Llew Mejia grew up traveling between Mexico and the Southwestern United States. Naturally these two cultures had their effect on the illustrator and designer. Mejia says, “I saw a lot of Mexican folk artisans growing up and always admired their work ethic and master brush control.” Though the illustrator’s inspiration is not limited to these two countries. He is influenced by the world and says, “I take what I like and add it to my visual library.” This ‘library’ includes books on magic and the supernatural, in addition to scientific specimens.

Oddly enough, Mejia first went to school to become a plastic surgeon. “Which is hilarious,” he says “because I’m the polar opposite of that now. I guess they both work with their hands in a meticulous way?” I think the message here is not to be afraid of changing your path completely because the result can be quite beautiful.

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About as concise as I can make it without being obtuse.

a description of the general contruction of my Nui dress from the pattern I made

for kawaiilittle-shit and several others who asked 

and as before the DIY pattern cutting tutorial to get the bodice tight to your body is here:


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