy in all relationships; how to use healing abilities; how to properly use will; how to manifest; how to nurture the body; how to create abundance through praise, giving and receiving; and how to release the old self and step into the dream. 

Waking Up in Paradise

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This place was too beautiful.

Aranya stood on an open balcony, and breathed deeply as a soft breeze carried the fragrances of different flowers and oasis plants, with the misty scent of water, weaving over her skin and through her raven hair like invisible ribbons caressing her. Rariv’sha Muerte’s island truly was a paradise, with it’s natural beauty, its marvelous architecture, and the hospitality of its queen leaving nothing to be desired. The night spent here had been restful and content, the morning dawned in breath-taking views of the rising sun and a delicious breakfast.

This was an exotic realm that Aranya would not dream of saying “no” to re-visiting.

The magical defenses that the madame had hired the arcanist for had been executed perfectly.

Aranya reached out to the enkindled core with her senses, getting a feel for the pulse and pattern of its power and raised one hand in a arcane gesture, keeping sync with it. She shifted her focus to the six rune marks that she had placed around the island, and extended her other arm fully, fingers spread like she was catching at individual strands of a spider’s web, and slowly drawing them together.

Madame Rariv’sha Muerte watched silently, keeping track of the other woman’s movements with a twitch of her index finger.

Lord Ebonsteele kept his gaze flickering between between the madame and the work of the arcanist, silent, keeping his words and his thoughts withheld.

Aranya began incanting unfamiliar words under her breath, as the power began to crackle around her slender fingers, weaving an fusing together. Then she made slow, smoothing gestures, keeping her awareness on the shift in power, until it all settled into a new rhythm.

The arcanist took a deep breath. “It is done,” she said.

She could feel the whisper of her own energy’s fingerprint in the distance when she closed her smoldering green eyes. 

Unfortunately, that was not the only thing that the Thalassian sorceress could feel.

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One of my favorite themes this season is women in a position of power.

Dany, Yara, Sansa, Lyanna most notably.

But it isn’t even that we have these queens ready to rule the world, no, that isn’t even my favorite part of the thematic structure here.

It’s that they are all supported by men who could, if they really wanted, join the lot of lost kings trying to fight for the iron throne. BUT NO, none of them want it.

Tyrion doesn’t want the iron throne, but he wants Dany to have it.

Theon doesn’t want to have the salt throne, he wants Yara to.

Jon will not try to claim to be warden of the north, he is going to support Sansa on that claim instead.

LIKE THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. Instead of just general “girl power,” there is a real writing base and pattern here with powerful women, supported by powerful powerful men who COULD try for a position of power but don’t want it because they support these women in these positions over themselves.