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Miles always gets a phone with a pen because he’d rather write than text. He’s lucky the Samsung system actually recognises his handwriting. In addition to this, he also prefers to use his phone in order to write notes while he’s on the crime scene, because it’s much more organised and safer. He has a pattern password and it’s predictably just the symbol for an M. It’s simple enough that no one would actually ever guess that it’s his password— surely the Chief Prosecutor is smarter than that.

Friends With Benifets

Request: Punk Gerard AU where you guys are neighbors and hang out every weekend and have a friends with benefits relationship. Y/N has plans one weekend and cant hangout with Gerard and he gets super jealous because he thinks its a date and realizes his feelings are more than a friends with benefits thing :)

AN: Loved this request so much x

“The door’s open!” I yelled across the apartment at the knock at the door, assuming it was Oli. 

“Honey i’m home!” I heard my neighbor Gerard sing loudly, along with a loud bang from him kicking the door closed behind him, a.k.a the only way he closed doors. He appeared in the door way of my bathroom, leaning against the door frame with his permanent smirk etched on his face. “You look nice.”

“Thank you,” I mumbled more to myself than him, trying to keep my frustration bottled as one piece of hair refused to curl.

“I got some Coronas,” he said casually, holding up the pack in the mirror for me to see. “I was gonna ask if I should order the pizza, but i’m assuming we’re going out now?”

I frowned and turned to face him. “Going out?” He gave raised an eyebrow at me and dead panned, as if the answer was obvious. The gears in my head slowly began to turn, the pieces fitting together. “Oh my gosh, didn’t I text you?”

“Uh no?” He scoffed with annoyed scorn on his face. 

“I’m sorry Gee, I could’ve sworn I texted you. I’m busy tonight, i’m sorry.” Gerard and I instantly hit it off the day I moved into the apartment right next to his. I swooned over his charm and bad boy attitude as he helped me carry my stuff up the flight of stairs into my new place. We got so close that we had a weekend tradition every Saturday night we wold go to each other’s flat, drink, stuff our faces with the cheap pizza from down the street, watched nauseatingly bad movies, and usually end up having drunk sex before the credits rolled on the screen. You could say we were friends with benefits. This week was my week hosting, which meant Gerard bought the drinks and I order the pizza. 

“Where are you going?”

“A party.”

“A party? You’re ditching me for a party?”

“I don’t really have a choice, I couldn’t say no. Zip me?” He tugged at his bottom lip and nodded. My breathing sped up when I felt his fingers skim slowly up my lower back, dragging the zipper of my dress up so slowly that it somehow felt sensual. My phone buzzed angrily on the sink, evaporating the tension building in the air. Gerard’s hand snatched it up before I could react, quickly tracing the pattern password on my phone. His eyebrows furrowed and his cocky smirk faded into a slight grimace. 

“Who’s Oli?”

“Oli texted me?”

“That’s what it says, who is he?”

“What does it say?”

’Around the corner’. Y/N who the fuck is this guy?”

“Shit shit shit,” I groaned, fast walking to my room and snatching up my heels from the floor. “He wasn’t suppose to be here until 5:30.” I was pretty much ready, but I liked having an extra thirty minutes to nitpick every detail of my outfit until I found something to fix.

“So, this Oli guy is taking you to a party,” Gerard said bitterly, grabbing his pack of cigarettes from his back pocket.

“Hey, no smoking in my apartment,” I reminded him as I smoothed out my dress, twirling in the mirror. “How do I look?”

“Fine,” he said rudely, huffing in annoyance as he put his cigarettes back in his pocket.

“Gee, please?”

“You look beautiful,” he sighed, adding a more sincere smile at the end. Even if it was forced, it was good enough for me. I beamed at him, pecking his cheek as I walked past him.

“Thank you.” I heard a honk from outside, signaling my ride was here. “I better go. Again, i’m really sorry to bail on you last minute.”

“It’s fine,” he shrugged, failing at keeping his careless attitude. 

“Next week i’ll go all out with drinks, I promise.”

He simply chuckled, striding over to my door with his head up. The apartment felt way too quiet, the only sound coming from the echoing thud of his boots against the hard wood. “Have fun,” he added before he walked out the door, attempting a smile that came out more of a thin lip grimace. I sighed as the door shut closed, shaking my hands as I grabbed my clutch. I felt terrible that I forgot to tell Gerard about the change of plans, but it felt a little nice to know he actually cared. Sometimes I never knew if Gerard really felt anything more for me than something to do on a Saturday night. How many other girls did he screw around with for fun?

I pushed that thought out of my head, I was being ridiculous. My excitement began to come back as I went down the stairs, opening the passenger door to Oli’s car. “You look amazing Y/N,” he smiled widely at me as I put on my seat belt. 

“Thanks, you look pretty sharp yourself,” I giggled, eyeing his suit. I grinned widely at the thought of how much fun tonight was going to be, forgetting more and more about Gerard with each second as we sang along to the radio and pulled out of the parking lot.

Gerard groaned and slammed his door behind him, tossing the pack of beer into his fridge a little too hard. “Fuck!” He cursed under his breath when he heard glass shatter. As if his apartment wasn’t already a mess, now he has to clean up glass shards and Corona out of his fridge. Fuck it, he thought, shrugging and closing the fridge door. Instead, he drew back the curtains to his window, narrowing his eyes at the unfamiliar, black SUV out front. He stared at the driver. He had shaggy brown hair, a nice suit and some black glasses hiding his eyes. Gerard could tell from here that he was covered in tattoos. He glanced down at his own pale arms, scrunching his nose at the spotless skin. 

He knew Y/N loved punks. If only he wasn’t terrified of needless. Was the leather jacket and combat boots not tough enough anymore? He watched as Y/N walked down the stairs and hoped in the passenger seat. “What kinda guy doesn’t open the door for her?” He said aloud. “Or knock on the door to get her instead of fucking honking?” Gerard knew he wasn’t a big sap or very romantic, but he at least knew that was not how you treat a girl on a date.

Maybe he should have took her on dates. Was that what she wanted? Him to take her to some fancy restaurant, eat over priced food and pretend to be sophisticated? He didn’t understand the appeal. How the hell was quietly eating dinner around a bunch of snobs better than laughing their asses off at some mediocre movies and sex?

That’s not your problem now, he thought bitterly. Now she has Oli to take her out and be the guy you should have been.

Oli, the fiery part of his brain scoffed. What kind of name is Oli?

The stinging sensation in his hands snapped him back into reality. He was clenching his fist so hard his knuckles began to turn white, his finger nails leaving crescent marks engraved into his palms. He groaned, rubbing his face vigorously before grabbing a fistful of his hair in a tight grip. What’s wrong with me? 

He hated how much the whole situation bothered him. He stomped into his room, snatching up the nearest CD he could get his hands on and shoving it into the DVD player, cranking his speakers up and preparing to blow his ears out. He smiled a little when he heard the beginning of Aces High, hoping his favorite album as a kid would clear his head. It didn’t, just got him a few people banging on the walls telling him to turn it down. He turned it up instead. God, he hated these people.

Gerard had been looking forward to this all week. The day where he could kick back, laugh, drink, and fuck the beauty next door. He cherished their movie nights and felt a little hurt she prioritized a date over them. 

He finally cracked and flopped down on the couch in the living room, deciding to watch the movie they were gonna watch in here instead of in his room. He told himself he was watching it out here because he was closer to alcohol, not that gnawing bitter feeling he got in his stomach when his face wasn’t pressed against the glass of the window over looking the parking lot. 

He took another swig from the yellow bottle as he scoffed at how horrible the main character’s acting was, something he would usually be clutching his stomach from laughing so hard at. The movie was a bad idea, it only made him think about how she would have reacted to everything. He flung the bottle at the wall when he thought about her cute little nose scrunching up as he playfully kissed her neck, sending greenish-yellow droplets all over the floor. Great, another spill to mop up later.

An hour went by as he typed out another text message, only to analyze it for ten minutes and delete all of it, locking his phone in defeat. That wouldn’t be clingy, right? Just a friend casually asking another friend how her date was going. The word date made him want to punch another hole in the wall. He decided not to call it that anymore.

It was ten o’clock. Ten. It’s been hours. Gerard could feel his sanity slipping as he paced circles around his couch, folding his hands together like he was cocking up a scheme. Where the hell was she? He was starting to get worried now. He never heard her talk about this Oli guy, they couldn’t be that close. What if this guy was some weirdo or a pervert? Intending to score by the end of the night.

No no no, that’s another bad thought. The mental image of that guy’s tatted hands roaming around her curves made his head pound against his skull and gave him a burning urge to knock someones teeth out. Calm down. Breathe in. Breathe out.

He threw his hands in frustration at the current battle in his mind. That was his girl out on a date…having dinner, with another guy. He had every right to be pissed.

She’s not yours, his subconscious reminded him. You can’t use some girl for a hook up and claim her.

He was really starting to hate that voice.

By 11:30, Gerard concluded that he was smitten with his neighbor. He missed her. He would be perfectly happily never hooking up with her ever again as long as he could her beautiful laugh and sarcastic commentary. Funny, he never realized how fucking cute the crinkle on her eye was when she attempted to mimic his one eyebrow raise. He would have to draw it later. When he was done drinking his sorrows and feeling sorry for himself.

It was 12:30 when he heard the gentle puffs of an exhaust pipe, followed by a quiet squeak of breaks. Gerard almost fell of his couch he tried to get up so quick. He yanked the curtains open, busting one of the rings. He added that to the endless list of things that needed to be fixed in this place. Through the torturous hours of waiting, Gerard did come up with a plan.  As soon as she got home, he would tell her how he felt and prayed it would end with him having a girlfriend. Girlfriend. The word tasted weird to him, but he didn’t care. This was the only way he could ensure she would be his and only his and he knew it would be worth putting a label and commitment on himself. He could see her perfectly in the street light as she exited the car. Gerard’s cheerful smile at her return lowered into defeated sulk.

He could see from her how happy she was, eyes gleaming in the pale light, face practically glowing, and smiling so wide he could make out her over bite. She had fun.

His grip on the doorknob loosened as she walked past his door, hearing her hum happily to herself. Would it really be right to do this to her? Confess his feelings when she clearly just had a great date? Gerard suddenly felt self conscious for the first time years. Ever since he hardened all of his feelings and became a total dick to anyone and every one, he never cared what anyone thought. He was Gerard fucking Way and knew he was a badass, so why need some one to dictate his self worth? But now, his palms were starting to sweat and his heels tapped anxiously against the hard wood. 

What if she really liked this guy? What if she didn’t immediately smile like she always did when their eyes met? What if she didn’t give him those wide, heart eyes like she did when he brought her her mail every morning? He didn’t know if he could take it.

The clinking of her keys snapped him out of his trance. Now or never. With one last deep breath, he flung the door open. She was just going inside, shutting the door behind her. He stopped the swinging door just in time, snatching her hand and pulling her into his chest. She squeaked in surprise as Gerard kissed her deeply, hoping he could somehow pour all of his emotions into it. She relaxed when she saw it was him, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing back with equal force. “Well hello to you to,” she giggled when they pulled away, tossing her clutch onto the couch.

“We need to talk,” he said immediately before he could chicken out, shutting the door securely behind him. 

“Everything okay?” She asked with a small frown, pulling a water out of her fridge.

“Yes, well no, um okay, I’e been an asshole lately. I thought what we had was great. Y’know, you’re like my best friend who gives me blow jobs and I love it and thought that’s all i wanted. But it’s not, it’s really not. I’m sorry it took me watching another guy take you out, but I was going fucking crazy here. I need you baby, I need you as my girl and not some fuck buddy like I thought I wanted. I love you, Y/N. In every possible way.” He let out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding once he finished his rant, feeling like a five hundred pound just got lifted off his shoulders.

“You thought I was on a date?” She said in between laughs, dabbing her eyes to avoid smearing her makeup. “With Oli?”

“Well yeah…” He felt embarrassed at how hard she was laughing and began to shift uncomfortably. “What’s so funny?” He huffed, crossing his arms.

“That wasn’t a date. Oli is my cousin, he was giving me a ride to my Grandparent’s anniversary party.”

“He’s your cousin,” Gerard confirmed, feeling a little embarrassed at the mix up but his jittery happiness at the thought of him being the only guy in her life repressed it.


“No date?”

“No date.” He smiled widely at that, trying his best to fight off the urge to ravish her right then and there. “I loved your little love proclamation though, really sappy coming from you,” she teased, giving him a subtle wink as he wrapped his arms around her waist. 

“You liked that baby?” He mumbled into her ear, smirking when he felt her shudder against him.

“I love the way you say that.”

“I love calling you that. You’re all mine now,” he said matter of factly, breathing in the flowery smell of her perfume. 

“How about a movie and some beers? I’m sure Bob’s is closed but I got some pizza kits in the cupboard if you want to make some?” She offered.

“Sounds great, nothing I would rather be doing on a Saturday night.” And for the first time in a very long time, Gerard Way actually meant it.

PSA: On Android 8.1 as it is now, forgetting your screen lock PIN/Pattern/password will permanently brick your device.Here’s the story of how this happened, if anyone’s interested.I upgraded through the beta program to 8.1 so I could use VoLTE and HD voice on AT&T with my Pixel 2 XL, which worked. Due to another really boring story, I forgot my new unlock pattern. I couldn’t get in via Android Device Manager, because it no longer removes your current lock, so I factory data reset my device, thinking that Factory Reset Protection would ask for my google password and all would be well.Well, as of 8.1, it doesn’t any longer. Now, instead, Factory Reset Protection asks you for you “previously used secret” and gives no option to change the input from pattern (in my case) to anything else. Google technical support confirmed this by requesting I factory reset again, and then replacing my device via RMA.I also tried flashing 8.0 factory images, and even downgrading my device doesn’t work. I get an error from fastboot that is virtually ungoogleable. It says FAILED (remote: check device console)I’m not looking for help in any way, I just wanted to warn everyone on the beta, and that this may be a sign of things to come in the future of Android.