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THANK YOU FOR CONTRIBUTING TO THE BUNS. YOU ARE AMAZING. I LOVE YOU. (Also the fact that you thought about the pattern he would like makes me so happy and I'm sure it made Harry feel so good as well because you were so thoughtful.)

id like to think harry’s face lit up when i gave him the scrunchie he definitely liked the pattern! i chose it because it reminded me of that one shirt he wore in the four photo shoot :’)

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Why does everyone say you gain weight when going vegan? It's a healthier lifestyle so wouldn't it make sense to lose weight, if anything? I'm not coming from a restrictive past at all but people have still told me I will gain weight!

Here’s the thing, most people gain weight because they come from restrictive pasts or eating disorders. When you go hungry/starve during your ED, your body loses trust in you and stores every single food you eat as fat to prepare for the next famine. Obviously, when it doesn’t recieve food, it burns the previous fat storage which is why restriction causes you to lose weight. When you start eating normally again in recovery, your body still doesn’t trust you and continues to store food as fat, thus the initial weight gain. However, if your body is consistently being nourished, it should find a balance and return to its natural patterns, if that makes sense at all. Also, most vegans were not raised vegans and tortured our bodies for years on end consuming highly acidic and difficult digesting animal products. This damages your body’s metabolism and functions, and takes time to heal. The healing process can include weight gain and a detox period xx


I know it’s late(for me, anyway), but I just had to share this!

This is the plush that I’ve been working on and vauge blogging about!  Cait Sith from Final Fantasy 7!  I absolutely love how he came out!  He’s part of an art trade I got to do with xehanortofficial, so yay! (all you lovely pumpkins need to go follow her, her art is amazing!)

As with a lot of posts I make of this nature, there is a pattern.  Here’s a link to said pattern.  If you make a Cait with my pattern, I’d love to see it!

Hey everybody commissions are up!

I’m opening up commissions again for Art and Stuffed animals!

I do Dragons 5 USD or 50gems or 8750treasure(Flight Rising Currency)

People  10 USD or 100gems or 17500treasure(Flight Rising Currency)

And  Line art 7USD or 70gems or  12250treasure (Flight Rising Currency)

My stuffed animals are all on but don’t worry if you want something I dont have I can make a pattern for almost anything!

I do not take Flight Rising Currency for Stuffed animals


In this tutorial, I go over the three different types of drafting I employ in my work along with some of the basic tools. Part 2 on how to do a basic sloper coming soon!

You can find the video of the draping of my Eevee costume here -

You can find the book mentioned in the tutorial here -

You can see the Full version of the tutorial on my DeviantArt -

Plush Making (Patterning) Advice 2.0

I get asked this a lot so here is a re-post!  Under a cut cause it is long.

Also here is a master post on fabric I use for plushies!  (From how they sew, stretch, where to get them, and where I use them when).

I give a lot of advice here on how to do things based on my experiences, but the only way to get good at making plush is to DO IT!  You gotta try, fail, experiment, try again, fail better.  And while I only talk about general construction here, a lot of a quality looking plush besides design is quality materials (and getting used to how to sew them!) and sewing neatly by hand / machine.

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How I Draft A Pattern

It’s midnight. I can’t sleep. So I figured I’d do this.

First, I sketch up a view. Usually a side view facing left because I’m boring.

So here’s my sketch. It’s a cockatiel gryphon. I’ve seen a couple before and I think they’re pretty damn majestic. But you’ll notice that my sketch looks different than sketch that you’d use for artwork. I’m thinking in patterns (or trying to!) I’ve tried to separate off main parts. Body, head, beak, wings, tail, legs, crest, ears. For this plush I am planning on thread jointing the legs so I plan on how they will look laid on top of the body rather than connected to it.

Next, I start tracing individual pattern pieces. directly onto the sketch. In some cases I change the shape a bit. I also started labeling because I thought I might digitize this properly, but decided against it.

I also start thinking of ways to make these 2D shapes into 3D. Hovering above the beak is a gusset for it. I totally have this page bookmarked.

For the head I decide I will use a basic 4 sphere pattern. Here’s another great bookmark. I’ll just size it to fit my cockatiel plush.

I also decide I will draft the feet separately from a top down direction.

Here’s my foot and I’m starting the belly gusset. I decide how thick I want the belly to be, half it, and draw a line about that far away from the bottom of the body shape. I’m just eyeballing it, I can always adjust it later if I want it to be too fat.

Now, you could just trace the bottom part, flip it on the line, and call it good enough. But I extend the gusset out a bit to also add 3D to the butt area and the chest.

Now when you pull the pieces all off, you will have something that resembles a pattern. Though I notice I forgot to include the foot in this picture.

Now I will test the pattern by making a junk plush out of cheap fabric. For me that will be fleece. I will even use the right colors because I’m feeling confident, this is a simple, small pattern.

I will take note of any changes, alter the pattern pieces with tape and magic, and then test again. Or make a final if I’m feeling confident. Then the last version of the pieces will get scanned back in to my computer to be digitized.

Depending on how bad this insomnia is, that could be done tonight, or it could take me a few days to find time.

Also, guys, please don’t just trace this pattern. It’s not actually tested to do anything  yet. And you wont actually LEARN anything by just tracing what I did. This is to show you the method so you can try yourself with your own designs. Also stealing is just plain rude.

Cosplay 101: Using Patterns

Some cosplayers/costumers prefer making their own patterns while others rely on factory made patterns.  Myself?  I’m in the middle.  I do both and I also alter factory made patterns to fit my needs.  Whatever your preferred method may be, here’s a tidbit of info on the patterns offered out there. 

If you just aren’t into making your own patterns or know where to start, factory made patterns may be your best option.  But which brand should you use?!  There are quite a few brands available and each one has it’s pros and cons. 

Simplicity - As the name suggests, Simplicity makes beginner friendly patterns.  The instructions are easy to follow and include illustrations with each step (for the most part).  If you’ve never used a pattern in your life, I recommend starting here.  They have a great selection and also offer historically accurate patterns!

Vogue - The best part about Vogue is that they have a skill level for each available pattern: Very Easy, Easy, Average and Advanced.  And trust me when they say “advanced” they mean it!  Make sure you’re comfortable using patterns before venturing into this skill level.  The instructions with Vogue are a bit harder to follow than most but not terribly difficult.  Vogue also offers a lot of vintage inspired patterns and actual vintage patterns from their own line!  Again, check your skill level rating!

McCalls/Butterick - I grouped these two together because they are very similar.  They have some great clothing patterns but when it comes to costumes, the quality of the pattern is definitely “costume” quality.  You may find yourself making more alterations than you wanted when using McCalls or Butterick costume patterns.  Still, both companies are OK for beginners.

Kwik Sew - Need dance wear or intimate-type apparel?  Kwik Sew is great!  I’ve used many of their patterns and I personally love that they are printed on paper and not tissue.  Kwik Sew is on a intermediate level, you definitely need experience before picking up one of these.

Burda - I love the designs that Burda offers but let me tell you, these are the MOST difficult patterns to follow.  They do not include illustrations and the directions are all over the place.  When I use Burda, I usually only do so when planning to alter a pattern.  They are not beginner friendly and I wouldn’t even put them in the intermediate level.  You may want to look at one out of the package before committing to purchase!  That being said, they also offer some really nice historical patterns and world fashions.

That covers the most popular brands!  And remember if you can’t find a pattern out there for your project, don’t be afraid to try sketching your own!  There are tons of tutorials and online classes to guide you in the right direction.  You may even find a class offered at your local craft store.  The best way to try pattern making is to do just that, TRY IT!  It’s not as hard as you think. ;)