pattern for sale


I would like to sell art prints for about $15-20 (depending on the size print) and donate $5 from each sale to planned parenthood! If you would be interested in buying one or have any questions, message me on here or on my art blog ( and let me know which one you would like to buy and I will make it available for purchase on my Etsy! :)


My amazing, knitting, friend made Storm, in order to draft and test  out the female knitting pattern she made, for sale. But, then, she got distracted by other projects and didn’t feel inspired to make Storm’s clothes, so she sent her to me. However…I don’t knit. I crochet! I guess there is some sort of crochet-knit rivalry, though, I am pretty well oblivious to it, and don’t care one bit. BUT, I do think its cool that she’s a knitted doll, with crochet clothes that I made for her. :) 

Want to knit your own?


My Haru-inspired blue dolphin pattern is on sale at RedBubble! Featuring Happy Munchy Haru, Excited Jumping Haru, and Betsuni Haru.


Sousuke (Teal Whale Shark)

Rin (Red Shark)

Makoto (Green Orca)

Neko Atsume Crochet Pattern To Come!

Sadly my time being out of state is coming to an end. So instead of putting on my sad kitty face, I’m going to stay super distracted by resuming on making crochet patterns and orders. c:

In saying this, I will be working on a surprise cat from the game Neko Atsume into a pattern, so I hope you all are excited!