pattern people

oh, i was tagged by @lillianplatts (who is wonderful) to list ten things i love and then ten people! so:

  • i. words. words words words. words arranged in pleasing patterns by people who love words.
  • ii. pixel art sunsets and cityscapes!
  • iii. making my friends smile and feel nice!!
  • iv. that feeling when i see or read something and the entire world seems to stop and draw breath around me because it’s so amazing!
  • v. …UNDERTALE. ^^;
  • vi. running my fingers through the fabric of a scarf again and again.
  • vii. the rare moments when i’m writing and all of the struggle and difficulty just fades into the background and i know exactly what to put down next.
  • viii. warmth perfectly contained in a cocoon of blankets.
  • ix. colour palettes associated with the sky!
  • x. kind and caring characters (especially protagonists)!

and um people (no pressure to respond!): @senshi76 @robotic-overlord @ittybittyduskitty @almostdeath-butnotquite @maplerays @kykyl25 @slightly-oblivvyous @marykay91 @mostlyv0id-partiallystars @mayasaura

i love all of you!


So pleased to announce the release of the REIF x Pattern People Spring ‘13 Accessories Collection!  Turban hats and headbands made from organic cotton jersey and available in two Bauhaus inspired prints. 

To pre-order the collection, click here.

If you are interested in carrying the collection in your boutique, please email


Where do you find inspiration?

EA: I find inspiration everyday walking around the city. My eyes fixate on objects stacked together, bundled, tied up in knots. I am inspired by the pastiche of different colors and textures of buildings, currents of people, enclosed in patterned fabric, pressed tightly together on the subway.

An interview with artist-in-residence Eleanor Anderson at the Textile Arts Center.