pattern chasing

I just realised that Annabeth Chase has:

  • Been at Percy’s funeral, only to see him walk back into camp
  • Been by the coffin of her dead cousin, only to see Magnus walk in
  • Mourned Leo’s death, only for Leo to return…

Anyone else seeing a pattern here?

evilqueens  asked:

for the ask prompts: oq - 8 <3

This has been sitting in my inbox for anywhere between a truly shamefully long time and an eternity, right? I promise I absolutely love getting prompts, and loved filling this one, too. Thank you for sending it, and I hope the result’s worth the wait!

Sometimes Robin wonders what kind of sorcery it is that draws him to the Queen with such relentless, irresistible, unfathomable force.

More often nowadays, he simply succumbs to the feeling: the attraction, the remarkable sense of kinship, the desire to see more of the complex woman under the armour—all of it. Following his heart, his gut, his instincts, has always served him rather well after all. So he no longer tries to resist the mysterious pull.

But oh does she ever. Fights it tooth and nail, attacks  it with rage and bile and haughtiness, staves it off with cold indifference, hurling jagged words and piercing looks his way in a valiant effort to deny the undeniable.

All for nought.

All she accomplishes—all they accomplish, for Robin, much as he craves her company, removes himself from it when she so wishes—is a brief respite as they drift (tear themselves, more accurately) apart before they inevitably come back together time and time again.

Tonight she’s in his arms once more—Regina, just Regina when they’re like this, body and soul bared before the other. She’s quiet, pensive, that perpetual cloud of wistfulness ever hanging over her as her fingers ghost over his arm in swirling patterns chased by shiver after shiver. She’s present enough to catch them despite her mind clearly wandering, for he feels her blink rapidly with each pleasant shiver of his, her long lashes tickling his chest. Robin breathes her in, the cinnamon clinging to her skin and the faint whiff of apple from those dark, luxurious locks he can’t but card his fingers through over and over again, scratching her scalp just so and feeling rather than hearing her content sigh. He tries not to think of what will inevitably follow—what always follows—these precious moments that are much too few and far between.

If you ask him, that is.

Regina on the other hand seems to be of the opinion they’re entirely too frequent.

“This needs to stop,” she says even as she buries her nose into the crook of his neck in what she’d no doubt deny is a nuzzle.

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Bad Moon Rising

For Opposite Day (@carryon-countdown​ #3). 

What if Simon was the monster, instead of Baz?


Warning: description of blood

Simon Snow smelled like a cacophony of dangerous things.

When he comes into our dorm at Mummer’s, late at night with leaves caught in his hair, he smells like the Wavering Wood. He reeks of the moss hidden in the darkest parts of forests, of the wind that rushed past your hair when you’re running too fast.

Something in me beats faster when he walks near me and I don’t know if it’s because he’s close enough to touch me of if he’s close enough to touch me.

In our second year, when every boy in Watford started to deal with cracking voices and embarrassing boners, Simon started to move faster and get fiercer. His legs twitched underneath our desks in elocution and he started to sleep more and more, then less and less. He shoved against people and stopped understanding the concept of personal space. His voice got raspy, thick, and I responded to it in a way I wasn’t very comfortable with.

In our third year, I had nightmares of a blonde wolf with eyes like the sky. I’d wake up in a cold sweat, Simon missing from his bed and my fingers still tingling with the memory of soft fur underneath my fingertips.

In our fifth year, my thoughts were haunted by Simon’s feral eyes. The merwolves had always seemed to avoid Simon, gliding around him with downcast eyes. I’d joked that Simon was a mermaid, but, in fifth year, I considered he was the other part.  

Fifth year was the year I looked at Simon and thought MONSTER.

Fifth year was the year I took my father’s silver ring and wore it at all times.

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Autistic Galra Keith (Part 2)

A.k.a. the angsty part. Covers the reveal and fallout.

[Original meta on autistic Keith and autistic Pidge]

Autistic Galra Keith Series
[Part 1: Childhood, the Garrison, and Mentor!Shiro]
[You’re reading Part 2]
[Bonus: Purring is the best stim]
[Part 3: Fluff and headcanons]


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anonymous asked:

CS + rival pirate captains (with lots of your amazing smut!)

This gets… slightly rough. I had an anonymous comment on Ecstasy asking for a long list of raw and/or rough requests, and while I wasn’t comfortable with all of them, I figured that if I was going to fill that request, might as well do it with good reason.

A man could hardly think with such noise around him, the laughter of his crew drowning out the bickering of the caravan guards across the room. But theirs was a jovial laugh, well-earned after a haul that could bring even His Bloody Majesty to his knobbly knees.

Yes, the crew of the Jolly Roger would feast well, drink well, and fuck well for several nights to come before weighing anchor once more. It was a good fight, and luckier still that they’d managed to run across the Highland Viper when she’d been in such a state –


And yet over the noise of his crew and the caravan occupying the tavern tonight, he still heard her lovely cry.

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The Angry Retiree, Michael De Santa

Michael’s theme song
Michael’s character trailer

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your moment! Please don’t make me ruin all the great work your plastic surgeons have been doing! On the floor, now!” — Michael De Santa


Michael is of average height for a Caucasian man and is described as having discoloration around his teeth and fingers from his excessive smoking. In the prologue, he wore his hair very short, almost shaved, in a typical buzzcut style. In the main story, his hair is longer, though still cut pretty short. He has a semi-prominent widow’s peak and a short stubble around his face. His eyes are bluish grey, and he has several wrinkles on his forehead. He’s slightly overweight, something Trevor is constantly mocking him for, although he’s nowhere near obese and is quite fit. His overall appearance is very bulky and burly, which might come from his time as a star quarterback in high school. Trevor describes Michael as ‘kinda fat but strong underneath’ when recounting their first meeting. He wears noticeably formal clothing most of the time, even in informal situations, possibly as a result of his new high-class surroundings. In the main story, he’s said to be both 45 and 48 at different times, so his exact age is not clear.


Michael was born in the mid-to-late 1960’s under the name Michael Townley. At one point, he refers to himself as ‘the last of the baby boomers,’ which would support his age being 48. His fake tombstone in Ludendorff, and Trevor’s memorial tattoo, also back up this date of birth. However, Michael also claims to be ‘100% Gen X,’ and Trevor, Lester and Jimmy all state that he is 45 at different times in the story. Given his personality, it’s easy enough to believe that Michael would lie about his age for some kind of benefit, although what this benefit would be is up in the air. Honestly, I think Rockstar just got careless and made a boo-boo, but I’ll be damned if I’ll be admitting that here.

Michael grew up poor in a trailer park with his parents, typical ‘trailer trash.’ It’s unknown what his relationship with his mother was, but his father was an alcoholic who physically (and possibly mentally) abused him, before abandoning him and his mother completely. Michael tells many exaggerated stories of why his father left, but none of them are likely to be true and are probably only told for sympathy and attention. While in high school, Michael was an acclaimed quarterback for an all-state football team, even having his face in the local newspaper occasionally. He was a jock and almost certainly quite popular; in the main story, he tells Jimmy how he would go to the diner every day after school with ‘the guys,’ and he looks back on his high school life fondly most of the time. However, he was ultimately forced to quit playing football because of his anger issues and regular injuries, so he was unable to make a professional career out of his talents.

By the time he was 20, Michael had been to prison twice, or so he tells his therapist. If he is 45, he was also 20 when he did his first robbery (in 1988), which adds validity to his being born in 1968 rather than 1965. However, it’s also possible that he was 23 when he robbed his first store, and had simply been arrested for other things before that, such as assault or DUI. He implies he got away with his first robbery, in which he managed to steal $10,000, as he doesn’t mention being arrested for it and even mocks Trevor for not being so lucky with his first robbery. Then again, given Michael’s history, it’s perfectly possible he simply lied by omission to make himself look good. It’s not known how well Michael flourished in prison, but he mentions learning how to do tattoos by tattooing his name on his cell mate’s backside. This implies he was more of an abuser than a victim while locked up (unless the tattooing was consensual), which would make sense for his personality; he’s not the sort of person to let others walk over him, and would much rather appear cruel than weak. According to Michael and Trevor, Michael also smuggled drugs and ran whore houses before he got more into heists. Unlike his robberies, it’s never really revealed how well he did at these other things. Although, given that he moved on to bigger and better things as soon as he got the chance, he clearly either didn’t like these lines of work as much, or wasn’t very good at them.

At some undisclosed time, Michael met Lester Crest, a sickly expert hacker who helped him in many criminal jobs. In the 1990’s, Michael met Trevor in an event I will go over in their joined sections. Long story short, the two decided to partner up in their criminal activities, since they learned from their meeting that they worked quite well together. Michael was (and still is, by the time of the main story) a very good leader and strategist, able to keep his head in difficult situations and instruct his crew to do the same. Even so, Michael and Trevor were constantly on the move, due to Trevor’s anger issues making it difficult to keep their criminality a secret. At some point after meeting Trevor, Michael began dating Amanda after meeting her at a strip club. He bought her a pair of fake breasts and dated her for several months, until Amanda fell pregnant with Tracey, their daughter. Likely as a result of his own father’s abandonment of him and his mother, Michael refused to leave Amanda and instead married her in order to be there for her and his child. A year or so later, Amanda had their second child, Jimmy, and Michael suddenly found himself with much more to lose than ever before. He began to grow ‘soft,’ according to Trevor, taking fewer risks and being a less capable criminal because of it. A few years after that, Trevor met another criminal, Bradley ‘Brad’ Snider, who began working with him and Michael. Though he got along well enough with Trevor, Brad was purportedly mean, stupid and incompetent, and he clashed constantly with Michael (much to Trevor’s annoyance).

Finally, fearing for his life, and the lives and futures of his young family, Michael turned himself in to the FIB in Ludendorff, where he and his family were now living. There, he met FIB agent Dave Norton, who cut Michael a deal: if Michael would fake his own death and give Trevor up to the FIB (dead or alive), he and his family could walk away, the slate totally wiped clean, with a large cut of Michael’s stashed millions. This would allow Norton to be thought of as a hero, responsible for the captures/deaths of two of the most notorious criminals in the state. Michael agreed, a decision that (I feel) shaped his personality very strongly later on. The staged robbery went badly wrong, however, with Brad being shot in Trevor’s place and Trevor escaping (which Michael notably implored him to do, as Trevor was perfectly willing to stay behind with Michael and die fighting). Still, as promised, Michael and his family were allowed to relocate to a large mansion in Los Santos, with Michael paying Norton monthly hush money in exchange for his compliance.

The main story picks up nine years after this, with Michael, now a middle-aged ‘retiree,’ living a (mostly) quiet life with his family in LS, his surname now De Santa instead of Townley. However, his life is not the happy one he imagined back in Ludendorff; he and his wife both cheat on each other constantly, and his children have grown into lazy, spoiled, ungrateful brats who openly disrespect him and only spend time with him when forced. He spends a lot of time wallowing in self-pity by his pool, or else day-time drinking and watching old movies. He thinks Trevor is dead, likely on the side of a road in the middle of nowhere, and has mostly abandoned his criminal life, although he does ‘lash out’ every now and then.


Michael is a very complicated character. Unlike Trevor, who shows no hesitation with killing (and even does so for fun or on a whim), Michael usually shows reluctance to kill people unless they’re seriously endangering him or someone else. Examples of this include his furious reprimanding of Trevor when he shoots a security guard dead, despite that security guard holding Michael at gunpoint; his repeatedly telling Franklin not to put too much sleeping gas in the air vent of a jewel store they’re robbing, in case it kills the people inside; his stopping Trevor from killing entertainment host Lazlow Jones (although he doesn’t stop him from tormenting him), even though Lazlow humiliated Tracey; and his sparing a man he and his crew force into helping them during a robbery, even giving him a small piece of the booty in exchange for his silence, when it would’ve been objectively easier to just kill him.

On the other hand, he will kill without hesitation when someone is putting him or someone he cares about in serious danger. One example is when he pushes a police car pursuing him, Trevor and Brad off the road in Ludendorff, even showing furious satisfaction as the car crashes into a tree behind them. Like Trevor, he can be cruel, even sadistic, to people if they’ve wronged him or his family. He’s also somewhat of a bully; he delights in beating up a man who tried to rip off his son in a car deal, and in beating up a movie agent before threatening his clients by flying erratically with them in a helicopter. He’s accurately described as a borderline-sociopath, someone who is capable of caring about others and who has some sense of right and wrong, but who doesn’t make it a top priority and who has trouble valuing human life as much as he should.

Michael is quite materialistic and shallow, likely as a result of his poor upbringing. For example, he spends an inordinate amount of money on an expensive yacht, only to ‘look at it’ rather than get any real use out of it. He tells Franklin he lives a repeated pattern of ‘chase things, get ‘em, hate ‘em.’ The circumstances of his life were clearly shaped a lot by his troubled past, and he never tires of telling more fortunate people that he didn’t have the same opportunities growing up as they did. In one scene, he positively rails at a movie actor for being able to do what Michael would ‘cut off his right arm to do’ but being so ungrateful about it. Michael often uses his unhappy childhood as an excuse for all his wrongdoings, and is extremely bitter that he had to grow up the way he did. Likely because of this, he also has a strong prejudice against millennials, thinking them lazy, disrespectful and entitled - although this might also be because of his own millennial children, who are the very definition of the aforementioned faults. Michael is also shown to be addicted to chaos, getting a sick kind of high from his crimes and near-death experiences. He’s described as never being happier than when he’s being shot at. But despite his outward demeanor, Michael’s time as a robber and killer has also left its scars; one of the cut-ins when switching to his character shows him waking up in bed screaming, while another shows him waking up, screaming and jumping up with a gun in his hand. Tracey also claims that he ‘freaks out’ whenever a cop car drives past.

A large part of Michael’s personality comes from his unwillingness to admit to his mistakes, instead endlessly justifying himself and yelling at anyone who challenges him. He shields himself strongly with anger and sarcasm, but on the few occasions that both of these walls are broken (mostly with Jimmy and Trevor), he’s strikingly earnest and emotional. It’s likely this, as well as his tough childhood and young adulthood, that gives him his very short temper, and makes him happier communicating with quips and sarcasm than with anything else. He has a lot of anger issues, possibly even to a medical degree, and takes some prescribed medication for them that isn’t helping. He willingly sees an expensive and unsympathetic therapist because no one else listens to or cares about what he has to say, according to him. He’s highly aggressive and lashes out at anyone who annoys him, seemingly unable to react any other way. Probably because of this, he finds it difficult to make and keep friends in his new life. His Lifeinvader (Facebook) page shows one of his neighbors constantly trying to extend a hand of friendship, inviting him to do typical rich guy things like play tennis or go swimming in their private establishments, but Michael always blows him off.

Even with his anger issues though, Michael is very calm and level-headed, even under gunfire, which makes him an excellent leader and planner. He’s also capable with computers, despite his age; he mentions regularly helping to de-virus Jimmy’s computer from porn malware and helps a Lifeinvader worker with the same problem. On the other hand, he lacks knowledge of some of the more common online lingo; he doesn’t know what a troll is until Jimmy tells him, and he thinks the people Jimmy constantly insults online while gaming are his friends because they’re the only people he speaks to. He speaks very roughly and has a strong New York accent, suggesting he might have been born around that area (or GTA’s equivalent of it). His grammar and punctuation in text messages is surprisingly decent, though. It’s not known how well he did in school. He seemingly didn’t pursue any further education after graduating, but this could easily be because of his anger issues and lazy tendencies.

He’s deeply hypocritical, berating others for their flaws while fiercely defending his own. He doesn’t want his kids to grow up into losers like him, but he’s too lazy to parent them correctly, even though he does really try on occasion - one example of this is when he firmly tells Jimmy not to speak badly about Tracey because she’s his sister. He wants to make his marriage with Amanda work, but he just can’t seem to. He tries less hard with her than he does with his kids, though. He pays prostitutes to sleep with him regularly and is well aware that Amanda cheats on him with just about every man she meets, but he doesn’t care. The only times he draws the line is when she’s so blatant about it, such as when he catches her in his own bed with her tennis coach, or when she and her yoga instructor are practically humping right in front of him. Aside from this, Michael appears mostly indifferent to his and his wife’s problems, although it’s implied that he does want to make things work between them. One of Michael’s switch cut-ins in the early game shows him half-heartedly attempting to initiate intimacy with Amanda while they’re both in bed, only for her to coldly reject him and turn over onto her side. He’s also very eager to give their marriage a second try later on in the game, even to the point of being overbearing and refusing to take no for an answer.

Michael appears to have some assumed authority as a father; when Franklin breaks into his house, Tracey can be heard tattling to Michael about how Jimmy called her a bitch, and shortly after, Amanda threatens to get Michael to ‘kick Tracey’s ass’ when Tracey argues with her about letting her boyfriend spend the night. However, apart from roughly wrestling the TV remote from Tracey’s hand in one scene, Michael is never shown to be physically abusive towards his family. He yells at Amanda a great deal and even urges Jimmy to hit him on one occasion (not before smashing his TV with a chair because Jimmy was being ‘disrespectful’), but it never escalates beyond this. Even when Jimmy ends up getting Michael’s expensive yacht stolen and Michael is incredibly angry, he doesn’t hit his son. If anything, Michael’s abuse at the hands of his own father probably discouraged him from wanting to be physically violent with his family. Michael freely admits to being a shitty father but also says that he loves his children and isn’t going anywhere. In a late-game character switch cut-in, Michael can be seen making an effort to play video games with Jimmy in order to bond with him, but quickly losing his temper when he’s beaten. When Trevor and Franklin berate him for his lack of interest as a father during an optional outing, he tactlessly tells them that this is because Jimmy is ‘interested in bullshit,’ rather than things Michael likes such as movies and sports. At another point, he berates Jimmy for giving up selling marijuana (which Jimmy gave up because he thought it would make Michael happy) because he thinks being a drug-dealer is better than being unemployed. “I wanted you to stop smoking it, not dealing it. You’ve gotta have some source of income.”

Aside from Trevor and Franklin, Michael’s only friends appear to be Lester Crest and Dave Norton, both of whom he’d fallen out of contact with once he began his new life in Los Santos but whom he reconnects with during the main story. He gets along with Lester a lot better than Trevor does, although their relationship is still a bit shaky. They have a clear respect for one another’s abilities but are usually rather short and snarky with each other, due to their clashing personalities. Dave Norton, despite being an FIB agent and blackmailing Michael on multiple occasions, appears to be one of the few people Michael can carry a conversation with without losing his temper. The two actually seem to genuinely enjoy one another’s company, and Norton often shows signs of caring about Michael’s safety. Both Michael and Norton even admit to liking each other on separate occasions, and Norton both calls and emails to check up on Michael in the post-game.

Michael has a deep fear of being alone, which might very well stem from his father’s abandonment of him. Like Trevor, he has a bit of a tendency to cling, specifically with his family. This is most noticeable with his son, whom Michael almost treats like a metaphorical comfort blanket at times (when he’s not arguing with or yelling at him). He’s so terrified of being alone, he lets a lot more slide with his family than he would with anyone else; he doesn’t divorce Amanda for her constant unfaithfulness, nor does he kick his two children out of the house even though they’re both adults and not doing anything with their lives. When his family leaves him about a third of the way through the game, Michael becomes even more withdrawn than before, doubling his sarcasm and lashing out at people with little provocation. With them gone, he begins to realize how much he really loves them, even though he did nothing but ignore them when they were around. Trevor claims at one point that Michael has abandonment issues, something else the two have in common, though Michael tries to deny this.

Michael’s only real joy in LS comes from watching movies, particularly old classics. He likely gets some kind of nostalgia rush from the action-packed ones, although it’s shown that he liked movies even before abandoning his criminal life. He can easily pick out quotes from his favorite movie director, Solomon Richards, naming their source within seconds. He has a personal catchphrase that he took from a movie, the repeated use of which, amusingly, is what alerts Trevor to his still being alive. He also likes sports, though he’s more of a watcher than a participator nowadays. His favorite radio station is Los Santos Rock Radio, which also happens to be one of Trevor’s favorites. It plays classics from the late-60’s to late-80’s, such as Chicago’s If You Leave Me Now, Elton John’s Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting, and Queen’s Radio Ga Ga, the last of which also doubles as Michael’s theme song.

He smokes regularly, at least a packet a day, and admits when prompted that he should really give it up. Aside from this, he also drinks heavily, even in the day, which might explain why his prescribed medication isn’t working. He doesn’t regularly take hard drugs, despite having had access to them in his days as a criminal, though he’s likely experimented. He can take hits from Jimmy’s bong and a long draft from a joint (hinted to be laced with much more than simple cannabis) with clear ease, but he doesn’t enjoy it. His drinking is also more to suppress his thoughts than for any real pleasure. He’s seemingly capable of social drinking when he goes on outings with people like Franklin or Trevor, but he always overdoes it. ‘Moderation’ doesn’t seem to be in his dictionary. He also has what is possibly a nervous twitch, often tensing his neck to the side slightly when stressed or angry. The source of this is unknown, but the movement is similar to the creaking of one’s neck, suggesting that it could be from a past injury of some kind. Given Michael’s history as a quarterback, this would make sense.

Michael sleeps for six hours (likely in the 24), the least of all the GTA protagonists, which is two hours below the recommended average. His unhealthy sleeping schedule might go part the way to explaining why he’s so irritable all the time. Michael’s also said to be suffering from a mid-life crisis, in that he spends more time reminiscing about times past than he does actually living his life. The game also jokes about him having some kind of split-personality disorder, since, in his words, he’s fine one minute but ‘like a completely different person’ the next. This slightly breaks the fourth wall, as the times when Michael is fine is when the player isn’t controlling him, while the times when he isn’t is when the player is controlling him, forcing him to commit all sorts of dastardly crimes. More likely than not, Michael doesn’t have a split-personality disorder, but he struggles between wanting to live the stereotypical ‘American Dream’ life shown in his beloved movies, and wanting the exciting rush he gets from his criminal life. Unlike the more emotional Trevor, Michael almost never cries, preferring to suppress his emotions when he can. Notably, one of his character switch-ins after his family leaves him sees Michael standing in front of his bathroom sink, running water over his eyes and telling himself to ‘keep it together’ in a broken voice. Aside from this, the closest he ever comes to breaking down is when arguing with Trevor by his fake grave in Ludendorff, and in both Endings A and B, where his voice cracks noticeably.

Michael is a born bullshitter, and lies almost compulsively to cover up his mistakes. Even when the jig is very obviously up, he keeps lying until he can’t possibly do so anymore. This is shown mostly with Brad; even when Trevor is just moments away from finding out his true fate, Michael literally keeps lying until the very second Brad’s corpse is uncovered. He also seems to have somewhat of a difficult time relating to people at times, unable to recognize when they’re angry or upset with him, and coming off as an insensitive jerk because of it. His most un-heroic (but realistic) trait is that, although he will put the lives of his family above everyone else, including himself, he will put his own life above that of anyone who isn’t his family. This means that he will protect his friends when he can - for example, telling Franklin to stay behind him in a shooting match because he’s wearing heavy armor, or smashing a truck into police cars to defend his crew during a heist - but will throw those same people under the bus if he feels he has to in order to protect himself. Examples include his giving up Trevor and Brad to the FIB (though he did this for his family as well) and telling Franklin they should ‘roll on [Trevor]’ together when fearful that Franklin is going to kill him.

However, despite Michael’s numerous flaws, he does have his good qualities. He didn’t betray any more people than he had to to the FIB; he never mentioned Lester’s name, for example. He’s also very protective of Franklin, thinking of him like a son or younger brother (something which Trevor is quick to notice and ridicule). When his situation with the corrupt FIB and Trevor’s return begins to heat up, Michael tells Franklin to remove himself from the situation multiple times, reluctant to put him in more danger than he has to. He’s also fiercely protective of his family, and will say and do just about anything to keep them safe. When Trevor first confronts him after their nine years apart, Michael immediately pushes Jimmy behind himself, not sure what Trevor will do. When he, Amanda and Tracey are held at gunpoint by a corrupt security agent fully prepared to kill them, he takes the time to speak soothingly to his wife and daughter, even as he’s only moments away from being shot himself. He furiously tells Trevor to run and save himself during the staged robbery in Ludendorff, even though it probably would’ve been safer for him and his family to let him be killed. Contrary to his outward indifference, Michael does appear to care about Trevor as a friend, despite being scared of him at the same time. One example of this is when Michael accompanies Trevor on a robbery in Sandy Shores, when Trevor unsubtly guilt-trips him by pointing out that he might die if he goes alone (although Michael tries to hide his concern by claiming that he’s only going with Trevor out of boredom). Another example can be seen in Ending C, where Michael shows real concern for Trevor when the latter stops responding to him over their headsets, and even puts himself in life-threatening danger to go and check on him. On a lighter note, Michael also has an adorable fanboy admiration for Solomon, and is strongly loyal and protective of him.

Similar to Trevor, Michael appears to have a strong desire to be recognized for his talents, though in his case it’s over his new-found involvement (albeit indirect) with the movie-making business. Solomon, whom Michael begins working for as a body guard and personal assistant, makes Michael a producer for his latest film in gratitude for his services. Michael then goes on to display quite a lot of arrogance in his new position, snapping at people when they don’t recognize him at fancy establishments and letting everyone in his studio know that he’s their new boss. Most notably though, he hopes his new job will be something to finally make his family proud of him, as he’d never really given them cause to be in the past. His passion at working with the things he loves above all else - movies - makes him exceedingly eager to abandon his resurfaced criminal life, which causes a lot of tension between him and Trevor.

Michael shows far more empathy for people than Trevor, and even more than Franklin on occasion. He expresses concern for their getaway driver in Ludendorff (though he later indifferently pushes his dead body out of the car during the police pursuit), and shows genuine sympathy for a man caught up in one of his heists, preferring to blackmail him than kill him, even though killing him would’ve been the more practical option. At the beginning of game, when the player is controlling Franklin, Michael holds him at gunpoint from the back of the car Franklin stole from his house, threatening to shoot him if he doesn’t do what he says. However, if the player chooses to disobey him, Michael will only hit Franklin’s temple with the butt of his gun, knocking him out rather than killing him. Shortly afterwards, after forcing Franklin to drive through the window of the car dealership Franklin is employed at, Michael gives him some money for ‘a fair day’s work,’ probably knowing that he got Franklin fired. Michael also appears genuinely horrified when seeing Brad’s body in Ludendorff, possibly from the realization that his own actions caused the man’s death. At another point, when he’s feeling woozy from a spiked drink Jimmy gave him while driving, he pulls the car over so as to not risk a car accident (likely as much for his own safety as for the other drivers’, though).

The most interesting thing about Michael’s character is that he has a deep sense of self-loathing brought on by all his wrongdoings, but hides it very well. According to Amanda, Michael spends a lot of the time in his own head feeling guilty about all the people he’s killed, drinking in order to hide his emotions. He tells his therapist that he lives in a continued loop of ‘losing his shit’ when things pile up too much, then hurting people, then feeling bad about it, finally emotionally concluding, “I’m a fucking prick.” If the player allows Michael to take hits from Jimmy’s bong, Michael will often fall into a depression over what a bad person he is, venting aloud. “No wonder my kids hate me! It’s a wonder they don’t hate me more! I hate me more! I really hate me…” It’s also heavily implied that he feels a strong sense of guilt for betraying Trevor and Brad (particularly Trevor); at the beginning of the game, he ruefully mentions to Franklin that a job in criminality will probably ultimately cause him to ‘betray everyone he loves,’ and his later mentions of the incident show both guilt and a furious attempt at self-justification.

Michael’s borderline-sociopathic behavior comes into play most in the way he deals with his guilt: He knows it’s wrong to kill people outside of self-defense, and he knows he’s a bad person for doing it. At the same time, he can’t seem to align his actions with this frame of mind. He’ll tell himself that people such as the police brought their deaths upon themselves for trying to stop him in the first place, rather than admit to the fact that his direct actions caused their deaths. The fact that he does this is cowardly, but at the same time it shows that he does have morality; because he knows that killing people is wrong, if he admitted that murdering people is his fault rather than the faults of the victims, he would be forced to admit, point-blank, that he’s a murderer and thus a horrible human being. The only place he feels safe admitting this is in his own head, with a bottle of strong alcohol at the ready in order to push the thoughts back if they become too strong. Outside of his head, he lives in a constant state of denial and continually tells himself (and others) that he’s a good person deep down.

His personality disorder also partly explains Michael’s overwhelming sense of entitlement. He thinks he deserves, even earned, the millions of dollars he now enjoys, even though he gained it by nothing but theft and trickery. The fact that he grew up poor with parents who probably didn’t indulge him very often certainly wouldn’t have helped this mindset. He justifies the fact that he hurt, killed and robbed in order to get rich by comparing it to American capitalism, telling himself and others that he’s really no different from CEOs and lawyers, just that he’s not backed by the government like they are. At the same time, being rich for so long has also made him take it for granted. He tells Trevor that having money only makes you miserable, and in the post-game even offers to give Trevor his share of the tens of millions of dollars they obtained in their last heist; already being wealthy, Michael doesn’t need the money, and he’s happy to give it away if it will make Trevor happy and relieve his guilt for betraying him in the first place. Late into the game, with the help of Franklin, Michael comes to grips with some of his faults; he realizes that he’s very self-absorbed and promises to do better in the future. He seems to live up to this, as he begins to become a little more aware of the feelings of those around him, and even gives up his share of the booty from a dangerous but low-paying heist he pulls, giving his share to his crew in order to make up for his past behavior.

Michael’s main goal in life is to find a purpose for himself. For a long time, he’d always thought he was the good guy, but over time he seems to realize, even accept, that he’s not. As previously stated, he thrives on chaos and detests living quietly, but he eventually decides that he’s not interested in a heavy life of crime. With the help of Solomon, Michael decides that his real passion in life is making movies, with the occasional car chase or murder when Solomon requests it. Once he gets his family back near the end of the game, he begins working on a much healthier relationship with them and promises he won’t endanger himself or them in the future. Unfortunately, this also means that, once his last big heist is done, he’ll most likely have to cut Franklin and Trevor out of his life. Michael will always place the safety of himself and his family above all else.


Unlike Trevor, Michael’s sexuality is never completely revealed, although it’s likely that he identifies as straight. He shows no sexual attraction towards men at any point, and his behavior around women is often very intimate. He can be anything from charming to plain sleazy, depending on which mindset will get him laid. He appears to have trouble maintaining a monogamous relationship, as he cheats on Amanda just as much as she cheats on him, and according to her was the one who did it first. Unlike his wife, who generally prefers sleeping with men she knows in some way (her tennis coach, her yoga instructor, etc.), Michael tends to sleep with prostitutes or casual hookups, probably because he feels some sense of guilt for his actions. He also frequents strip clubs, which was ironically how he met his wife in the first place. Whether Michael is just a naturally polygamous person or whether he feels neglected by Amanda is never revealed, although it could be a bit of both; he often makes very passive-aggressive remarks in regards to Amanda’s lack of intimacy towards him.

Another thing to note is Michael’s time in prison, or more accurately, whether he would’ve experimented with other men there. The closest thing to evidence ever given to suggesting this is his aforementioned tattooing of his name on his cell mate’s backside. This isn’t much to go on though, as the situation could’ve been anything from harmless horseplay, to intimidation, to revenge. Whether it was sexual or not is never stated. One could say that Michael’s personality and sexual habits would permit him to turn to men in prison, if he was in there for long enough and was in the right mood. It’s really hard to tell. Whether he would have sex with a man outside of prison is even harder to guess. Since there’s no shortage of women for him to sleep with outside of the slammer, he’d probably be less likely to turn to men there. Another very cryptic thing to go on is a scene where he tells an actor that one of the reasons he likes movies is because he finds attractive people interesting, notably not specifying any genders. Although, any interest he shows towards men in movies could easily be put into the context of a self-insert fantasy, which seems to be Michael’s main reason for watching movies in the first place. Trikey shippers love the idea of Michael being a repressed bisexual (albeit, generally one who prefers women and who only takes men as a last resort), but the truth is that we just don’t know. Michael could very well be a repressed bisexual who will turn to a man for a good time, rather than his own hand, when there are no women around. Or he could be as straight as an arrow and find the idea of sleeping with a man repulsive. It’s all up to interpretation. His and Trevor’s relationship, and the implications it might have, will be examined more closely in another section.

As a final note, Michael is also possibly into BDSM. One indication for this is that, after his family moves out, there is a book on his coffee table entitled Chains of Intimacy, which appears to be a parody of Fifty Shades of Grey (the mock-book’s cover even states that the book will soon be adapted into a movie, just like the book it’s parodying). When Amanda is arrested for shoplifting and Michael rescues her (in this case, by stealing the cop car she was being held in and engaging in a high-speed police chase), he mentions how the two of them used to role-play in happier times. In the scenario he brings up, Amanda played a police officer and used handcuffs on Michael, who was presumably role-playing as a criminal. This implies that Michael enjoys playing the role of the submissive rather than the dominant, which is interesting considering his controlling, aggressive personality. His therapist diagnosed him with ‘assorted sexual repressions,’ which could mean that Michael is ashamed of his interest in BDSM. His desire to be the sub, to be punished, could very well relate to his self-hatred (not that all subs in BDSM hate themselves, of course, but it would certainly make sense with Michael).


Michael attempts to reason with a security guard (prologue)

Michael prepares to take the wheel as the getaway driver is shot (prologue)

Michael stops to check on Brad after he’s been shot (prologue)

Michael threatens Franklin’s old boss, Simeon Yetarian

Michael ignores his family as they fight in his kitchen

Michael confronts Amanda over her cheating on him

Michael eats as he watches an old movie

Michael and Jimmy argue

Michael’s reaction upon being told Amanda doesn’t love him anymore

Michael with Lester Crest

Michael successfully pretends to be an autistic computer programmer

Michael wrestles the TV remote out of Tracey’s hand

Michael pushes Jimmy behind him to protect him from Trevor

Michael, along with Trevor, ruins Tracey’s chance to get on TV

Michael helps Lazlow Jones up after he and Trevor are done tormenting him

Michael with Dave Norton

Michael smokes

Michael and Franklin greet each other

Michael awakens from a nightmare in his mansion, gun at the ready

Michael with his boss and idol, Solomon Richards

Michael face-palms from the increasing pressure of his predicament

Michael’s apparent guilt upon seeing Brad Snyder’s corpse in Ludendorff

Michael drinks

Michael smashes Fabien LaRouche upside the head with an annoying woman’s laptop

Michael terrorizes Lazlow while his children watch

Michael and his whole family in therapy

Michael with his therapist, Dr. Isiah Friedlander

Michael tries to comfort his family while being held at gunpoint by Merryweather

Michael spares his hostage during the final heist

Michael and Trevor’s tension with one another continues to rise


Side-note: Michael also happens to be my favorite character of all time, in a video game or otherwise (at least at the moment). The poor guy gets so much shit in the game and is loathed by so many players for his disloyalty and hypocrisy. But I can’t get enough of him. Poor little baby. I just want to adopt him and keep him safe from all the world’s harms. <3 I also wouldn’t mind doing other things to him, especially when he has that gorgeous slicker haircut, leather jacket and jeans. ;)

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I'm an INFJ and I have the tendency to just fall in love with unattainable guys. I have no idea if that's an INFJ thing but, right now I'm just so infatuated with this guy that I barely know. We're basically strangers. Something about him is just so... intoxicating. I can't get him off my mind. I don't know what to do. For some reason, I feel like we have this weird connection. There's something there and I don't know what it is. Should I just forget about him? Any advice?

Oh young love. I remember those days (a few months ago). I dated a couple a guys that gave me those feelings of destiny and learned real quick that a sudden connection doesn’t equate a long-lasting one.

If you want to pursue someone remember some important things:

First, a strong initial connection, though exciting, does not exceed the importance of how they treat you. Be VERY critical of their behavior towards you. Do they treat you with respect? Or do they lead you on? Be careful.

Second, you can only get what you COMMUNICATE you want. You can’t even START a relationship with someone until you express interest. Yes, it’s scary. But not knowing is more frightening. And it gets easier once you do it a couple of times.

Third, if you express interest, they return it, and they treat you with respect, it can STILL go south if you don’t keep your communication going. You need to be able to say what you need beyond just “I like you.” You need to be able to say, “I want a committed relationship” and “I really need lots of affection from a partner” and most importantly “[insert random thing] hurt my feelings.” You HAVE TO communicate what you need because connection does not fix these things on it’s own.

I was in a pattern of chasing unattainable guys for most of my life and it’s only now that I realized what it takes to break the cycle. You have to KNOW what you DESERVE and NOT SETTLE FOR LESS. You have to have the strength and self-love to WALK AWAY from something that doesn’t serve you. If they don’t want to commit to you, BYE FELICIA. There are millions of people out there and plenty of them want to date you. You have to be RUTHLESS in your willingness to find exactly what you want. Don’t get hung up every time you meet someone who gives you chills. There will be TONS of people you meet in life you will give you chills but only one who will ask to be with you forever. Wait for the person who pursues you endlessly. The person who looks good from afar but doesn’t pursue you doesn’t see your worth and you do NOT want to get involved with them. Trust me.

I hope this makes sense. A lot of the time love is about waiting. But it is definitely worth it.

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Dawn breaks

@muguathepapaya said: Rexsoka reunion after Rex thought Ahsoka was dead for a couple years?

Era: SWR
Characters: Rex, Ahsoka
Words: 1,079

Without a bucket, hearing was the first thing to go. A sharp ringing in Rex’s ears turned him deaf to the blaster fire darting right past him. The only rebels he knew fell to the enemy were the ones he saw crumple. TIEs and Phoenix Squadron locked in dynamic patterns of chase and evasion across the dawning sky went unnoticed.

Rex hadn’t taken any ground since he and the rebels under his command had charged off the troop transport to a volley of blaster and cannon fire. He fought from the first cover available—solid mounds of dirt.

Enemy bombardment shook the ground beneath Rex’s feet. He didn’t even register it anymore. The firefight could’ve been Mandalore. Could’ve been Felucia. Could’ve been Umbara. The moment the blaster bolts shot over Rex’s head it was like he never left the service to begin with.  

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Laura told me to write the thing, and then Alex encouraged me to write the thing. So @elenatonras and @castlefanfics this is for you. (True friends dedicate smut to each other. It’s a fact.)


She should have known better. She’s known him long enough, been sleeping with him long enough, to know that him presenting her with new underwear in the middle of the week was not normal. Nor was his insistence that yes she should definitely opt to wear them today. Even putting them on, she should have realized that something wasn’t quite right about them. But she’s been feeling so guilty lately. Guilty about all of the lying and sneaking around. So she lets him have this…whatever this is.

But really, she should have known better.

She’s just barely touched the mountain of paperwork she has to get done for the day when his name lights up her caller ID.

“Castle, what -”

“Are you in your office?” he asks, cutting her off.

“Yeah, why?”

“And are you alone?”

“Castle, why is that -”

“Yes or no, are you alone?”

“Yes, I’m alone. What’s going on?”

“Close the door if it isn’t already.”

“It’s closed. Why does that matter? Castle -”

And then she feels it. The subtle vibration between her legs. Where the hell is that coming from?

“Castle what the -”

The vibrations increase, forcing her to pay attention to them and their centered location around her clit. She lets out a little gasp of a breath, instinctively pushing her hips against the vibration.

“What did you do?” she finally manages to grit out without interruption.

“Vibrating underwear. Controlled by this nifty little remote I have with me.” She can practically hear his damn smirk through the phone. “You like?”

“Castle, I’m at work.”

“That’s why I made sure you were alone.”

She exhales through her nose as the speed kicks up another notch, feeling her arousal start to take hold.

“Where are you? Surely that thing can’t be working all the way from the loft.”

“Don’t worry about where I am. Just pretend that I’m there, making you wet. Although technically, I am the one doing that.”

Her eyes slam shut as he increases the speed again, hips rolling into the bullet, seeking a release she hadn’t realized she needed this morning. He was going to pay for this. Somehow. Eventually. Right after she finished -

“Cas -” she pants the first syllable of his name as the vibrations get even more intense and her fingers grip the armrests of her chair.  

The vibrations aren’t solely focused on her clit anymore, but racing back and forth across her labia as well. She moans into the phone, her hips chasing the pattern of the vibration.

“That’s it, Beckett,” she can hear him coaxing her from the other line. “Relax and give into it. Come for me.”

His voice in her ear does her in and she lets herself fall apart, a gasping breath forcing its way out of her lungs as the vibrations hone in on her clit as she comes. Thing must come equipped with multiple vibration patterns. And he knows her. Knows exactly what button to push or string to pluck to send her spiraling over the edge. Even over the phone he knows her, reading only her breathing patterns and her moans. She finds herself wondering if she knows him just as well as the vibrations start to fade and her breathing becomes less erratic.

“Good?” Castle asks.

“Pretty intense for a pair of underwear,” she breathes.

“Well worth their cost then,” he says and she can hear that his smirk is back. “Have fun today, Captain.”

She feels panic start to knot in her gut. “Castle, wait. You don’t really plan to -”

But he’s already hung up, leaving her to wonder when exactly she’ll feel the vibrations next.

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