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Calico Cats are Female

Since I saw another fic writer calling a boy cat a calico…. here’s a tidbit of information some of you may not know!

The calico fur pattern is a Sex-Linked Trait - as in a kitty has to have two X chromosomes in order to get that distinctive Black+White+Orange fur. No calico cat will be a boy (unless they’ve got an abnormality between their chromosomes and apparent biological sex i.e. an XXY or an XX with a male-seeming body.)


Enamelware Museum and Cultural Centre in Shanghai

Perforated-aluminium screens zigzag around the walls of this cylindrical arts museum in Shanghai, which was designed by Wutopia Lab and features a 1970s-style rockery. Local architecture studio Wutopia Lab was asked to create the museum for the former manager of an enamelware factory, who wanted a space to showcase Chinese craft products – including metalware decorated with elaborate enamel patterns. 

Follow the Source Link for images sources and more information.

Hummingbird Pattern

Hi!  I got a request for the pattern to my hummingbird, and I definitely think the world needs more hummingbirds in it, so I’m going to give it a go! Unfortunately, I did a lot of guesstimating as I went, so this is not the best pattern I’ve ever written up :-/. As usual, if anyone uses this pattern, please link back to my page, and also send me a picture! I’d love to see what people make!

 I used a 3mm hook, and the pink and white were just scrap yarns I had lying around (probably Red Heart Super Saver). Frustratingly, I can’t find the green yarn that I used! I think maybe… when I bought it the lady kept the label when she wound it? (I am definitely outing myself as a yarn noob, I mostly buy the cheap stuff and getting it wound up like that was a new experience for me!)

If anyone recognizes it, help me out because I’d like to know too! It’s a very pretty green/brown that looks a bit glossy, frays easily, and is a little thinner than Red Heart Super Saver yarns…

Okay on to the pattern!


The idea behind the body is that I made a small dome for the head, then unevenly added increases to the back and decreases to the front to make the body arch backwards, then decrease so that it came back down to a point. For the color changes, I didn’t end up having it look perfectly smooth, but I just made the change each time as I saw it lining up. Also, I made mine a key chain, which is totally optional, the only thing I did was after starting the magic circle, I used the excess yarn to tie through the metal loop.

  • green yarn: 6 sc in a magic circle
  • green yarn: (1 sc, 1 inc) x 6 to make 12 stitches
  • green yarn: (2 sc, 1 inc) x 6 to make 18 stitches
  • green yarn: (3 scs, 1 inc) x 6 to make 24 stitches
  • green yarn: 24 sc 

From here on out, almost all the rows have a color change in them - I just picked one side to be the front and always aligned the colors to each other, to me it didn’t matter if it was at the start of a row or in the middle, as long as the changes match up.

  • green: 13 sc, pink 11 sc (24 stitches)
  • green: 13 sc, pink 11 sc (24 stitches)

After these rows, it starts to feel a bit complicated, but again it was just increasing on the back and decreasing on the front to make the back sweep away from the head - I know that seems counterintuitive, but it’s just the way crochet works, it basically makes the tube shear instead of curve, if that makes sense. - I usually spaced each increase and decrease out with one sc in between.

  • decrease 2x on pink, 2x on sides, increase 3x on green, and have one more pink on each side (23 stitches total - 13 pink, 10 green)
  • decrease 2x on pink, 2x on sides, increase 3x on green, and have one more pink on each side  (22 stitches total - 15 pink, 7 green)
  • white yarn same as pink row, increase 2x on green (24 stitches total - 15 white, 9 green)

at this point, i inserted two 6 mm safety eyes between the row of green and the first row of pink, about one stitch in from the start of the pink. I also just used a black sharpie marker to draw the black line at the green and pink division between the eyes. Here’s the head so far compared to a Google image search picture - the beak is just a toothpick that I’m using as a placeholder, I’ll put the stuff for the beak under the rest of the body pattern, but importantly, DON’T COMPLETE THE BODY BEFORE ADDING THE BEAK - Continuing with the body:

  • white same, increase 3x in green (27 stitches total - 15 white, 12 green)
  • white same, increase 3x in green (30 stitches total - 15 white, 15 green)
  • replicate above row: (30 stitches total - 15 white, 15 green)
  • decrease 1 in white  at the front (29 stitches total - 14 white, 15 green)
  • decrease 1 on each the side to make it more symmetric (i needed on in green, on in white (27 stitches total, 13 white, 14 green)
  • decrease 1 w on each side, (25 stitches total, 11 white, 14 green)
  • decrease 1 w on each side, (23 stitches total, 9 white, 14 green) 
  • decrease 1 w on each side, inc 1 in green (22 stitches total, 7 white, 15 green)
  • decrease 1 white on each side (20 stitches total, 5 white, 15 green)
  • decrease 1 white on each side (18 stitches total, 3 white, 15 green)
  • decrease 3 green, crochet completely in green (12 stitches)
  • (1 sc, 1 dec) x6 to make 6 stitches
  • end in a point by skipping stitches until closed.


Okay, you should probably add the beak in around row 10ish, but I just kept all the body together for continuity. I experimented a bit with the beak, trying for different looks. Eventually I used a ~ 2in scrap of black yarn and painted 1 inch of it with clear nail polish so that it became stiff - I’m pretty sure there are better methods for stiffening yarn, but this worked ok for me. I then threaded the unstiffened bit into the piece and tied it tightly before stuffing.

^Wings (make two!):

These were tough, I will definitely admit that I didn’t get them to look quite even, and took terrible notes on how I managed it. One piece of advice is to make both before attaching, so that if they end up way too different, you can make a third and choose which it matches the most closely to!

  • 6 foundation sc (foundation single crochets are great and look up a tutorial if you don’t know them, they changed my life!)
  • This got a bit weird: I turned the piece and then did 5 foundation sc perpendicular to the first 6 - basically instead of going back across the fsc’s after turning, I pulled a loop through the first stitch, then foundation sc’d and continued outward as if that was my first stitch…

 This made that wide angled underside of the wings. Now each time I crocheted a row, I sort of messily hooked in the first row of fsc (the one that is perpendicular to the row you just made) until I couldn’t any longer… I’m sorry this isn’t the best explanation, but crochet is a magical wonderful art that is very lenient to fudging, so please go at it bravely!

  • turn, sc 6 (leave one off at the end)
  • turn, sc 5 (leave one off at the end)
  • turn, sc 4 (leave one off at the end)
  • turn, sc 3 (leave one off at the end)
  • turn, sc 2 (leave one off at the end) 

I sewed the wings on at where the white met the green, attaching it at least several stitches so they weren’t too flimsy - for me the wings curl a bit but I suspect with different yarn or with some blocking they’d stand out straighter.


Similar deal with the tail as the wings I’m afraid - I fudged this a lot, and it isn’t symmetric, but when I sewed in onto the body I curved it around so that any asymmetry was basically hidden.

  • foundation sc 5
  • turn the piece and foundation sc 8 perpendicular to the first 5
  • 10 rows of 8 hdc - the half double crochets make the more undulating shape, and each time I came to the other row of 5 I messily hooked them in, which is why the shape turned out slightly narrower at the top than at the bottom. The narrower top is what I wrapped around the point of the hummingbird body and sewed it on, again it was a bit curled but I think it looked better that way.

And that is it! I think the biggest thing is that with each part I didn’t aim too much for perfection, the body can be squished and the wings and tail aren’t perfect, but I think overall it gives it some character! Good luck, and please feel free to message me if you have questions on the pattern, I know this one is not the most straightforward…

These are 2 Rainbow Pride Bats I made this past week and they are for sale on my etsy.  18" wingspan.  They are ready to go to their new homes. :)   Thanks for looking!  Pattern by BeeZeeArt. Link for pink bat:…/514778611/pink-rainbow-pride-bat
Link for blue bat:…/514778853/blue-rainbow-pride-bat
Sequin Mermaid Pillow Case as stim toy

My little sister got one of these and I thought it was really cool, and then I realized that these could be used as a visual and tactile stim that you or others might like!

I’m not sure if this is acceptable as a submission, since it’s not exactly a review since it’s not a toy I’ve personally stimmed with (besides for a few seconds that my sister let me).

Also if you’re not wanting to click the link for any reason (like worried about viruses) you can look up “Sequin Mermaid Pillow Case” and it should show up on amazon, or other retailers.

The ones linked are $7.82, almost 8 USD, but there are others more expensive or cheaper depending on the seller. (Usually only a dollar or two in difference of price but I could be wrong.)

(Mod note: there’s thirteen different colour combinations/patterns available at the link and even more pillow options in the “customers who also bought this item” section.)

I also realized you could put something like a Squishie, something weighted, or some other types of stim/fidget toys in one of these to make it even more interactive!

These do not come with a pillow inside of them, so be aware of that if you plan on using it as it’s intended purpose.

[image description: stock image of a mottled blue and green sequin pillow shown with a line-drawing fish shape (body, eye and tail) outlined in black sequins. The sequins are sewn on as overlapping scales, giving a fish or lizard scale textured appearance. The sequins are arranged so the colours change when one runs a hand over the pillow, changing the alignment of the sequins.]

Mod note: awesome submission, @imamodokay​! Thank you, because that pillow case is gorgeous! As a kid, I used to draw pictures with my finger on the outside skin of my suede or sheepskin ugg boots before running my hand over the boot to realign the short fibres and draw again, and this pillow looks like that with even more texture added by the sequins. So stimmy!

You could also fill it with part poly stuffing, part plastic pellets or rice (and something scented like dried lavender heads) to make the ultimate stimmy weighted lap pad

(Informative or non-review submissions are absolutely fine: they help the community learn what products exist and have conversations on the suitability of these items. Submissions on items that aren’t sold as stim toys but have stimmy purposes are especially fabulous. I know I’ve walked past an item never thinking about how I might stim with it only for someone else to point out its potential.)

ETA: the lovely @laurelfixation says,

i have one of these! in the white/greeny/goldy/pinkish colourway, probably not the exact same listing but i would assume they are all coming from the same manufacturer anyway. I’ve experienced one or two sequins falling off and the seams are kinda messy/irregular so if you hate stuff like that probably don’t get it, but as a visual and texture stim it is WONDERFUL, it also makes a slight crunching/rustling sound when you poke it or flip the sequins, which i enjoy.

Thank you for this fabulous addition!

The Nursery Patch Baby Blanket -
@lianne_de_vries just completed her very own Nursery Patch Baby Blanket. I absolutely love seeing this blanket in pink!!! Your work is beautiful Lianne :-) You can contact Lianne for a custom version of this blanket or get the crochet pattern through my profile link and make your very own! -

#babyblanket #HiddenMeadowCrochet #crochetpattern

#Repost @lianne_de_vries with @repostapp
・・・ I just finished the Nursery Patch blanket, and I’m in love 😍

Pattern is by the lovely @hiddenmeadowcrochet.
If you like to buy this sweet babyblanket, or if you want me to make custom one, please feel free to contact me.

Some Lady Power Love

Today I was reminded of this brilliant moment:

so I took a little liberty and made this:

Then I figured other people might like to make one so here’s a pattern:

Here’s a link to the downloadable version.

Pass it along. 

(and I never read the comments so if you feel like going on a Trump rant you can save your finger strength for someone who gives a shit) #ImWithHer

The Sugar Sprout Baby Hat Crochet Pattern -
This little hat pattern gives you multiple creative options as it has two edgings and two choices for finishing the top. -

The pattern comes in two sizes: newborn x-small/small and newborn medium/large. Drops Nepal wool and alpaca blend yarn used for hats in pictures and uses less than a skein to complete either size. -

You can find this pattern through my profile link. - #crochetpattern #HiddenMeadowCrochet #babyhat

Calling on fellow Knitters!

Hey guys. So I just bought @knitpool‘s female doll knitting pattern. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for designing a knitpool doll sized vest/corset and long coat so I can make a Wanda Maximoff doll? I’ve already got the body done, and I’m working on the arms. I have links to patterns for both the pants and the shoes, but I need something to cover her upper body. If anyone would be willing to help, please send me a message or just reblog this post!

(for those who might be wondering, I wanna make the outfit slightly inspired by the one she wears in Captain America: Civil War)

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