pattern making

Idk if y'all will really care for posts like this but this is an example of how I plan out my crochets. This one shows my work on a blue/violet saucy pattern Magikarp. It’s a really simple one because all I have to worry about is modifying the color changes based on the standard pattern I’d made already.


A big ol’ OC dump, I want to try and do more with these guys, make some paintings and stuff. (Poppy was in the teapot painting a while back) They’re a bunch of graduate art students trying to navigate life ;3.

-Trent- he/him (transguy)- a wannabe concept artist, he wants to get into one of the big companies, but its a tough industry- so he works in the local garden centre part time.

-Tess- she/her- (transgirl) She’s doin’ really well making pattern based artwork for greeting cards and stationary, her parents are proud as heck :p. She’s gotten a few of her things into the fancier chain stores, as well as local arty shops.

- Alex- they/them (agender) They’re assistant manager in the record store, and a big fan of obscure indie music (they pretty much impressed the boss into giving them a job.) A fine art graduate, they work big and abstract and participate in local shows sometimes.

-Poppy- she/her (nb) She spends most of her time working in the studio space with Tess, she does soft colourful stuff for children’s books, but also volunteers in the charity shop a couple of times a week (and gets…a lot of her clothes from there).

-Kit- she/her- She’s actually the only non artist, she works in the cafe at the garden centre, and met Trent there (he has a big obvious crush on her). She’s since been absorbed into the friend group, but she doesn’t live in the same flat. She’s slightly obsessed with motorbikes.

[a note about the lineup- there’s two Poppys because I wanted to draw alternate outfits, and I got lazy after her…] [also Poppy and Tess are nearing 6 foot and make everyone else look TINY]


How to use Draping Tape by BritxBrat2Fashion



Took my Sluguenda babu plush out for a perfect Autumn photoshoot :D 

I was very sad at first because I made a lot of mistakes and it didn’t come out like I thought it would, but I know how to do it better next time but this first plushie will be most special. :> My bf couldn’t resist her either…xD

I hope Dan and Phil enjoyed their ten year long Florida vacation (and specifically for Dan, his 3 second excursion to the Bahamas)


A quick video I put together to help explain how darts work in plush patterning. I plan to do more on different subjects. Next on my list is gussets, but it will have to wait until I have more time


oops i made a cute seagull (available in my etsy shop!)


Skull hood laying cling wrap 4, 1/3


Skull hood ears 4, 3/3