pattern for sale

it is Done. toldja i’d finish it today. next up: a beloved classic elven lullaby

message me if you’d like to buy it to have in your home! USA only pls


I would like to sell art prints for about $15-20 (depending on the size print) and donate $5 from each sale to planned parenthood! If you would be interested in buying one or have any questions, message me on here or on my art blog ( and let me know which one you would like to buy and I will make it available for purchase on my Etsy! :)

Alt Alphabet for Social Justice Warriors

I’m pretty pleased with this one! I wanted to create something for my friends new baby that captured the spirt of the times + the spirit of our friendship. I’ve always loved those alphabet posters for children but they are always so focused on nouns. I wanted to focus on verbs. So mix all those things together and this is what came out of it. I hope you like. I turned it into a pattern and it’s for sale on Etsy right now. 

I have more plans for this concept so stay tuned but in the meantime, get stitching!  



  • Me: *dressed in long black and white big-patterned dress, yard sale handmade knit rainbow hat, loafers with mismanaged socks while my recalcitrant black pit bull craps on a rosebush* "Hi, how are ya?"
  • Her: *dressed in matching active wear, baseball cap over a perky blonde ponytail, Yeti coffee thermos in hand, walking her perky golden retriever* "Uh, hi."
Neko Atsume Crochet Pattern To Come!

Sadly my time being out of state is coming to an end. So instead of putting on my sad kitty face, I’m going to stay super distracted by resuming on making crochet patterns and orders. c:

In saying this, I will be working on a surprise cat from the game Neko Atsume into a pattern, so I hope you all are excited!

heartlessandhateful  asked:

I don't know how I didn't find this sooner but tomorrow these are so cute, I'm loving the Saitama one. Do you guys have patterns/ costumes for sale or do you keep them all in one giant kitty costume bin? And how are your cats so well mannered to let you put them in clothes and pose for photos?

We’ve been doing this for 7 years now. 5 of that is performing at Ren Faires with the cats in costume. Only in the last 2 years did we decide to expand the geeky and take it online! Occasionally I’ll post some of our base patterns. But I’m hoping to expand that when we start up a Patrion.

I don’t usually sell costumes unless I have access to the animal so I can tailor the fit to them.


Angel Zorn and I have teamed up to bring you the new pillow sprite dress! It’s nice to finally show this to everyone, I spent a lot of time painting her yellow but I think it was worth it.

This is just a one-off for now (and you can buy it here!) but if anyone is interested in helping me produce more of this kind of thing please get in touch.

Shoes from MICROMALL

Earrings by Olivera Jovanoska @sorryimlate

The dress itself was made superbly by Avril Macritchie