pattern chasing


magnus chase icons + art is from cherryandsisters and all credit goes to them

Wanda Maximoff isn’t thrilled when she’s partnered with programmer Natasha Romanoff. Neither of them are. Wanda is the top mathematician in her field, the best in over a decade. She doesn’t need help figuring out a laptop. And Natasha? Natasha has always worked better alone.

Still, the spark between them is instant. They’re brilliant together, chasing patterns and theories neither would have ever considered apart. Soon, they are chasing each other.The spark is instant when they kiss, too. 

Dawn breaks

@muguathepapaya said: Rexsoka reunion after Rex thought Ahsoka was dead for a couple years?

Era: SWR
Characters: Rex, Ahsoka
Words: 1,079

Without a bucket, hearing was the first thing to go. A sharp ringing in Rex’s ears turned him deaf to the blaster fire darting right past him. The only rebels he knew fell to the enemy were the ones he saw crumple. TIEs and Phoenix Squadron locked in dynamic patterns of chase and evasion across the dawning sky went unnoticed.

Rex hadn’t taken any ground since he and the rebels under his command had charged off the troop transport to a volley of blaster and cannon fire. He fought from the first cover available—solid mounds of dirt.

Enemy bombardment shook the ground beneath Rex’s feet. He didn’t even register it anymore. The firefight could’ve been Mandalore. Could’ve been Felucia. Could’ve been Umbara. The moment the blaster bolts shot over Rex’s head it was like he never left the service to begin with.  

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