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Wim Neels spring—summer 1998.

Wim Neels, who has tailoring in his blood, graduated from the Academy of Antwerp in 1988. He worked as Walter Van Beirendonck’s assistant for 5 years and was a finalist for the Golden Spindle awards in 1991.

His first collection of womenswear was launched in March 1991, followed by his first menswear collection in 1996.

Wim Neels is at his best when he gives us his vision on the ‘basics’ of the western wardrobe. He produces all the pieces either men or women could ever need: suits, coats, shirts, trousers, skirts and knitwear.

His garments differ from standard basics in that their cut and tailoring are absolutely superior. They look simple, but are never plain. This is fashion that tends to suggest rather than display its presence.

His motto, ‘Past Present Future’, is applicable to both collections. Old and new techniques are used to produce the clothes. Old materials are transformed into contemporary models by his handling of them. At the same time, he uses old pattern techniques with new materials. What once was menswear is ‘mutated’ into womenswear by its styling.

So the interchangeability of the two collections relates both to the use of materials and to the modelling. The same materials are often used for both collections, ranging from rough — like wool, to soft — like silk. There are identical items in both collections in terms of design. It’s up to the wearer to decide to what extent the garment is masculine or feminine. The pieces from both collections are therefore easy to combine. In the end, he sees them both in the same way and works them out with the same vision.

The only detail that makes it easy for the cognoscenti to identify a top immediately as a Wim Neels design is the label sewn on the outside; rather than conveying the name of a posh fashion house, it states matter-of-factly what the garment is: Blouson. Caban. Cache-Poussière.

Hoseok Drabble: Hopeless Romantic?

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It was a normal date, just the both of you, at the beach. The sun just went down, a light burnt sienna caressing every inch of the exposed horizon, as your eyes reflect the glitter of the first star for the night.

Your hands were intertwined resting comfortably on Hoseoks lap, a figer cutting loose of the hold, lazily tracing patterns on the material of his jeans.

“This feels nice” you mumble leaning your head against his chest, taking in the delicious scent of his cologne, a very distinct one at that, one that you grew to love with time.

“Can we do this all day?”

You giggle at his words, just the thought of the both of you lazing around in each other’s presence wasn’t the worst idea ever, and only fed the warm feeling that had been slowly burning you up from within.

You untangled your fingers, letting them trail up his thighs, slowly, but with just enough pressure to leave him wanting more. Resting right next to his crotch, you couldn’t help yourself, as you leaned into whisper into his ears all the dirty things the both of you could do with that alone time.

With just you, and him. You’d let him do whatever he wanted, you’d beg for him, plead for him. Please him all day if he wanted. And you’d do that just for Hoseok. You wanted his hands to lavish the expanse of you under his lustful eyes. You wanted to feel euphoric, but he’s the only one who could make you feel that way.

He stiffened up at your words, hands clenching into fists, and for a split second you swear you could see the crimson fire of desire in his orbs.

The next thing you know, you’re in the car. With a very frustrated Hoseok. And your small ministrations against him, the little twirl of your fingers at the nape of his neck. The way your hands glided down his thighs. The very not-so-subtle lips bites every time you look at him through the mirrors. It was all too much, a rather drastic change of atmosphere if you must say.

You barged in the door your body pressed against the wall, with a very animalistic Hoseok, his lips that were now hovering over yours, and his eyes that have only been fueling the imagination in his head as he wants you writhing under him..

“Why do you always do this to me?” He whispers beside your ears, sending shrills down your spine. “Do you really like doing this?” His words weren’t humane, rather each slur of the tongue came out as a drawn out grunt. His voice having falling an octave lower, the deepness already making heat pool in your panties.

Under his touches, as each finger laces over every inch of skin that it can find, his teasing lips that still wouldn’t give you what you wanted for so long, it became a struggle to speak up.

“What can I say? I’m a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind.” Pulling him roughly by the collar, you try to look into his eyes filled with lust and impatience, as the scorching heat emitting from his lips only call for your attention.

You see him roll his eyes, the playfulness in him returning back to it’s normal state, but just another trigger and you could’ve sworn he’d tie you down the next minute.

“What ever you say, now can we go back to what we were doing?”

“If it means more of that then I wouldn’t mind it.” Teasingly running your tongue over your lips, you don’t divert your attention from his luscious lips either. But a clear laugh escape his lips, that quirk up to the bright smile that you had fallen in love with.

The next thing you know, you’re body is literally thrown on the bed, and at that moment you swear to god, you could spend an eternity with this man.


as Kairi showed off her new hoodie, cries of “Already???” and “WTF THAT WAS FAST” echoed throughout the fandom

The anniversary art inspired me so much that I started work on the hoodie and shirt the same day. The rest of the outfit is just other things I happened to have in my house that I thought would work as a potential design. 
Photos by Chibi Dude Cosplay


Are you a good or a bad girl? 

Rest in peace good and bad girl sweater! Approximately 1020 people has this sweater, but I felt it was time to say goodbye to this as I’m no longer happy with the mesh. 

Whichever you choose: each sweater has 3 recolourable channels (only shadowed texture, which gives you the ability to choose any material or pattern you’d like), the mesh is made by me and has a polycount around 3,6k.

I hope you like it, and if you take any photos with this please tag @simplysiv to show me! ♥

there’s enough “funny and relatable” comic artists out there who are doing a very good job, let me draw about how gay and lazy I am in peace


Peggy Schuyler’s Costumes in Hamilton (with bonus Maria Reynolds)

Peggy actually has the fewest costume changes out of the three sisters, partially because she becomes Maria Reynolds in the second act. 

Like Eliza and Angelica, she wears a different yellow gown for the wedding, the main change in style being the zone front jacket for Broadway and the checked pattern for the Public.

I wanted to find a picture of Jasmine in her Finale dress where she was more centered, but I decided to go with the one that showed the details better.

A New Shock Absorber Design

This new compression design could be the thing that keeps you out of the auto body shop next time you accidentally back into an unseen post. The prototype above is a 3-D printed, 3.5-inch nylon structure that can repeatedly absorb the energy of a 100 mph fastball in 0.03 seconds.

Mechanical engineers at the University of Texas at Austin weren’t content with the shock absorbers commonly used in automobiles, football helmets, aerospace applications and military gear. Even the newer honeycomb-patterned materials, which can compress only once during the force of a collision, weren’t good enough. 

So they rethought what happens when an object gets crushed and came up with a structure they call a negative-stiffness honeycomb, which can absorb energy from an impact and then return to its original shape. Read more and see an infographic below.

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W.I.P. - Shay’s Red Undercoat

That first sleeve test got lots of flaws, but the the design still got potential.

- The zipper system works as intended and allow me to put the coat on without having to remove the doll’s hands. I will have to test it out with an invisible zipper too.
- The Cuffs will need to have their own pattern since the material will be inverted and they’ll require some additional adjustments too.
- I forgot about the fact that my bjd got no armpit. The sleeve coat fits well as long as I don’t raise the arms. This said, I will need to modify the pattern so the whole coat won’t be lifted up each time those arms are going to get in the air.

Overall, it’s a lot of work, but I’m confident I can find a way for this to fit!


Ce premier test de manche est plein de défauts, mais le design a du potentiel.

- Le système de fermeture éclair fonctionne comme prévu et me permet de mettre la manche sans avoir à enlever les mains de la poupée.  Je vais devoir l'essayer avec une fermeture invisible.
- Les poignets vont devoir être sur un patron séparé, puisque le tissus sera inversé, et doivent être ajustés.
- J'ai oublié le fait que les bjd n'ont pas d'aisselles.  La manche du manteau fait bien tant que je ne relève pas les bras. Cela dit, je vais devoir modifier le patron afin the le manteau ne se relève pas à chaque fois que ces bras seront en l'air.

En général, ce sera beaucoup de travail, mais j'ai confiance que je peux trouver une façon de tout faire fonctionner.


Since I’ve become more serious about making custom prayer beads and other devotional jewelry through my shop Sister Wednesday, I’ve received an incredible amount of support. To thank you, I’m holding a giveaway!

I will be giving away one custom, necklace-sized set of prayer beads, for the deity, spirit, or theme of your choosing. This will be entirely custom, like my usual commissions, and valued at about $50. I take your input about colors, materials, patterns, and aesthetics, and transform that into a set of prayer beads uniquely for you.

To enter, please be following proserpinas-garden and reblog this post. That’s it! 

I will choose a winner Sunday, February 1st so you have until then to enter.

I am also open for regular commissions through the shop, OR use coupon code “TUMBLR” for 10% off any listed items.

Thanks and good luck!