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Parquet Patterned Pool and Spa in Southern Sweden

From the architects Claesson Koivisto Rune:

A spa with two pools has been completed adjacent to a 1796 mansion in south Sweden. The spa has one indoor pool for wintertime and one outdoor for summer. The outdoor pool sits on a podium, which levels the slope on which the mansion sits. It thus creates a platform from which you have an elevated view over the estate towards the back. Yet, it sits discrete as seen from the approach to the main entrance.

Lending inspiration from the Gustavian (Neoclassical) mansion in general and parquet floor patterns from the time in particular, the concept is built on the chevron (French parquet). The oversized (in comparison with normal parquets) tiles are white which allows them to be coloured turquoise by the depth of the water. Each step down into the pool thus is a deeper hue of turquoise. The water itself is not treated as a transparent ”nothing” but as a visible element and one of the materials on the palette. A material with the added function of beautifully lifting the tile pattern from the bottom of the pool to the surface, refracted and distorted by ripples.

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Orange Is the New Black’s Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli Got Married!

The two tied the knot on Saturday in Palm Springs. Check out the first official pics! 

According to Martha Stewart Weddings, “The colorful, confetti-themed celebration came to be because of the couple’s love for Funfetti cake and the idea that they wanted their day to feel fun, celebratory, and non-traditional. The afternoon began with an outdoor ceremony officiated by Samira’s parents (with a recession up the aisle to Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It”) and continued with the newlyweds making a grand entrance to the reception as Justin Bieber’s “Baby” played… Both Samira and Lauren donned custom Christian Siriano ensembles, with Samira changing her look before hitting the patterned dance floor. Guests enjoyed dinner under colorful garlands and strands of lights, with vibrant floral-and-citrus centerpieces dotting wood tables set with graphic black-and-white plates, sleek white-and-gold flatware, and colorful, mismatched glassware. The first dance was accented by an explosive blast of confetti.”

Just adding a bit of trivia/explanation for this picture!

Okay so in the tower there is a room below the bulb called the Window or Service Room, which is where a majority of the Keeper’s time was spent at night since the Lantern Room really only has enough room for the bulb and the small path to walk around it. In that room, there would be a desk for reading to help the Keeper stay awake at night, and a window for which they can see out to sea for ships. That room was very dark, and so the metal floor of the lantern room above had patterned crystals in the floor to allow light to shine through. During the day this would mean natural light, and at night it would mean the bulb. So the crystals in the floor also allowed the Keeper to maintain vigilance of the light while not being on that floor.

Ford is only apparent when the light is on, and thus when the light from the bulb shines through the crystals (in this case, patterned like the portal symbols) to the floor below. Since the floor is circular it made sense for it to be the Portal replacement for this AU.


26-year-old David Lee Gavitt and his wife, Angela, lived in Ionia, Michigan, with their two daughters, 3-year-old Katrina and 11-month-old Tracy. On the night of 9 March, 1985, David and Angela retreated for bed after watching television. David had lit some candles as they watched television and forgot to blow them out when they went to the bedroom. This would be an accident he would live to regret for the rest of his life. A couple of hours after the young couple went to bed, they were awoken by their dog scratching at the bedroom door. When David opened it to see what he wanted, he was aghast to see that the living room was up in flames. As Angela rushed to awaken the girls, David smashed open a back window so that the family could escape. Once the window was smashed, David attempted to reach the girls but by now, the fire was raging. He was unable to force his way to their bedroom. As he called out to Angela, he heard no reply.

Neighbours who see the the flames called the fire department while David kept attempting to re-enter the house. Unfortunately, it was much too late for Angela, Katrina and Tracy. As if losing his wife and children wasn’t enough, investigators announced that they believed that the fire was started intentionally and David was the main suspect. Following his discharge from the hospital, he was charged with their murders. Investigators at the trial had contended that the fire was started with a flammable liquid due to the fact that there was so-called “pour patterns” on the floor, indicating something had been poured. Despite the fact that several witnesses saw David relentlessly attempt to rescue his family combined with the fact that there was no motivation, he was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison without parole in 1986.

It wouldn’t be until 2010 that the case got a second look. After learning about the inconsistencies within the case, the Michigan Innocence Clinic at the University of Michigan Law School decided they would re-investigate. Several experts were called in to examine the evidence found within the home. They discovered that a flashover had occurred, as opposed to a liquid being used to ignite the fire. A flashover is a rare phenomenon in which a fire explodes and completely takes over a room, engulfing it in fire almost immediately.

In June of 2012, David’s charges were dismissed and he as released from prison. He later filed a lawsuit seeking compensation for his wrongful conviction. This lawsuit was dismissed.

The Space-Time Continuum in BBC’s Sherlock Part II: Reflection and Reproduction

So, @tjlcisthenewsexy made some great comments on the original The Space-Time Continnum in BBC’s Sherlock meta and I started to reply, but then I had a big breakthrough and I feel it needs its own post.

The amount of parallels and direct homages to previous episodes in Series Four are more than numerous at this point. There are so many that its almost like they are re-doing entire episodes. Well, they are. The reason and method of which was confounding me for awhile, but I figured out the reason with my original Space-Time meta, and the method I just discovered this morning.

Here is a basic timeline of episodes in BBC’s Sherlock

Now, accounting for what we learned in The Space-Time Continuum Part I meta, here is some additional information:

The glass in TAB serves as a reflection or mirror between Series three and Series Four, which is why the Series MIRROR each other, as in literally mirror. 

EDIT TO ADD: @tjlcisthenewsexy pointed out the awesome phrasing that Molly gives us in HLV during Sherlock’s MP fall after being shot. She wonders if he should go forwards or backwards. This moment could easily be considered a second zero null vector because it is at this point Sherlock decides to start going backwards-towards TRF. Didn’t it seem odd how quickly he forgave Mary and how quickly The Watson’s marriage was back on track? That’s because he started rewinding the state of their relationship to the beginning of that episode!!!

(Interesting Side Note about Peppers Ghost, the parlor trick used in TAB. (Taken from Wikipedia)

The basic trick involves a stage that is specially arranged into two rooms, one that people can see into or the stage as a whole, and a second that is hidden to the side, the “blue room”. A plate of glass (or Plexiglas or plastic film) is placed somewhere in the main room at an angle that reflects the view of the blue room towards the audience. Generally this is arranged with the blue room to one side of the stage, and the plate on the stage rotated around its vertical axis at 45 degrees.[2] Care must be taken to make the glass as invisible as possible, normally hiding the lower edge in patterning on the floor and ensuring lights do not reflect off it.

When the lights are bright in the main room and dark in the blue room, the reflected image cannot be seen. When the lighting in the blue room is increased, often with the main room lights dimming to make the effect more pronounced, the reflection becomes visible and the objects within the blue room seem to appear in thin air. A common variation uses two blue rooms, one behind the glass and one to the side, which can be switched visible or invisible by alternating the lighting. (x)

This would explain Blue light hell @skulls-and-tea!! Every time we see a blue light, what we are witnessing is a reflection of something else from the series!)

So, the three episodes of each series literally reflect each other like this:

So the episode breakdown would look like this:

Do you see how the series are literal reflections of each other? There is of course still parallels to each of the episodes outside of this flow chart (like illusions to Sumatra in TEH and TST), but that can be accounted for by the fact that time isn’t actually linear. While these series reflect eachother as a basic method of understanding, the space of each episode still exists all in one time, so there will still be homages to “other” space-times.

The reflection of the two series explains why The Six thatchers is so similar to His Last Vow, with the guns and the slo-mo gunshot and Mary’s secret assassin storyline and would help a lot of us EMPers who are so attached to HLV being the beginning of EMP realize why we thought this so vehemently after TST. TLD and TSoT are connected by their emotional focus and their progression of John and Sherlock’s relationship. They are also linked by the only two JohnLock hugs in existence. TEH and TFP are very similar in the countdown/bomb motifs, bond-esque baddie plots, A focus on Mycroft and Sherlock’s relationship, and the inclusion of The Holmes parents. 

Now, if you notice, Series Three and Four also has A LOT of parallels to Series Two, but they don’t work as a mirror! Series 3 & 4 are not a reflection of Series 2, but a reproduction of it! If Sherlock is working is way through how to defeat Moriarty at point zero, then he will need to work through all the steps (Absolute Past) that led him to that point- (i.e Series 1 and more specifically, Series 2). So the entirety of Series 3 & 4 is a retelling of Series 2, folded in on itself. Why? Because TIME IS NOT LINEAR! For the visual learners (that’s me) this explanation would look something like this:

Its a circle, folded in on itself. Its literally the space-time continuum come to life!! If we want to break it down episode by episode I made table for that! (I’m really getting a lot of use out of Word today)

This is just a short list off the top of my head, so Im sure there is more- feel free to add on! Like John being kidnapped ASiB, TEH, and TFP!  

As I stated before, there will definitely be parallels within every episode to every other episode because time has folded and twisted in on itself in Sherlock’s mind. Its all existing at once. So the parallels in ASiB to TST or in TRF to TFP, are purposeful and a reminder that time is not linear. 

I hope these charts helped explain the theory a little more!

Tagging some people that I think might enjoy it based on their comments on the first part!

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Prompt: jealous jousef

“Too loud in there?” Yousef’s voice had a soft, understanding tone, yet he still managed to catch Sana off guard, making her nearly flinch. She put down her glass of water - that she had presented as an excuse to escape the room where her friends and her brother’s friends we’re loudly enjoying themselves at the very moment - and looked up at Yousef.

The boy was standing at the doorway of Eva’s kitchen, leaning on the doorway in a seemingly careless manner; his eyes bright with a smile that curved slightly more to the right and which was a detail that Sana most definitely shouldn’t be paying attention. She shook her head at her own silly thoughts, and it took her a while to remember that he was actually expecting a response. Sana let the silence continue for a few more seconds, attempting to find the right words, while Yousef stared at her with a question in his eyes.

“No, I just… Needed some water,” Sana lied and nearly jumped when she heard Eva’s alcohol-infused laughter chime from the livingroom. “And yeah… It’s loud. It’s often like this, being the only sober person.”

Yousef looked understanding, and he took a few steps closer and grabbed a glass from above the sink. “Yeah, I bet. Do you ever get a feeling like you wanna do it too? Get drunk and loud and fucking annoying?”

Sana laughed at the way he said the words - his tone was strange, and she couldn’t quite figure out if he was serious or just joking. She shrugged, drawing incoherent patterns on the outside of her wrist. “Doesn’t everybody?”

“I guess,” Yousef said with a careless shrug. In the livingroom, they could hear Chris and Vilde laughing loudly at something, quickly joined by the guys. “The girls seem to be having fun.”

Sana nodded and said: “Yeah, the girls are excited. They really like the guys - I think Mikael and Adam are particularly popular, since they’re single and all.”

There was something in Yousef’s eyes when she said it: for a fleeting second the joyful glimmer was gone, and for a moment it was disappointment that was so visible in his expression - like a little kid robbed of his candy.

There was a silence of about ten seconds between them, during which Yousef looked like he was building some courage to say something. After a while, he huffed his breath out in a loud manner and asked: “Do you like them?”

“Like who?” Sana asked.

“The guys - I mean… I saw you talking to Adam tonight and before and I just - I don’t know. He seemed pretty excited about you,” Yousef explained, his voice suddenly quieter. It was like he was trying to examine Sana’s expression when he talked, clearly looking for a reaction. Testing the waters.

The truth is, Sana had noticed Yousef looking at her earlier in the evening, when Adam had come up and talked to her. He had stood at the other side of the livingroom, talking with Mikael, but his eyes had kept slipping on Sana and to the back of Adam’s head. And each time his gaze glided over the two of them, his expression had sunken with a shadow of irritation, but every time the expression had disappeared in a few seconds - but Sana noticed. She noticed even the little things with Yousef, even when she really didn’t want to.

“Oh, yeah. He’s pretty nice,” Sana said, examining the patterns on the wooden floors below their feet. She could feel the boy’s eyes on her, but she didn’t have the courage to actually look up to him and meet his gaze.

“Okay.” Yousef’s gaze was burning her, but she didn’t look up.

I Think I'm In Love (Shigezane x MC)

This has absolutely nothing to do with Forbidden Lovers ~ It’s it’s own thing I guess XD

Um, yeah, just had this idea randomly, hope you guys enjoy it XD

~ * ~

Her soft, brown hair trickled over her shoulder like a gentle waterfall, the slight bump as it fell over her breast and pooled next to her slender hips. The early morning sunlight lit up her face, exaggerating and softening her features in all the right places.


There truly wasn’t any other words to describe her.

With her sitting a few feet away from him it was difficult to focus on the report he was supposed to be writing. Sneaking glances out of the corner of his eye, he really couldn’t help the dorky smile on his face.

Definitely a welcomed distraction.

The book in her hand dangled on her finger tips, unread, her eyes had a far away look as she gazed out the open door.

“Everything alright, Doll?” He finally asked when a little sigh left her cherry colored lips.

“Yes … Maybe …” Her mumbling answer did nothing to ease his concern.

“Wanna talk about it? I’m all ears.”

A grunt was her only response as she opened her book once more, giving her full and undivided attention.

Something was definitely off.

He wanted to press more, find her enchanting smile. The twinkle in her eyes when she laughed could outshine any star in the sky. Her joy was his medicine. Her sorrow was his death.

But there was no coaxing her or she would crawl deeper into her shell. Only time would allow her to open up to him, when, if, she was ready.

The brush felt incredibly heavy in his hand, the ink a hundred times darker, the page much duller.

Busy pouting over over sheet of paper, he was completely oblivious to her stare.

Her pretty eyes peeking at him from under thick, dark lashes. They quickly when back to her book.

For a moment there was only the sound of page turning and a brush on paper.

“I think I’m in love-”


Shigezane had a rather difficult time processing what had just come out of her pretty little mouth. The splintered peices of the brush fell out of his hand.

“Uh, hm, really.” Something thick was lodged in his throat making his voice sound scratchy and horce. When did it get so hot in here?

“He must be quite a guy to have cought your eye.” A smile had never hurt so much.

Damn him.

Damn his family.

Hell, damn his cow.

He stiffly brushed the broken peices of the bush to the side.

“He is.” A bashfuly glow lit her cheeks, her eyes stayed glued to her hands. That smile he loved, he now grudgingly realised, was for someone else.

“I just can’t stop thinking about him.” The girlish giggle made him smile, even if he could feel it chipping away at his heart.

“Well, who’s the lucky chap, maybe I know him?”

He didn’t want to know.

He did want to know.


“You do. Your very close to him.” She still hadn’t met his eyes.

Probably for the best. He wasn’t sure how well he was hiding his conflict right now.


He did his best to sound intrigued in meeting him, but all he could think about was giving him a good fist to the face.

She began tracing patterns on the floor, a dreamy look in her eyes.

What he’d give to be able to make a girl look like that. Preferably her.

“He’s just so captivating to watch, especially when he spars. He has a great build.” She covered her face, her blush taking on a much redder tone.

Shigezane subconsciously felt his biceps flex. He’d never been one to be jealous over another man being more well built than him, but he sure as hell was now.

“He’s so sweet to me too. He calls me a cute name, and it just makes me feel all fluttery inside.”

He didn’t know what it was about that but it left a nasty tast on his tongue. Curiosity and the need to hit something began to burn stronger.

“It’s Kojuro, isn’t it?”

“What? No. He’s far to old for me.” She giggled. “He’s my age.”

Thank God.

He wasn’t sure what he would have done if she had said yes.

“Actually, he’s quite close to Lord Masamune, he’s related to him actually.”

This bastard … Was related to him!?

Fate was cruel indeed.

“He lives here?”

“No, but he visits alot.” She was twirling a strand of hair on her finger. “He has a wonderful sense of humor.”

“I bet he dose.” It came out much harsher than he had ment to, but with her high spirits she hardly noticed.

“So are you gonna tell me who he is?”

He just needed to know.

“I’m sure you can guess by now, Shigezane.” She stood up, hands clasped behind her she stepped outside. “When you do, could you tell him I’m waiting in the garden, please?” She smiled sweetly over her shoulder.

“Of course.” It hurt to swallow.

Shigezane stared at the wall as he listened to her footsteps fade.

Of course.

What else could he have said?

No, because, I think I’m in love too … ?

He rested his forhead aganst the table, his arms encircling around him. A moment … Just for a moment, he wanted to pretend that conversation did not just happen.

She’s waiting for him.

And he was supposed to go calmly tell her lover that.

And he would. He would do anything for her.

Of course he’d do as she asked … Then beat the shit out if him in a sparing match.

The thought healed a little of his broken heart.

The question was, who was he going to beat the shit out of?

He was here age, which also ment, his age. He was probably some inexperienced dolt who didn’t know how to treat a woman right.

There were many young men his age that could be her possible lover, but none of them where related to Masamune, or him for that matter.

Honestly, the only person who even fit her description was him.

His rested his head on his arm, pushing around the brush peices. He was happy for her, he really was. She was a smart girl, so whom ever she has set her heart on must have been a man worth her time. He only hoped that this wouldn’t end with he-


His hand stopped as his mind back tracked.

The only person who fit that description … Was him.

Her age.

Related to Lord Masamune.

Cute nickname.

Dosent live in the castle but visits regularly-

His feet slide on the veranda as he shot out. Briefly apologizing to the maid he had terrified he swiftly hops the railing.

Shigezane didn’t think he’d ever ran that fast in his life.

~ * ~


The next one I post with have zero angst. Just fluff and maybe some sexy action 😉

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“Rum & Coconuts” - h.s. Part 5

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4



You felt like it was back when Harry was touring for months and you could hardly talk to him, let alone know where he was. But this time around, you were running a business and you knew that while you were slaving over paperwork and getting paper cuts and paint on more of your clothes, Harry was probably just sitting around writing or swimming in the ocean or drinking and that made you a little mad and jealous but also made you focus more.

Savie was over the fucking moon, of course, because she and Beau were together and he was visiting her for a little while and sticking around as he worked on his next exhibit.

“Artists really can live anywhere as long as they have space to work,” Savie told you as you flipped through some design books. Your office had never been more messy and stocked in your life as you surrounded yourself with work and threw yourself into it to fill the void in Harry’s absence. 

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Against the Wall

Hey friends!! This fic is from a collab with the amazing and wonderful @angstymelon who is a fabulous writer and all around good person :) It’s based off the fact that there was a wall stopping Morality from hugging Thomas and the other sides during the Making Some Changes video. Anyway, it was very fun to write!! Also, it’s very angsty. Enjoy!!

Warnings: Crying

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Morality sunk to the floor, feeling the all too familiar cold surround him as he landed outside his door. The emotions of the last video hanging on his shoulders. So much negativity. It really wasn’t resolved by the end either… It left a sour taste in his mouth. The few times he gets to hang out and… actually hug the others? Well, he ruined by upsetting Anxiety and stressing out poor Thomas.

Patton sighed, one hand pressed against the invisible wall that surrounded him. Closing him off. He was alone again. Trapped in his little  ‘bubble’ of mindscape… The conversation from mere hours ago looping in his head as he looked longingly down the dark hallway beyond, searching hopefully, desperate for someone else to appear. To look back at him, to see him, to simply try interact with him. If only that was possible.

His heart sank further. The other doors were all shut, no lights beneath them. Eerie shadows were cast against the glass that blocked Morality, isolated him from them, stopped him from having any interaction with the other sides.

The wall that separated them all.  Fragmented, as they ‘should’ be, trapped in their own chunks of Thomas’s mind. The wall that split them off, kept them alone and away from one another. Left them confined to their own rooms, to singlehandedly be the characteristic they’re supposed to embody. To do all that work with zero help… zero support… zero love.

Morality knew how to fix it. He knew the one way to beat the solid inviable mess that he was currently leaning against.

The wall would only disappear if he transformed into something he wasn’t.

His chest ached at the thought.  But just… to have someone’s, anyone’s arms wrapped around him. To have them embrace him. Providing a warmth that only that touch could give. A warmth that he longed for in his cold being. Patton’s heart was so frozen of late, the recent interaction only enhancing the loss that he felt. So untouched, so under loved. Touch starved. Even Thomas pushed him away when he put on his friends face to pop up beside him.

Patton let out another low breath, trying to hold back the swell of emotions slowly clouding his mind.

To have someone simply talk to him, he still longed for it! To be able to have a conversation with somebody else, in his own form, in the mind. To… to be able to hang out with somebody else. Maybe watch a movie together, sing along together. To be with somebody else.

Morality sniffed, hand falling from the ice cold wall. He slid down it. Sitting and staring at his own door that was ajar. The soft light spilling out and blinding him. Cold droplets soon followed, dripping onto his shirt as they spilt from his eyes.

He tried to hold them back. Honestly, he just wanted a hug.

And yet, he couldn’t have one. Unless he changed himself, shapeshifted. Had his limbs move and stretch to become another face… Another being. Not him. It was that, that only ever made him feel worse! Because if the only time Morality could ever interact with someone else was if he was in somebody else’s body, looked like another person, then was he truly the one getting the hugs? Was Patton really the one holding the conversations?

Theoretically, yes. In his heart however, no. The warmth from the hugs didn’t transfer when he shifted back. The joy of having a conversation faded as soon as he became himself again. The overall feeling of any love that transpired when he was not himself only served to force him deeper into a pit of sadness and loneliness.

Morality was not one to hate, but his anger and loathing of the wall that blocked all the trait’s from one another, the wall the sectioned them off into their own separate parts of the mind, was indescribable. It was the one thing that kept his upbeat personality from ever being more than that, the thing that stopped him from ever being genuinely happy. It tore him down, it made him cry, it made him feel sadder and lonelier than anything else could, it made him despair and sob, and it never went away.

Patton slid his knees up to rest his arms on them, and his head soon followed as he watched the swirling grey pattern on the floor.  Watching as tears mingled with the weird surface. He could feel the sadness shift, being replaced by a deeper emotion.

He slowly began to recognise the emotion. Anger bubbling behind his eyes, growing as he stared at the ground. Forcing him to try to breath through clenched teeth. The rage was as consuming as his loss, blinding him as he further curled up against the cold surface that he so longed to be rid of. The substance of his mourning and suffering. The source of everything that kept him from what he needed, from what he longed for. The one thing that kept him from true friendship, from any interaction at all.

More tears dripped and slid down his cheeks, the aching hole in his chest seeking only to be filled by conversations, by touch, by hugs and friendship and human interaction. A hole that was unfillable. It was like a void. Sucking every inch of happy thought away, replacing it with the emptiness.

It was beginning to feel like Morality would never be happy again. He wanted to scream. But his throat was clenched as he tilted his head back, bashing it lightly on the solid behind him with a wince.  The pain didn’t matter though.  Why did anything matter?

He was alone after all. It hurt. Indescribably so. As if acid was in his lungs. Burning, searing, hot. There was a hole in his heart, piercing, aching, broken. Destroying him from the inside out. Morality was alone, left in that dark hallway. The negative thoughts just got worse and worse, until he was finally completely drained. Morality was empty, hollow and cold as he succumbed to the  desolation, to the unendurable pain. There was no reprieve, no end to his suffering, not even when he was found in the morning by one of the others, the other traits only looking at him in silent sadness. Patton was never even sure if they truly shared his burden, if they ever felt the same pain he did.

No, the pain would never truly leave… but for now his mind was empty, limbs limp, eyes shut… For now, he was passed out against the torturous wall. Once again waiting, still hoping in vain for a fleeting interaction.

One that would never come.

Library Services at Elsewhere University: A Guide and Compendium
(Crossposted to A03

Part One: Student Services

Welcome to the Elsewhere University Library. This guide endeavours to provide students with a general outline of library services, facilities, and safety precautions. More comprehensive help, including study guides for planning your research, finding books and journal articles, evaluating and citing sources, and safely navigating the library both with and without a map, compass, or bread crumb trail can be found online on the library’s website, in print at the first floor reference desk, and translated into Norse runes and carved into the foundation of the condemned building in the west quadrant of the campus.

Instructors wishing to book a tour and orientation for incoming classes can make arrangements directly with the subject librarian assigned to their department. Basic research skills and bibliographic instruction for classes is a core services provided to all faculty. Advanced research support may be obtained with proof of approved interdepartmental charge. Payment will be extracted at the campus health centre, or during one of the library’s monthly fundraising blood drives. A pound of flesh is no longer accepted in payment, as the exchange rate is currently exorbitant. Requests from the biology department will be assessed on a case by case basis until the overdue accounts resulting from the escaped blood scandal last fall are resolved.

Borrowing privileges for undergraduates and non-academic staff include a semester-long loan period with no renewals, and a maximum of three interlibrary loans per course per year. The length of the semester is determined by time passing within the registrar’s office, and no exceptions will be made for the west quadrant of the campus, philosophy majors, or those born on a Tuesday. Library staff, and RAs and custodial staff assigned to Brigadoon Hall are eligible for an exemption, however. Please ensure that circulation staff are advised of your status upon yearly renewal of your library card, and keep in mind that time passes differently within the library.

Graduate students and faculty are eligible for a year-long loan period, and unlimited interlibrary loans. Additional charges for interlibrary loan material may be passed on to the borrower. Library staff will do their best to ensure that you are aware of the procedures and policies of the lending institute, however, can take no responsibility for additional fees and fines accrued. Arrangements for payment must be made directly with the lending institute. We do not have the liability insurance required to send your first-born, existential sense of dread, or the memory of the colour of next spring’s tulips via interoffice mail or interagency courier. Please note that while all graduate theses are archived in the library collection, borrowing privileges for theses that have not yet been written are limited to faculty only.

Overdue fines may be waived at the discretion of the library staff for just cause. Fees for lost items must be paid by the end of the semester or late charges will continue to accrue. Nonpayment of fees and fines may result in withholding of your final transcript, degree, sense of smell, or sense of self. Barter for tangible, nonmonetary items will not be accepted as payment, with the exception of plastic beads. Intangible items may be accepted on a case by case basis. Baked goods are always appreciated, but will have no effect on the balance of your account. (Donations of plastic beads will be accepted at the circulation desk, and will be donated to the library’s current community support program, who is welcome to join us in the library foyer, coffee shop, and first floor classroom space, but we would appreciate it if it refrains from attempting to use the elevators to reach the rooftop garden.)

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