pattern floor

I was having a problem with patterns.  Oriental rugs, tile floors, printed curtains, things like that.  Supermarkets were especially bad, because of the long, hypnotic checkerboard aisles.  When I looked at these things, I saw other things within them. That sounds as though I was hallucinating, and I wasn’t.  I knew I was looking at a floor or a curtain.  But all patterns seemed to contain potential representations, which in a dizzying array would flicker briefly to life.  That could be …  a forest, a flock of birds, my second-grade class picture.  Well, it wasn’t–it was a rug, or whatever it was, but my glimpses of the other things it might be were exhausting. Reality was getting too dense.  Something also was happening to my perceptions of people.  When I looked at someone’s face, I often did not maintain an unbroken connection to the concept of a face. Once you start parsing a face, it’s a peculiar item: squishy, pointy, with lots of air vents and wet spots.  This was the reverse of my problem with patterns.  Instead of seeing too much meaning, I didn’t see any meaning.
—  Susanna Kaysen, Girl, Interrupted

this plant vaguely matches my underwear & i’m very pleased about that | my pictures, pls don’t steal


i wanted to start composing decorative earthworks in my minecraft server, so i put together a couple patterns in pikopixel. they generally take a stack and a half of blocks per color, and a day or two of build time. colored clay looks dramatic, but diorite sunk into grass is also pretty nice. 

also if you want to use them as a mini cross stitch i bet that’d look good too!