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Are commercially bred fish (such as goldfish and bettas, who have been altered by humans for their pretty tails/colors/patterns) considered domesticated? Wikipedia classed them as such but I'd like a professionals opinion in conjunction with that.

Yes, they’re considered domesticated. Humans have kept them for multiple, multiple generations and selectively bred them to an extent that they are now very different genetically and phenotypically from their wild ancestors.

For example, the Prussian Carp


Was eventually turned into multiple varieties of goldfish.

(Examples from here)

That’s the result of a long period of selective breeding. There’s some pretty strange shapes we’ve bred into those fish, several of them making me downright uncomfortable. Some of these fish can’t see in front of their face, they can’t see what they’re eating. They’re pretty, but I wish people would remember these things are alive too.

I was very keen on Bettas in my adolescence. I think the most I had was twelve at one point. I would classify them as domesticated as well, because we took a fish like this:

and bred them into these:

They’re genetically and phenotypically different from the wild type betta. It shows, too. Breeding half-moons and over half-moons is very challenging, especially if you’re using a ‘quality’ male. The volume of finnage they have to drag around is huge, and they breed by wrapping their body around a female and squeezing her. The female is lucky enough to have much shorter fins.

They are very pretty and I like them a lot, these little fish to actually have personality and attitude, but I also feel like going beyond super delta is too far.

The welfare aspects of breeding fish to such extreme shapes s generally overlooked, and will probably remain that was because fish are often viewed more like ornaments than like animals. I hope that changes, but I doubt it will happen very soon.

And I’d like to take a moment to indulge a pet peeve. Someone, somewhere, had the bright idea of taking my favorite species of fish, the beautiful pearl gourami…

… and inbreeding it to the point where we end up with creatures like this…

I mean, WHY did you have to do this? It just saddens me like you wouldn’t believe.

Just because we can do these things, doesn’t always mean we should.


Geometry at work: Sea animals, Fruits and Vegetables and Plants

The Nautilus

The nautilus (from the Latin form of the original Ancient Greek ναυτίλος, ‘sailor’) is a pelagic marine mollusc. Although not a golden spiral, the nautilus shell presents one of the finest natural examples of a logarithmic spiral.

Geometry of fruits and vegetables

When sliced in half, the majority of the depicted fruits and vegetables will display a geometric shape or pattern, based on symmetry or platonic solids.

The arrangement of leaves

Phyllotactic spirals form a distinctive class of patterns in nature, depicting the  arrangement of leaves on a plant stem.
The basic patterns are alternate, opposite, whorled or spiral, many of them arranged based on consecutive fibonacci numbers.

Final version for the Globulous, cultist of the Thousand-Sockets, Entity of Knowledge and Secrets, Stillborn of Emptiness, Servant of Avidity, the Evercraving Lord of Flies & Spies which nothing can fill.

This is one of the cults you can join in my upcoming rpg Subventure, an Urban Fantasy “sewers & catacombs” type of universe.

@zmediaoutlet - I started a new post because the old one was getting so unwieldy, and we’re kinda going down a side path. R.e. the Stanford thing:

This is one of those things that I think SPN has… left to the viewer to interpret. The family relationship the boys have is obviously wildly unhealthy (…) Personally, I’m glad that they’ve stopped bellyaching about it. At a certain point, you just kind of have to… accept what is.) 

I actually couldn’t be happier they seem to have gotten to a place of relative peace on this issue too, partly because I want them to be happy, and partly because I just always thought it was a weirdly handled issue in the first place.

And here’s where I’m gonna be a giant freaking hypocrite, lol, because after my impassioned defense of Dan Brown-style writing, I have to confess it makes me sooooo pissy when canon SPN writing sucks in particular ways that i have a low tolerance for.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  I think i feel like SPN is fandom’s property and the canon writers are interlopers or something, and if they’re gonna mess with *our* stuff, they should at least be careful. :) 
(*is not claiming to make any sense on this one*)

Anyway, my objection (at least in this case) isn’t that Sam and Dean and John shouldn’t act crazy or that the writers should try to fix all of their mental health issues (although I do think there are some parts they should work on fixing), but that their crazy should be, I dunno, dealt with in a way that makes sense, I guess?

Like, if a substantial portion of the audience is left with the impression that it really was a betrayal of the family that Sam went off to college- which seems to be the case- then I feel like that has to have come from the writing in some way. Because that’s an idea that’s way outside mainstream American thinking. Like, there’s probably ten parents in all of America who wouldn’t be happy if their kid got into Stanford.

And yet the writers never really built any case for it being a logical viewpoint given the in-universe circumstances, So overall, I’m just kinda left with a feeling of wtf is going on there?

FIC: kiss kiss fall in love [request]

kiribaku : chest, stomach, along the hips kisses for @turtleangel94​ (wc: 2369) [prompt link]

Mutual teenage pining actually having an outlet, ft. guest appearance Ashido Mina and coke lip smackers


Lately, they had taken to kissing.

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Bitter Iron

Let it be known that this is my edict.

Let it be known that I, Warsmith Altarn Garrick Vrull of the IV Legion’s 117th Grand Battalion, hereby annul all oaths of fealty to the Primarch Perturabo and his bastard children. I spit upon his edict and renounce his diction, for I cannot follow one who crushes his own hearth-home in petty anger, in direct defiance of the Emperor’s mandate. Let it be known that I thus swear an oath of moment - an oath that neither I nor my men will rest until all of his ‘loyal’ sons are corpses in the earth, lest even one of my battalion remain alive.

Should there be a hell beyond this life, I will claw myself from its depths and drag him there myself.

Let this diction be known, to the Emperor and all the Warmaster’s craven followers. Let it be known that I have looked upon my gene-sire’s works, and declared: no more.

Vengeance for Olympia.

- Excerpt of transmission routed to the Iron Blood and the Throneworld, one Terran standard month after the Decimation of Olympia.

Warsmith Altarn Garrick Vrull, the Fatherless Son, Lord-Praetor of the 117th Grand Battalion. Born of Olympia and forged in the anvil of the Black Judges campaign upon the Primarch Perturabo’s return to his sons, Vrull soon ascended to command of the 117th Grand Battalion after the disgrace and reassignment of Terran-born Warsmith Dacharion, the ‘Bitter-Blooded’, to the 204th. A pragmatic and stubborn commander, Vrull was well suited to the task set to him by his Legion, and the warrior-mason led his contingent of the 1606th Expeditionary Fleet with aplomb throughout the decades of his service.

Despite countless years of thankless war, Vrull never chafed at the increasingly ignominious tasks set for his battalion by both his father, Perturabo, and the edict of the Emperor, from the liberation of the Tharsine Hegemony to the bitter xenocide of the Sur-Surrak Geno-Hoplites. When word reached his forces of the atrocity the Iron Tyrant had committed on Olympia out of seemingly nothing but sheer rage, Vrull accepted the news with cold hatred in his heart. The embittered warsmith spat upon his oaths to his gene-sire, declaring him weak for buckling in the face of the Emperor’s task, and thus commenced a long and bloody war against his former brothers that saw world after world burned to ash in the face of grinding and utterly merciless warfare.

Warsmith Vrull carried a motley ensemble of weapons and wargear, each with their own designated task.

- Graviton Hammer: Olympia-Mortis pattern siege hammer, paragon-class artifice. A tool designed to break rockcrete and buckle plasteel with percussive waves of force, this weapon was later repurposed to rend open Astartes power armour. Faster to swing than a thunder hammer albeit lesser in force of impact, the weapon’s haft can be unscrewed just below the grip to render it usable in trenches and tunnels.

- Volkite charger: .M30 Mars pattern, focussed deflagration ray. Increasingly rare in the ranks of the Legiones Astartes even before the Heresy, Vrull favoured this weapon for its efficiency when dealing with lightly armoured targets.

- Artificer Armour: Mark III ‘Iron’ pattern artificer-class power armour. Highly personalised to the wearer, Vrull’s suit is up-armoured even above the standards of contemporary Iron-class suits, with a heavier power unit to compensate for both this and its in-built halo-class field generator. Fitted with a servo-arm, cortex controller, and enhanced sensor suites, this suit is built to be the mantle of a warmason and a commander. The unassuming cloak is threaded through with adamantium-laced chainmail links to serve as a shrapnel blocker and blade-catcher.

Note: Deceased Astartes appears to wear the markings of the VI Legion ‘Vlka Fenryka’. This may corroborate with reports of Legionaires loyal to th[ALL DATA REDACTED]esulting conflict at Cyprus Machinator.

Hobby Note: Vrull uses the rules for Kyr Vhalen, hence his hammer is actually a Paragon Blade.


Classes been keeping me plENTY BUSY FOR THIS LAST QUARTER. But since this particular project is finally getting closer to done I figured I’d share the WIP stuff from it .;>

These are all a bunnnnncha little ‘motifs’ for my Pattern Illustration class. I still really wanna do something with the plant kitties and/or the little day n’ night pieces down the road

Remember how for a long time we were like, yeah, we’re not going to offer full patterns because a lot of costumes have sizing shenanigans? Well, we’ve decided to bite the bullet and give it a shot anyway.

Coming very soon, our first full costume pattern, this one for Faye from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadow of Valentia! It includes patterns for her blouse, skirt, apron, bows, bag and two different cape options –– everything but the boots and cape chain, basically! It’s being offered in “one size”, which is a 30″ waist and 36″ bust, but given the loose fit of the design and easy seam lines, we figured it’s a great place to start and easy to alter. We also want to push people to try some new things, so the pattern is designed with some optional pintucking, as well as a lot of practice in bow-making and topstitching.

It’ll be available on our store in the coming week, if everything goes according to plan. We just need to format everything you see above and add in a bunch of illustrations, and then it’ll be good to go!

Ideally, we’d also like to do more patterns for FE: Echoes, as the game looks to be pretty low on accessory kit options thus far. So far we’re looking at Genny, Silque and Mae, as well as doing some generic-class patterns, but we’d love to take suggestions for consideration. Drop us a note in our askbox or hit the ? below!

- Jenn


And I’ll try to forgive, and I’ll try to forget
That we grew up that summer we grew arms, we grew legs
And I wipe the slate clean and forget where I’ve been
It all tumbles above…

more high school gang! drawn while listening to this mix