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Hiiiiiiiii! This is kind of a sequel to Pretty, that I did before! Hope you enjoy xoxo

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You hadn’t talked about what happened that night.

That night when your best friend had his mouth in places best friend’s should not put their mouths. That night he had his hands on places that he shouldn’t have his hands. That night he told you that you were pretty.

“Looooooooooo? Love?” you hear, bringing you out of your daydream. “Are yeh listening t’me?”

“Yes.” you reply, though both him and you knew that you were lying. You couldn’t concentrate when Harry talked to you anymore. It was because of his lips. His lips. So soft, so pink, so inviting. And it was because of his eyes. His eyes. So light green that they almost looked translucent at times. And it was because of his hands. And his neck. And……

“Why’re yeh staring at me?” Harry asks, while trying to move into your line of sight. “Wha’ are yeh thinkin’ bout?”

Truth be told you were thinking about being between his knees. That’s all you’ve been thinking about for weeks. Really it was his fault for wearing such tight jeans. So tight that his cute little butt was on full display, his thighs looked inviting, and the bulge in front left nothing to imagination.

“Um….It’s nothing, H. I just-I have a final soon that i’m thinking about” you say, once again being brought out of your daydream. “It’s an important one, you know”

“Also know yeh finished finals last week, so wha’s really wrong” he presses, never one to leave things alone. He always had to know everything. It was one of the things that you found endearing and also incredibly annoying about him. However, it was far from endearing in this moment.

You don’t know whether it was his lips, his eyes, his hands, his neck, or the peak of his sparrow tattoos that possess you to throw your legs over his lap, but that’s exactly what you did. Your hands make their way into his hair, much shorter now than it was last time. “Do you remember that night about a month ago…..after we came from the bar?” you meet his eyes, wanting to gauge his reaction.

Of course he remembered, it was all he’d been thinking about since then. Your taste, your smell, your noises, everything about you. “I do…..yeh I do.” he puts his hands on your hips, to balance you. “Why, love?”

“Well, you said that I was pretty, but you know I actually think that you’re prettier.” you say. Your hand now making their way to the bit of stubble that he’d become accustomed to lately. You hated it at first, but after him being between your legs, you have a soft spot for the tiny tufts of hair. “Prettiest man I ever seen”

“D’yeh now?” he smirks, teasing you. “Wha’s pretty ‘bout me, love?”

“Everything.” you say. It was true. Everything about him was enticing, but you learned to ignore it for the fact of him being your best friend. “Every single thing”

You lean in, taking his bottom lip in between your own. “Your lips” you mumble against his mouth. Moving down to his chest, you unbutton the rest of his shirt, “Your chest” pressing a kiss to the middle of his chest. You move down even further, grazing your lips over his right fern tattoo, “Your tattoos”

“Wha’ else? Show me wha’ else is pretty” he’s no longer smirking, your forwardness wiping his grin right off his face.

Taking his belt in your hands, you slowly unbuckle and slide it out of his belt loops. He lifts his hips to help you take off his black jeans, leaving him in an unbuttoned paisley patterned button up and his red Calvin Klein’s. You can’t help but let out a small moan, “God, why do you look so good”

He laughs, his dimples coming into play. “N’t as good as yeh do” he bucks his hips up towards you, letting you feel him. “See how good yeh look to me, pet?”

You hop off his lap and situate yourself between his thighs. Running your fingernails up and down them, while pressing kisses to his stomach. “Is your cock pretty too?” you ask. “Is it as pretty as the rest of you?”

“Don’tcha find out, hm?” he says. “Don’tcha have a look and see?”

You don’t have to be told twice, and before you can even think about what’s happening, you’re pulling his red boxers down his legs. Your eyes widen at his pink, lively cock in front of you. “See what yeh did to me, love? See what yeh did?”

You look up at him, taking a hold of him at the base. You pump him slowly, wanting to take your time with this because you don’t know if you’ll ever be this bold again. “Want you in my mouth. Been thinking about it since that last time” you press a kiss to the tip of him.

“God, yes. Get yeh mouth on me, please. G’on” he begs, already breathing heavily. You press another kiss to his tip, before giving him a lick. He moans, and it only spurs you on more. “Don’ tease me, lovely” he says.

You sink your mouth around him as best as you can, trying your hardest to take him all. You feel his hands in your hair, gently pulling and pushing along with your movements. “Fuck, tha’s good” he moans, bucking his hips up into your mouth. He’s hitting the back of your throat, making you constrict around him. “Jes-” he begins to say, before your mouth on his balls cuts him off. You run your tongue over his slit, much like you would run your tongue over the top of a lollipop. “Shit, a little faster, please.” he begs again.

You’re now pumping him faster, while sucking and licking the rest of him. He’s bucking more and more, silently begging for you to get your mouth back on him.

You take him in again, this time bobbing up and down faster than before. “Love, I’m-” He says, you look up at him again, sucking harder. “Fuck, gonna cum, yeh gotta get off’me” he gasps.

Sucking even harder, you keep going until you feel his hot, sudden bursts at the back of your throat. He’s bucking up hard, making you choke momentarily, before you hold him down by his thighs. “Christ”, he breathes out. Your rhythm is sloppy now, trying your best to work him through his finish.

You swallow, and press one more kiss to the tip of him before standing up and sitting back beside him on the couch. “Told you, you were prettier than me”

a little birthday something for @microbino who asked for zimbits and moving in! happy (late) birthday, darlin’!


“Bitty, I didn’t say I was judging. I just said I didn’t quite get why one person needs so many shirts.”

Bitty rolled his eyes as his hands deftly moved his shirts from boxes to the stack of hangers lying on the blue bedspread. “Jack. Sweetheart. Darling. I love you, but you have twelve shirts. I should know. I’ve counted. Three Samwell. Two Falconers. And seven plain v-necks in different colors.”

Jack looked up from where he was crouched by the dresser, putting away Bitty’s socks. “Well, yeah. That way I have enough for the week, and then I do laundry.”

Bitty smiled to himself as he finished with the stack of shirts. This boy.

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Years Gone By

This was inspired by the book/movie Something Borrowed. It’s kind of problematic so I put a moral spin on it.

Things to know: Graduation kiss never happened. Camilla and Jack never dated in college but instead, Camilla and Bitty are really close friends. Bitty is 25 and everyone came back to Samwell for the youngest of their friends’ graduations.



“You totally like him,” Camilla smiled mischievously at Bitty. He glanced around the bar nervously before turning back to her.

“I don’t. He was my captain. We’re friends,” He said softly, stirring the straw in his vodka cran.

“Oh come on, don’t give me that,” She sighed, crouching down to his ear. “Buy him a drink. Act casual. He’s right there, Bits. This is the last day everyone is in town now that the Frogs are graduating,” She urged. Bitty swallowed, looking down and shaking his head.

“I can’t, Cam,” He sighed. She watched him for a long moment before sighing.

“Then I will,” She said, standing up straight and throwing back the rest of her drink. Bitty stilled, looking up at her sharply. “Do you like him?” She asked one final time.

He looked up at her, eyes wide and throat tightening. She was beautiful. She was athletic and smart and amazing and she deserved everything in life. Just not Jack. Anything but Jack. Please.

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Blue Sharpie - (chapter 1, might continue?)

I saw a thing that @misteriawoon posted, and it actually helped with my inspiration slump, so….so here. Minicat coffee shop AU. Because I have no originality.

“Medium Matcha Latte for Catherine!”

The din of the Starbucks didn’t fluctuate in the slightest. It was a bright Tuesday morning, the kind of bright that made you squint without realizing, and the light poured in from the glass windows blindingly. It wreathed every customer’s hair in stunning gold shades and made the cafe tables shine pristinely. The smell of burnt coffee beans and faint toilet cleaner permeated the atmosphere, completed by the sound of tapping laptops, small talk, and slurped frappecinos.

Despite such a perfect coffee shop aura, no mystery customer approached the counter.

“Matcha Latte for Catherine!” Craig called again, raising the strange green drink slightly higher as if it would attract its buyer.

It didn’t.

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Prompt #4. “Is that my shirt?” - Young Sully and Marlowe. Please?

[i hope this is alright! I’ve never done this ship before, and honestly never written Marlowe in a fic so hopefully it’s not too ooc!]

Victor Sullivan was usually better with the ladies. Spilling a drink on his lady was not what he’d had in mind for his one date opportunity, but here they were. By chance, Katherine Marlowe had arrived in the city the night before his flight out, and had been in the bar below his motel room when he’d come down for a drink.

Now he was sitting alone at the table while she searched upstairs for a new shirt; her blouse soiled from an enthusiastic swing of his beer after one of his jokes. She had been extraordinarily unimpressed, and he worried what the mood of the night would be on her return. He suspected that the ruined item had been worth more than his motel room.

When his panic had reached nearly its maximum, the sound of a door opening alerted Victor to Marlowe’s return. Still dressed in her slim black slacks, she was now sporting a rather flamboyant pattern button-up that was a good few sizes too large. She was also sporting a very disgusted expression on her face.

“Is that my shirt?” Victor said, an eyebrow raised. Kate wearing one of his shirts willingly was one of the last sights he thought he would see. Then again, willingly was probably the incorrect word to use.

She lowered her gaze at him. “I think I should be asking if this is your shirt - you look like a street merchant!”

Victor gaped in protest.

“Well excuse me, darling, but I actually like my sense of style! You didn’t have to put on the shirt.”

“I disagree - every shirt in your wardrobe is an abomination. I had no choice.”

Ask Meme

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i always think you wear the kinds of things brian does; like the dad patterned button ups, with flowers and trees and what not on em.

Well, I do like my button ups.

and floral prints

You can’t tell but this shirt has bees and I now have some shirts with cacti on them

I’ve even got the dad glasses

Top 5 Fall Closet Essentials

1. Bomber Jacket

An easy, throw-on-and-go kind of outerwear that I find myself gravitating towards. Can be paired with anything (even those free college t-shirts!) and add an understated edginess.

2. Striped Shirt

I don’t know what I would do without some sort of striped item.  With a striped shirt, you can easily make an outfit sophisticated or casual by swapping out accessories/outerwear/hairstyle.  I usually choose thin stripes rather than thicker ones, as well as a more oversized fit as opposed to a snug fit.

3. Sweaters

A slightly cropped, neutral colored sweater can be very versatile.  Layer it over a simple patterned button-up for a cute and cozy outfit.  Although I love the look, I personally stray away from yarn-knitted sweaters as they are heavier and tend to hang on the body and make me look like a sad potato.

4. Plaid Shirt

I have this exact color combination and it looks amazing with a messy bun, black pants, and ankle boots. Leave it open and layer over a gray tee for a more casual, care-free look.  Also looks great layered the aforementioned sweater!

5. Black Pants

A great choice for a base to make a statement with your tops.  Not only is it slimming, but it gives all my outfits a very effortless vibe.  I always cuff the bottom of my black pants to make my shoes stand out!

His Stare

Author: Sarah

Warnings: Smut, Swearing

Word count: 1,241

Summary: Harry can’t seem to stop staring at you while you’re working, things get a little steamy when you head home. 

You could feel it. It was burning through your entire body. He was staring at you and you knew it. But you had to be professional here, this was your job and he knew that. As you walked to make sure everyone was still doing okay at the conference, you turned to see Harry’s green eyes piercing right at you. Your breath caught and you looked away not wanting to be distracted. He did look very handsome tonight. He was wearing a black patterned button up only buttoned half way exposing his chest and the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. And those jeans, those black jeans fit him like a glove, enunciating everything on his lower half. My goodness could those black jeans get any tighter?

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D'you reckon you could do maybe a little Drabble for a follow up to that last TFLN where Harry snuggles and bathes the missus to make her feel a little better about the hacking and maybe she cuddles him and spoils him back a bit because she realises it must have hurt him too? IT WAS TOO CUUUUTE! Love you ❣

A double update from me today. I’m actually quite proud of myself, actually. My ideas seem to be flowing out of my like crazy. I have so many intense feels and I’m currently dying whilst writing these Boyfriend!Harry somethings. 

A blurb following TFLN #30.

* Obviously, there is no hate towards Kendall in this little something because I do like her and I wouldn’t want to write something so nasty about someone I don’t know. *

Feedback would be much appreciated - let me know what you thought. Enjoy. x

Can you come upstairs? x

Not really. I don’t want to see you right now.

Why not? I haven’t done anything? x

Harry, those photos really upset me. You were close to Kendall when you were on a yacht with me. What type of boyfriend does that to his girlfriend? 

I promise they never meant anything. She was just a friend and Kris and mum were insisting we take some photos together to keep as a keepsake from the holiday.

If it helps, mum has loads of the two of us.

Which will probably end up being leaked as well. x 

Harry, you promised you weren’t even just close friends like that. 

I know you’re friends and I know you get on – I get on with her as well – but this is just so upsetting. I’ve never seen these photos before and I’m finding them from your mum’s phone. By your fans. 

I just don’t want to see you right now. I’ll sleep on the sofa. And we’ll see how everything goes in the morning.


Just come upstairs. x



(Y/N), please come upstairs.

I have something for you.

I want to make tonight all about you.




(Y/N), I can see you in the garden. You look freezing Just come upstairs and we can talk about this.

I have something for you. x




I’ll leave what I got for you in the bedroom. I’m going to go and work on painting the walls of our spare room. That needs doing before I forget and leave the dust sheet covering the floor. x


If you need me, I’ll be in there.

I love you. x

* *

“Harry, I really don’t want to see you right now. Can you stop texting me?” You grumbled, your feet carrying you up the stairs and standing outside of the main bedroom. “I’m serious, you know that? I’m so angry with you,” you added, your hand wrapping around the doorknob of the bedroom, pushing it open with your knee and coming face-to-face with an empty room.

A room that was left entirely the same from that morning. The sheets were ruffled and the bed was still unmade, your pyjamas were balled up and set upon your pillow along with the t-shirt that Harry had slept in through the night. A pair of his dirty boxers left at the foot of the bed after his moment of teasing when he – as seductively as he could – removed his boxers and proceeded to walk to the bathroom in the nude. It was when everything was fine and dandy and there had been no worries about anything; the atmosphere was happy and there were giggles and laughter all around. 

Yet, it was only an hour after the two of you had roused completely from sleep, that the leak from his mothers iCloud on her phone had taken place with private holiday photos and home photos were taken and posted online with no consent from Anne. And the mood between the two of you had changed, as he continued to scroll through his timeline, disgruntled and angry that photos from his and his family’s private time were being used for others pleasure. 

Yet what struck you the most were the photos of him and Kendall – an ex girlfriend of which you felt just as intimidated by – and it pulled at your heartstrings at how happy they looked together on a night on the yacht that you were to spend together as you counted down to New Year; evident by the outfit he was wearing. The patterned two pieces – the button up shirt and the floral shorts – was the attire he had left your room in, showing his legs and knowing just how weak at the knees he was making you. The photos were enough to bring a twang of jealousy in your body as soon as the low quality photos had come into your vision, and you couldn’t help but react in a way that Harry wasn’t expecting.

The cold shoulder.


No response.

“Harry, where are you?” You wondered, stepping upon the carpet of the bedroom and walking over towards the closed door of the en-suite bathroom, your hand brushing across the Lush bag hanging from the door handle. “Harry, what’s this? Are you in the bathroom? Can I come in?”

As you knocked against the white wood of the bathroom door with your knuckle, you were oblivious to Harry appearing in the doorway behind you, a cough leaving his throat and emitting from his mouth.

“M’not in the bathroom. I was in the spare room,” his voice came from behind you, your body turning on your heels with your head tilted up to look where he was standing. A paint splattered t-shirt covering his upper body with a pair of his old and white sports shorts hanging down from his hips, his hair pulled back into a bun and his hairline shining from the thin layer of sweat forming upon his skin. “Didn’t you read my texts?” 

“No. With your constant messaging, I set it aside and relaxed for a bit,” you murmured, taking in his solemn appearance. His green eyes weren’t as bright as they used to be and the corners of his lips seemed to frown down a little more than usual, frown lines forming on his forehead. “I’m sorry. That was rude. I just didn’t want to talk about it and I just needed a bit of a break from it,” you mumbled, looking down at the Lush bag hanging off of your finger. “Is this uhm, is this for me?”

The distinct smell of lavender wafting from the inside of the bag and up through your nose. 

“Yeah. I went out about an hour or two ago and brought you a couple of your favourite bath bombs, some ice cream and chocolate which are downstairs, and there’s a bouquet of flowers on the windowsill in the living room that I brought and put in a vase for you,” he smiled sheepishly, his voice trailing off as he watched your stare stay upon the contents inside the bag. 

Your favourite flowers budding upon the windowsill above the sink, beside smaller pots of flowers that you had been gifted from Gemma or your parents when they came to visit the two of you, or even Anne who had taken to growing flowers in her flower garden, giving her and Robin and excuse to pop to London on the train to see her two children and their respected partners.

“Harry,” you gasped.

“It’s just a small apology. I hate it when you’re angry with me,” he admitted softly, his arms folded across his chest with his shoulder leaning against the doorframe of the bedroom. “I got the right ones, didn’t I?”

You gave him a swift nod.

The smell was familiar and you knew he’d gone out of his way to buy more than you needed, adding to the already full box of Lush bombs sitting in the cupboard beneath the sink.

“Harry, you didn’t have too,” you whispered, the sound of the floorboards creaking beneath his footsteps making you look up from the bag. “Harry, oh my god. I love you so much.”

“Am I forgiven?” He whispered, an almost smile on his face.

“You’ve been forgiven this whole time. I was just a bit upset with myself for being so angry with you over something so tiny,” you murmured, setting the bag upon the bed and holding your arms open, waiting for the almost 6-foot tall man to become engulfed by your arms. “I shouldn’t have gotten so upset. I know you’re just friends.”

Just friends indeed, after much consolation from the two of them in your time of doubts. Pulling you to the side one night out, Kendall had explained that she had no intentions of getting with Harry and that she was happy the way she was in her own status and that she knew you would be the one to settle with Harry and keep him grounded for years to come, putting your worries to bed with a smile and a hug and a promise to buy you a vodka and orange as well as going in together to buy shots.

“She wouldn’t ever try to worm her way between us either, love. She knows you’re pretty much the one for me,” he grinned, his body hunching over and pulling you into his arms, your own wrapping around his neck. “I love you too, by the way.”

“Do you want to come and have a bath with me? We can put these bath bombs to some good use,” you suggested, looking over his arm and peeking at the bag upon the bed.

“I’ve still got some painting to do, but, I can sit in the bathroom with you for a while, if you want me too,” he smiled, his chin resting upon your shoulder and letting out a hearty and content sigh. “You deserve to be treated nicely today.”

And treated nicely indeed.

A massage, a bath together, a cuddle or becoming freaks beneath the sheets.

Anything that you wanted because he knew it was all about you after such a day that lead stress and those worries to be brought back up.

“But, you can treat me nicely in the bath,” you smirked, looking up at him as he retracted his head from your shoulder. 

“You’re so cheeky,” he whispered, a smirk on his face. “We’ll see how I feel after I’ve finished the spare bedroom. If I don’t finish today, I’ll never get finished,” he chuckled, pressing his lips to your forehead. “Would you like me to go and run you the bath and you can go down and get your chocolate and the ice-cream?”

“Best boyfriend ever, you know that?”

“I try,” he grinned, snaking his hands to the curve of your bum, his fingers squeezing at your cheeks and earning a jolt of your body to knock against the front of his body. A cheeky touch that was enough to send sparks through your veins and a blush to form and paint your cheeks with a pink colour.

“Oi, cheeky!”

* *

Watching as the bath bomb fizzled in the water, you stood beside him with a towel wrapped around your body, tucked neatly under your arm. A comfortable silence filling the large room, the echo of running water being the only sound heard over your breathing. His arm wrapped around your shoulders as you waited for the water to fill to a decent level, before you reached to turn the knobs down to stop the water completely. A grin on your lips.

“This smells so good,” you groaned happily, discarding the towel from your nude body and stepping into the water with the help from Harry. His hand holding your tightly until you begun to sink below the painted purple water and closing your eyes, blocking the light from the bathroom and emitting into darkness. “Lavender oil is just the most divine smell ever, isn’t it?” 

“It does smell pretty lovely,” Harry smiled from his position on the rug beside the tub, his hand submerged beneath the water and completely disappearing beneath the purple top. “I’ll tell you what smells even better though.”


“Your body. It becomes so soft and sweet-smelling after one of these Lush baths, when we’re cuddled up in bed and you’re laid on top of me and your shoulder just smells so good,” he admitted, a grin on his lips as he laid his chin upon his arm. His green eyes staring intently at you with a smile upon his lips, his teeth showing, and his face soft and warm.

“That’s why you’re always kissing my shoulders in bed,” you giggled, tickling your fingers up his cheek. He was usually found biting and suckling upon your skin normally, and you were always confused as to why it was always after your baths. His nose always tucked into the crook of your neck, where the smell of lavender seemed to linger more than on any other part. “You’re so lovely to me, you know that? I’m so lucky to have you.” 

“Nonsense, you donut. You’re my girlfriend and I love you to pieces. It’s my job to look after you and make amends when something happens,” he whispered. He was always considered the peace maker between the two of you, with his mind always knowing the best ways to go in creating peace between the two of you and mediating the arguments to make sure you never went to bed angry at one another and to make sure you never left the little spat between you unattended and unsolved.

“You need to go and finish some painting,” you pointed out, cupping his chin in your palm and running your wet thumb across his cheek. “You look very fit covered in white paint, doing some housework, you know that? It’s quite a little turn on for me, if I’m going to be honest. I might have to come and watch you paint some walls,” you smirked, his head lifting from his forearm. 

“You’re so bloody cheeky. What happened to my sweet and innocent and virgin girlfriend, hm?” Harry smirked, pushing himself up and standing to his socked feet. His knees cracking as he straightened up, brushing his hand over your hair and chuckling as the knotted strands stuck up. A frown sitting on your face as you swatted his wrists away from your head. “What happened, hm?”

“You took it from me and corrupted my innocence,” you grinned up at him, your smiling and crinkled face sending sparks through his body. “You made a mess upon my innocence.”

“Mm-hm. Clever. Quote my lyrics. I’ll get you sued for tha’,” he smirked, pushing his hand beneath the water level and splashing the purple water up, the droplets landing upon your cheeks and catching you with surprise.