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Hi! I’m a new SNS art/fic/???/… blog! An amateur artist (as you can tell from the pic above lol) and cringe-worthy fanfic writer(i will NOT expose my loser AO3′s identity). I’m here to give these two idiots and the fandom as much love as my cold heart can.  ❤️

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“T” 》The Shirt


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Something very quick and stupid. It was funnier in my head pffft.

Merry Christmas all!!

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If the elgang were bullet hell/danmaku bosses, what would their fight be like? In case I wasn't specific enough, what would their "bullet pattern" be like? And how difficult are they?

Elsword’s bullet pattern is probably the easiest of the bunch, being the first boss, or a tutorial boss of a sort. His patterns are straightforward and simple, easy to dodge if you’re a veteran at the the game. He’s a lot harder to handle once you find the mode that makes him take things a little more seriously.

Aisha’s is flashy, she tends to put in a lot of stars and hearts in her bullet patterns to make things look nice. She tries to fill up the whole screen with colorful and pretty things.

Rena will use homing attacks on you. You’d have to do things like circle around in order to dispel her homing attacks. She’ll also summon a lot of arrows, some of which will linger and bounce off the screens, potentially catching your character off guard.

Raven will try and play mind tricks on his bullet patterns, making it easily confusing on what and where to dodge.

Eve has a flora themed pattern. Her boss fights make her bullets shape itself like flowers, and her skills are named after species of them. She will eventually use her hyperactive as a last minute resort.

Chung’s patterns resemble wolves, in a sort. There’s one particular pattern that has a “wolf” chase after you, leaving bullets to dodge in its wake.

Ara is very flashy with her patterns, and she will switch to Eun halfway throughout the fight. From there on it gets quicker and flashier.

Elesis, like her brother, is straightforward with her patterns. She’s just a lot more faster and a lot more screen filling.

Add uses his hyperactive at the very start of his battle. His bullet patterns, though it looks complicated, are actually easy to avoid. They have a single, easy to follow solution which just requires knowing where to move and what to do once you position yourself in the right spot.

Lu will appear with Ciel, though throughout the fight, the duo will switch themselves to fight you multiple times. At the halfway mark, they’ll start to double up on you, with both of them appearing on the screen together to fight.

Ciel first appears as a miniboss in an attempt to stop the player from reaching Lu. He moves around a lot in an attempt to catch you off guard and potentially trap you from getting hit.

Rose is pure danmaku mode, meaning she puts out a fuck ton of bullets on the screen, overwhelming you and forcing you to use bombs a lot. Yes, she is aiming to kill you instead of being flashy.

Ain’s stage must be unlocked after completing certain tasks. His fight is really… bright. Blindingly bright.

so after seeing moana my brother got really excited and he said he really wanted to see a nigerian princess story so naturally i’ve been obsessing over this idea for the last 5 days and i want to surprise him with this!

so this my (yoruba) nigeria princess idea….she’s named after the sun and the story is based off a story my parents told me as a kid about an animal in the forest who stole the sun and she has to get it back…or not because im not sure if that story actually exists or if i made it up


How to make Tiramisu.

The first thing to do is to make the coffee soaking syrup. I made a strong coffee, approximately 150ml worth, and added 30g sugar. Place in a fridge and once cooled, I added 50ml disaronno, however this is optional. 

To make the marscapone cream, there are three stages. 

First, whisk 200g double cream until firm peaks. Set aside. 

Make the Sabayon. Sabayon is basically like an Italian meringue made with egg yolk. Place 3 egg yolk in a mixer with a whisk attachment. In a pan, bring to the boil 60g sugar and 40ml water. At this stage, start whisking the yolks. Once the liquid has been boiling for approximately 5 minutes, (it should’ve reduced by almost half) pour this into the whisking yolk by dribbling it down the inside of the bowl. It is important that the liquid does not hit the moving whisk- since it will splash everywhere and potentially make sugar nests! Allow the mixture to whisk until it forms a ribbon like consistency. (See third photo.)

The second stage is to combine the sabayon and mascarpone. In a separate bowl, weigh 200g mascarpone. Beat this with a rubber spatula to make smooth. To this, add roughly 1/3 of the sabayon and beat with the spatula until fully incorporated. Once smooth, add the remaining sabayon.  

Lastly, fold in the whisked double cream in two halves. It is important not to fold in all the double cream in one go- as it will lose the aeration. (See fourth photo for finished cream.)

To build the tiramisu, I cut out the sponge with a round cutter which fit the individual moulds. Line the base with the sponge and using a pastry brush, I soaked the sponges with the coffee syrup. I then piped a layer of the mascarpone cream, followed by another layer of soaked sponge. The second layer of mascarpone cream is the top, so I decided to pipe a pattern- it usually looks rather nice once the cocoa powder is dusted on. 

Place in the fridge for at least an hour, and this can be enjoyed on the day, or even the day after.